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Healthy Drinks for Kids

I was just wondering if any moms have a favorite drink that their kids like to have and that they feel good about. My kids love lemonade but I bought Crystal Light and then realized that there are artificial sweeteners in it. What else can I give (aside from water) that would be low in sugar and that they would like? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

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Hi all! Thank you so much for your responses. I am going to try the Propel fitness water. I was looking for low sugar because my kids want something after school and if they drink juice (even the healthy ones), it ruins their appetite for dinner. I checked out Vitamin Water, but it contains a good bit of sugar, almost as much as a can of Pepsi! The Propel fitness water is 10 calories per serving, low in sugar and actually has vitamins added. No artificial sweeteners at all. I also found that although it can be 20 bucks per case in the grocery store, you can get a case at Costco for just 12 dollars! Thank you moms for helping me find this solution! You are great!!!!

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My daughter loves Juicy Juice, I don't know how much sugar is in it but i know she likes it. Also flavored water she likes too.

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I ususally just giv my kids juice diluted with water.

For a while I gave my son Propel fitness water. It was recommended by a nurse when my son was sick and wasn't drinking a lot. Unfortunately, I don't know if it had artificial sweetners (which I normally stay away from), added sugar or anything like that, but he did like it.

I haven't tried this product yet but Motts has a line called Motts for Tots. According to the website, it boasts:

Now available in multi-serve bottles, as well as nine-packs of individual juice boxes

Four delicious flavors to choose from

Convenient pre-diluted juices, made of 100% juice and purified water

40% less sugar than regular juices

No artificial sweeteners

100% vitamin C

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I like Capri Roaring Water pouches. It's just flavored water, but my son loves it! There's a Minute Maid pouch also that is a water-drink. Much less sugar.

P.S. My son also loves the Healthy Harvest juices (with carrot juice added).

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I was in toys rus and going through the check out when I spotted this juice called first juice and it comes in a
bottle easy for a small child to hold and has fruit and a vegetable in it like apple/carrot low sugar,so I looked it up online(I think its www.firstjuice.com) and it was developed by a guy who wanted his kids to have healthy drinks. My daughter wasnt too crazy about it
but I was. We stick to only pomegrante blueberry juice
its the only think she likes right now.

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Hi K.,
My kids learned early on to make a drink in the blender that we call (still to this day) "pink pink drink". It includes a banana, one squeezed orange, a can of fruit (low/no sugar kind) one yogurt (fruit on the bottom) and milk to the top. You can embellish it with your own creative ideas. We sometimes add a spoon or two of frozen juice concentrate. When they come home from school and want something quick, this is what they have to hold them off till dinner.
Also when we go to restaurants, I order water with lemon for everyone and then add sugar if we want. This is real lemonade.
And last but not least, last year I bought a commercial grade Champion brand juicer, so I can make carrot, pear and apple juice fresh for everyone. This is the best investment I have ever made for the health of my family!!! You can order one online.
Happy, healthy New Year to you and your family!

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V8! My girls love the pink smoothies andd the vegetable fruit drinks!!

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My daughter loves Juicy Juice, I don't know how much sugar is in it but i know she likes it. Also flavored water she likes too.

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How about water, juice, herbal teas, and homemade lemonade? It's real easy to mix together some organic lemon juice, water and maple syrup as a sweetener. Yummy!
Water is best -filtered of course.

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I know you got a bunch of responses, but Sams in the past has carried an item called Healthy Kids (they are packaged in containers like the Capri suns)---they do not have added sweeteners as some of the others. My kids have liked them and I purchased them quite a bit over the summer as a better option! Hope this helps.

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