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What to Do If I Think My Water Broke

Hi i am 38 weeks pregnant and im not sure if my water broke this morning. I got up to use the restroom and wheni looked at my underwear i saw there was a big wet spot. I know it wasnt urine because it didnt smell like it and i would have felt it. I didnt feel anything come out. Later on this morning my mucus plug came out and it was dark with like brown and red spots. i wasnt leaking after this happened either. I dont think im contracting but i am having some cramps here and there nothing i cant handle. this is my first baby so i really dont know what to do.Should i go to the hospital to clear my head? any info will help. thanks

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i did go to the hospital because i kept wondering if my water had broken or not. It did not break! so im good the baby is okay as well. I guess she just tricked me into thinking she was coming out. Im due september 6th so hopefully i go into labor soon. Thank you everyone for the advice!!

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Call the doctor or nurse line and let them know... we aren't equipped to answer questions like that.

If in doubt, go in to the hospital.....

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Yes, call your dr. and go.

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Call your OB/GYN and let them know what is going on. You say you are at 38 weeks - which for some is "on time"....some women don't experience "contractions" after their water breaks...so I would suggest you call your OB and possibly go to the hospital to have them check you out.

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Call your Dr's office.
They'll tell you what you need to do.

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The hospital can test the fluid to see if it is amniotic fluid. The mucus plug tends to come out before or when your water breaks, not after, because the water will flush it out.

When you have a baby's head sitting on your bladder you tend not to feel when you pee the same as when they are not.

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It could be your water broke but doubt it if your plug came out later but I did start cramping after that happened. Not hard contractions but that cramping that leads up to it. You can lose the plug or parts of it as mucus for days too. With my first it did like you describe though and was a real 'plug' so you could tell what it was. Be safe and call your doctor to see what they advise you.

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If you are at 38 weeks... call your doctor's office and see what they have to say. They may have you go in just to be checked.

As to the plug - you can loose it any time between the day of delivery uup to a few weeks before delivery.

When my water broke - it wasn't just a wet spot... it actually looked like I peed myself. My underware & pants were all wet, I had to change my clothes because of how wet I was. But if your water broke high... it might just leak a little. So, it is always better to be checked one way or another - since a small hole in the sack that is not attended to can cause the fluid to become contaminated & then hurt you and the baby. My honest opion - it's always better to be safe then sorry!!

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Call the hospital now and get your stuff ready to go. The baby needs the fluid, so make sure you call now.

ETA...You may not know when the fluid comes out. I was low on fluid continuously. They kept asking me if I was leaking fluid and I had no indication of leaking fluid. At one point, my baby stopped moving and I had to drink a bucket (so it seemed) of ice water. The baby does need the fluid and you should call. Once you call, they will likely tell you to come in.

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