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Is It Possible to Leak Amniotic Fluid Started at 30 Weeks?

This could potentially be an embarressing question because this could mean I'm possibly peeing on myself! ;-) (I'd rather be embarrassed than concerned though) I'm 30 weeks pregnant and have noticed the past couple of days that I seem to be leaking fluid. This is my forth pregnancy so I well know that if my bladder is full, I better not sneeze, cough, or laugh too hard in the third trimester, or I might have to change pants. However, even with an empty bladder or even sitting down, I have leaked. Although, I've had natural births before, I've always had to have assistance in breaking my water, so I'm not sure what it is like to "have your water break" on it's own or if some leak prior. I know every woman and pregnancy is different but I wonder if I should be concerned or just more aware of how my I drink? ;-)

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yes it is possible to leak amniotic fluid and it is something to seek medical advice on. to the question about peeing on yourself that could be true too. i know with water breakin there are 2 ways if it gushes out it means your fluid is on the bottom of your uterus if it trickles or leaks it is on top. sick as this sounds my child birth teacher said that if you are leaking fluid smell it and it will smell sweet opposed to urine smelling bitter or acidic. let me know what happens and congrats on the little one

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Please check with your doctor SOON. My son was born 7 1/2 weeks early. There is so much that the doctors can do if you go in early. Please don't wait. We would all much rather you tell us you were wetting yourself than having a baby 10 weeks early. My prayers are with you. Keep us posted.

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Go to the doctor to get checked out. I had my daughter at 24 wks and my water was leaking before it broke.

I agree with the others. Yes, call your doc. It is better to be safe than sorry. FYI- when your water breaks, it can be a trickle or a gush. Either way, you are lossing fluid that is vital to the health of the baby.

First and Most importantly, have you been to the Doctor to be checked out? And if so, what did the Dr's say? I mean, you could be peeing on yourself but I would seriously get checked out to be absolutely sure. From my understanding, if your leaking amniotic fluid, your baby could be prone to infection so Please, if you haven't done so, please go. I don't want to scare you or anything, it's just I watch too much Baby stories on tv! I hope I helped.....Please write and let me know how everything is going. Good luck and God Bless!

Hi- definitely check with your doctor ASAP. They can do an ultrasound to measure the fluid pockets and estimate your fluid level. In fact, I was induced with my first pregnancy due to low fluid and even had low fluid with the second baby. I agree with the previous poster- better safe than sorry, especially with a baby!

Good luck!

I agree with the other ladies advising you to call you doc...Just let them check you out & make sure you're NOT leaking fluid!

I would definetly have it checked out. You would rather bee safethan sorry. With my first child I thought I was peeing a little, turned out I was leaking fluid. They did an ememrgency C-section. I am thankful I went to my OB and was checked out. I urge you to call and make you an appointment!!


Call the doctor and they will want to see you. DO NOT shower before you go in. When I was carrying my 2nd child, I thought my fluid was leaking and I went to have it checked but since I had showered before going the strip showed negative. However, my labor was terrible.....DRY birth and all the pain in my lower back. They told me I had been leaking fluid for a while.

Please go see your physician and play it safe.

Good luck


If you are leaking amniotic fluid, or even think you are, you need to call your doctor. A friend of mine had a leak at the top of her amniotic sac and it slowly started leaking. Granted, your amniotic fluid does replace itself, but my friend got severely dehydrated because her doctor didn't beleive her (she was a really young mommy). It also caused the baby to have some medical problems as a result.

Please call your doctor, its a really quick test to find out if you are or if you aren't!

HI MY name is K.. I dont know what to really say except that I would be concerned if I were you. I do know that if your water breaks you have so many hours to deliver the baby before you have a dry birth. My crew and I ended up delivering a baby (dry birth) in the ambulance one night and it didnt seem pleasant. Not to mention from experience with my first pregnancy too little amniotic fluid can stress the baby.Not really sure what to tell you because you didnt give me much to go on as far as signs and symptoms. If you have further questions please email me at ____@____.com

You should not be leaking amniotic fluid unless your water has started or has broke. Mostly likely you are peeing on yourself (not trying to be funny but it happens)....DEFINATELY call your doctor.

OK this sounds gross but smell the fluid...if it's not urine, call your doctor right away!!

Yes it is possible to be leaking amniotic fluid at 30 wks. I was at work a few weeks ago and the girl there was just walking and she said oh my gosh I just peeed on my self well it kept happening and at 1:30 the next day her son was here and she was 31 weeks. You need to let ur doc know asap because you dont want to lose the fluid around the baby untill its time. If its not you fluid its just the pressure of the baby pushing on your bladder because you are sooo far along that just a little drink could cause it to happen because of the baby. It happened to me because she had gotten sooo big sooo quick because I had gen diabeities. So I would say talk with your doc asap just to put your mind at ease.


Please get checked right away, better to be safe than sorry. If your OB office is closed, I would go to labor and delivery at the hospital for the strip test the other ladies are talking about. I do know someone who was leaking amniotic fluid, thought it was pee, but it wasn't and sadly the results were fatal for her baby. Get checked ASAP! Best wishes.

I too am prego with #4 at 33 weeks and cannot cough, sneeze or laugh without wetting myself- I have had 3 vaginal births- so I know.
I do wear a pad in my underwear. I would definately check with your care provider just in case. Good luck
LM in concord.

I have had 8 and only 2 of those the water broke on it's own. Once was a leak.....I would definately call your doctor. They have this strip they can use to tell whether it is urine or amniotic fluid. Chances are it isn't anything to worry about but always best to err on the side of caution. If it is your amniotic fluid then you might need to be put on antibiotics but not totally sure as it was my time to go when it happened to me.....good luck sweetie and let us know what happened :0) I think most of us know how it is even if it is urine LOL

Hi L.,

I've never been in your position but I have heard of bladder leakage due to the loosening of the wall muscles. It might be worth exploring. Ask your GYN.

Good luck hope this helps.

I have only had one child but my water broke on its own. I had been feeling like I was damp, I was 38 weeks, and had no problems wetting myself before that but I put it off because I had had false labor twice and refused to go back til I was sure! Well eventually I bent over and my little tear became a big one!! To make a long story short, they had to inject more water into me because I had lost my lubrication from my water being broken so long and me not being certain putting it off. You can go to the Labor and Delivery and they will do a PH strip and it will tell you if it's fluid or urine, it's worth it to find out. Generally if your water broke they want the baby delivered in 24 hours, but since you still have 10 weeks maybe there is something they can do to help, regardless if it's fluid or urine, you need to know, better safe than sorry!!! GET TO THE DOCTOR SOON!!!!

Your amniotic fluid and if your water broke would be pinkish in color, so you should be able to tell the difference. If you are still questioning it, go to the doctor, they can tell you for sure if it is just a little leakage or if it is amniotic fluid. Probably since you are still 10 weeks away they will put your on modified bed rest to make sure you don't go into labor too early. good luck.

L. don't think its something to worry about. I had that with my third pregnacy which was not to long ago. yeah u r right it feels like u r peein on yourself. I had it checked out & everything was fine. My suggestion to u is that u have it checked out by the dr. I was so scared that i was leakin my fluids. Hope all is well & good luck!

It is normal to leak some type of fluid around that time of the pregnancy. If it feels a little sticky or thick it is not your water, it could be part of your plug or just hormonal discharge. If it is urine it will look and smell like urine. If it is in a normal pattern then of trickling or whatever then it is more likely your water leaking. I agree with everyone it is better safe than sorry to go and be checked by your doctor just in case. Let us know what happens.

You definitely need to call your doctor! They will want to see you, and they can do a simple strip test to see if it is urine or amniotic fluid. Better safe than sorry. BUT, just because you are leaking does not mean they will induce. They may put you in the hospital, give you antiobiotic to be safe, and make you stay on bed rest. As long as the fluid level for the baby is safe, they will let you keep going, but you may be in the hospital for the remaider, or at least at home on bed rest. They can tell this by doing a high level ultrasound. They will only induce if the fluid level gets too low for the baby. I have a family member who's water broke, and she made it another 6 or 8 weeks in the hospital before delivering.
Good luck sweetie!!

Yes. it could be just urine but it might not. Go to the Dr. All it takes is a swab, and they will know if its ambiotic fluid or not. You either get the treatment you need or get relief from worry.

Hey. You definately need to call your Dr. I am sure they are going to want to see you. If it is amniotic fluid they may want to induce labor. 13hrs after your water breaks (even just leaking) there is risk of infection for you and the baby.

With my first pregnancy my water only leaked very little. They actually had to break it three times because it kept forming air bubbles! LOL
It is VERY rare that the water "gushes" like in the movies.

With my second baby I was in a really bad car accident when I was 9 months preggers and I "thought" my water broke (of course I would have been rushed to the hospital either way) but they gave me an ultra sound when I got to the hospital and my water was still in tact... I just peed my pants! LOL! The Dr. told me they have woman go in all the time thinking there water broke (woman who weren't in car accidents!) and it was just urine! So they are quite used to it!

Point being- GO GET CHECKED!!!

i dont remember if i leaked anything... but 2 days after i was due.. my dr. noticed that my amniotic fluid was leaking so he put me in the hospital that night... the get ready for the delivery the next day.. they induced me.

Hi... I am a stay at home mom of 3 girls too lol and preggo with my 4th! I think if it is a constant wetness even if it is a little at a time....I think it could be your water breaking...They say amniotic fluid smells sweet, so smell it :P and if it smells sweet I would go to the ER right away ..if it smells otherwise ...well then I guess the baby is on a nerve.... In any case, I would try to be safer than sorry because a baby be born at 30 weeks would prob have to be in the hospital a while.. Good Luck!!! And keep us updated ok?

I would get checked by the OB. Because from what I understand, once the sac ruptures you should deliver within 24 hours for risk of infection. Yes it is possible, but there is a test they can run to be sure. It will ease your mind. Most likely it is a little urine leakage or the hormones kicking in. I was checked several times for this for both my pregnancies, but carried to 38 weeks. Good Luck!

my daughter is experiencing the same thing and she is 30 weeks pregnant and her doctor just told her to put a pad / kotex in her panties for a while and to check to see if it was clear or pinkish in color and if so then to go to the hospital, if yellowish or some other color then she should be fine.

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