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What to Do About 9 Year Old with BAD B.O.?

Hey moms,
My son is 9, but has had this problem for a little over a year. We got him deoderant, but he does not always remember to use it. Is it normal for kids of this age to really stink? I mean the other day, he had forgotten to use his deoderant and went out to play. When we all got in the van, I had to roll down the windows to be able to breath it was that bad! What can I do?

Thanks so much for all your help.


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Thank you ladies. It is so good to know that he is not the only young one. I guess I do just need to hold his hand more in that area of his getting ready. He is so independant in most other areas it is easy to take for granted that he remembered to do everything. Thanks again. You all are so AWESOME!

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Hello J.,

Keep in mind that some body soaps will make B.O. stronger.
it could be a combination of both. and buy several deodorants, keep one in the car. get a travel size one he can have in his backpack. and make sure he doesn't wear the same t-shirt twice. Best of luck!

Heck Yea, they stink! My 10 yr old stinks bad! I have to ride him to put on his deoderant. He says he can't smell it! WOW! Anyway, there is really nothing to do for it other than deo. and good washing every night. Just make sure he uses it daily. Good luck we are in the same boat!


I taught 3rd grade for 6 years and it is very normal for this to happen. I would first just joked with the kids about being stinky, then I suggested they wash up better after lunch. By Christmas i started suggesting deodorant. I would let them go to the bathroom to put it on in the morning. Be sure to bathe everyday at this age. SOme kids don't get all the spots every time they shower/bath!

Nine years old is awfully young to have that problem. My son is 12 and is just now reaching the point where he needs it. But, your son could be hitting puberty early. You might also look at his diet. If he's not eating alot of fresh or green vegetables, then that could be the problem, as well as if he's eating alot of processed foods - the toxins have to come out somewhere and the skin is our largest organ for detoxification.

I think this is totally normal. My stepdaughter is 9 and we have the exact same problem. THis summer we went to the zoo and were ging out to eat afterwards and she stunk so bad that we almost didn't go. We explained to her that she smelled so bad b/c she had forgottenthe deoderant that we had bought for her. We then told her that we were not changing our plans just because she stunk. Mean I know, but it worked. She went to eat and was pretty embaressed but she rarely forgets now.

I remember being stinky at a young age, too - it was embarassing. Is the deodorant next to something he uses every morning - like his toothbrush or schoolbag? Maybe you need to get a few sticks and put it by the door or in the car. That way if he's on his way out, the sight of it will remind him, or if you're already out, at least you'll have some with you. It's a little hand-holding, but hopefully you won't have to to it long and he'll eventually remember as he is getting ready.
Even if he takes a shower or bath at night, if he puts it on before bed, at least he'll have some protection the next day.

I let my 10 yr old daughter smell of all of the "squeezy" (liquid) soaps at the store and pick out the one that she likes and will use. I remind her to put on deoderant every morning. We use degree, but are considering the clinical strength version of Secret. When she forgets, I have her take my travel case of baby wipes to the restroom and wipe all of the places on her body that create strong smells. It will usually diminish the odor until she can bathe. If her hair gets the wet puppy smell, I have her rub a Bounce dryer sheet through it like she was towel drying her hair with it. I tell her that other kids can be very cruel about things like personal smells, and that it's a wierd Mom thing and that I am definitely a wierd mom.

I think it is normal. I substitute teach and on the very warm/hot days when the kids come back in from recess after running a while it is AWFUL in the room. Most of the teachers have a fan. We see this 3rd grade and up.

Just make sure he is clean and uses the deoderant.

I have to roll my windows down when certain friend of my daughter gets in the car with us because her feet are SO smelly. When she comes here, I always put her shoes in the garage.

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