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Is It Safe to Use Deodorant on a 7 Year Old?

I have noticed lately,my seven-very active-seven year old, has begun having bad smelling armpits. At first I was shocked because, he seems so young. But after soccer, running around or physical activity, he's stinky..I feel bad about saying that, because he's my baby boy. BUT HELP! I have tried Tom's the most natural product I can think of, but he complains that "it stings"..anyone have any options, suggestions?
Thanks a million

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Thank you everyone for your very helpful information-I sure got a lot of it! I know a few of you mentioned diet changes i.e. eliminating processed foods etc., I am sure that works in some instances, but my son DOES not like ANY processed foods. He doesn't like hot dogs, any lunch meats, which I find unusal, but I digress.

In any event, I have purchased many "natural" deodarants, so far he is using a brand called Jason's, he has taken to showering and really scrubbing those stinky pits nightly.

So far so good-thanks to all you Moms-Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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That's so funny because I also just discovered my son's, also 7, underarm smell. He has just started showering with deoderant soap and so far so good. I totally feel the same...I was so shocked that my precious baby boy smelled like a guy I wanted to cry!!!
Oh well, they have to grow up some time I guess.

Good Luck

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Hand Sanitizer in the pits...Ouch! I do agree with the shower after a sports event. We don't wear deodarent to bed so he should be fine for a mellow day with no deodarent after his sports, til old enough for regular use.

I'm sorry I don't have an answer. I just wanted to let you know I have a very active 7 year old and she has stinky arm pits at times too. My sons didn't need deoderant until they were in 4th grade, 2nd seems too young to me. I'll keep watching to see what advice you get.

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Hi S.,

There's some great reply's here, but one of them mentioned Talcum powder. While this was great while I was a kid and we powdered ourselves up to smell great, research now shows it being linked to cancer. To read more about it, you can go to the Cancer Prevention Coalition website at http://www.preventcancer.com/consumers/cosmetics/talc.htm

I would definitely agree with others in the post that you should also take a good look at what he's eating, especially if his diet does contain an abundance of processed foods. Also make sure he is cleaning himself well when he bathes, and if you do take him to the doctor, be very careful because in my experience, they are just too happy to prescribe a med for anything. There are more children on prescription meds now than ever before, be very careful and I wish you well.


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That's so funny because I also just discovered my son's, also 7, underarm smell. He has just started showering with deoderant soap and so far so good. I totally feel the same...I was so shocked that my precious baby boy smelled like a guy I wanted to cry!!!
Oh well, they have to grow up some time I guess.

Good Luck

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I'm in agreement with Nicki and Patti. Look at the diet first and while you're waiting, perhaps the crystal or enzyme deoderant might help so there are no comments by teachers or peers. Switch to more fruits and veggies, less processed foods and sugar. AND supervise the baths so there is no corner-cutting going on.

All good suggestions.

Okay... lots of Moms will say "WHAT!" That's TOO young...!" (gasp).

Okay, next. This is the reality. SOME-many kids this age, DO smell stinky and have B.O.

Okay. Then, the conundrum is... if you don't do anything about it (ie: deodorant), then the Teacher will tell you. OR, the child can also suffer from ridicule or be ostracized by other kids, or just be shied away from because he/she "smells", and yes, other Parents probably notice too. So it's (1) a body issue and (2) a social "problem", since the child is young. (3) at this age, you want to really talk with him about it so he doesn't get "self-conscious" about it....

Okay, so check with your Pediatrician. Yes, to make sure it's "normal"... and "okay." Lots of kids now days suffer from "premature puberty." or "precocious puberty." And you want to rule that out... if it applies to you.

Now, my girl is 6 years old. SHE has arm-pit body odor already. YES, we had her checked by a "Pediatric Endocrinologist".... under recommendation by her Pediatrician. This is how I "learned" all this.

Yes, my daughter needs to use deodorant.... YES, we use "natural" types. YES... I DO NOT want to be criticized for this. It is a very personal thing, when a child is this young, and has smelly armpits. YES, we handle it appropriately. AND we had her thoroughly checked by a specialist. NO we are not making her use this willy-nilly.

Now, since your son is only 7 years old and has arm-pit smell already.... I would buy any "natural" deodorants, as many as you can afford, and then try each one. Then, see which one he is not allergic to.

There was another posting here before, about a 10-year old boy and the Mom looking for deodorant suggestions. Or, just search online for "allergy free deodorant" or other things, and you will sure to find lots of info.

All the best, and good luck,

I agree with S H and good for you, S H, for taking care of it. My 7 year old niece has had to start using deodorant recently. She came out for a visit recently and my husband and I thought we were smelling ourselves. It turns out it was her and actually she was age 6 at the time that we noticed. It was a month before her 7th b-day. My sister is in the process of her trying all of the natural deodorants first in hopes of finding one that works and she has spoken with her pediatrician. Good luck and don't worry. It is normal.

Don't feel bad about saying your little guy is stinky...it's the nature of the beast (pun intended)!

Since deoderant doesn't seem to be working, please consider supervising shower/bath time more closely. It could be that he's not soaping up properly. Sometimes, on days with vigorous activity, it might take more than one soaping up to get the job done.

Both my sons went through this, although not at 7. We discovered it was an "anti-soap" phase. Nothing worked except direct supervision or the dreaded "sniff test." If armpits didn't smell like fresh soap, my kid(s) would have to shower again. One time it took my eldest FOUR TRIES to get it right! No joke! Anyway, they finally got the message and the smell factor is back to normal.

Good luck!

I agree with Nicki B who said some dietary changes might be in order. Too much protein or too many processed foods might be contributing to this. I would be hesitant to start deodorant at such a young age and would probably consult a doctor to rule out any problems. When the body lets off odor it is usually because it is processing chemicals, toxins, etc. He could have a mild illness. Good luck.

As long as it says deoderant and not anti-perspirant/deoderant. The anti-perspirant has a way of clogging the ducts under the arms. All of my children use just deoderant and not anti-perspirant. (there have been studies on breast cancer from anti-perspirant).


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