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Daughter's Armpits Smell. What Can I Do??

Hi ladies,
This is my fisrt time writing and I would like all of yalls help in finding a solution to my daughter's problem.
I have a big problem with my 5 yr. old daughter's hygiene (sp). Her armpits smell so bad, even after a few hours of taken a bath/shower. I do put her some of my deorodant. (Dove) But I was not sure if maybe in the long run it could develope a rash. I have tried to find some deorodant for her age but there are none for her age. And for the teens ones they are all perfumed and they are for "teens".Any mother been trough this with their child? Maybe some home remedies or something. What about powder? Thank you so much for everything.

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Wow! This shows how much everyone is willing to share their thoughtful thoughts, and how much every one of you care for one another. This is so neat. I'm so glad I got to write in my problem. Everyone gave such wonderful responses. I will follow up with her doctor and find a solution to her problem. She is such a beautiful girl soon going to Kinder. Thanks everyone and God Bless every single one of you. M.

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You should try Arm n Hammer deordorant it worked for my neice that had the same problem at that age. Hopes this little tidbit helps.

My sister in law had a similar problem and she asked her doctor and they gave her sommething she swears by...it's late or I would call her, however if you call her doctor and they do not have a solution, please email me and I will ask her.
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Gold Bond medicated powder may help with the smell, but I would take her to the doctor. I think it is a bacteria that causes adults armpits to smell. She may have something like that under her arms that the doctor can help you with.

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There is an organic deoderant out there called J/a/s/o/n. They sell it at a nice whole foods store called Natural Kitchen in Kingwood, TX or go to WWW.NATKIT.COM It does not contain Aluminum Chlorohydrate like most regular deoderants and it also does not contain mineral oil and it's paraben free and it has vitamin E. I bought it for myself because I found my eyes being bothered by some deoderants whenever I would raise my arms, I would feel that the smell of other deoderants like dove, was too strong and it also made my eyes water. I love this organic deoderant and it's gentle and does not make my eyes water when I raise my arms. Maybe this will help. God bless you.

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I agree w/ Heather that you should check to see if something else is wrong. I used to have really bad b.o. A friend actually told me that what I was using wasn't working and to try somehting else.

Recently, I changed my diet SIGNIFICANTLY and I use NO deoderant and still don't smell!!! God made our bodies to cool off by sweating and when we stop that, it is actually unhealthy. That's why I quit using it. I agree that introducing chemicals isn't only unhealthy, it is down right dangerous and cause numerous health probs in the future, if not right away. So be careful and try to find the root cause, not just a quick fix. She may be sensitive to milk or wheat. Does she have any other probs like asthma or eczema or AD/HD?

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I didn't see this response, but are you sure she isn't allergic to the scents in the soap you are using? Personally I can't use perfume like scents because they turn bad and smell like BO on me. (Like right after the shower, before I've done anything to perspire.) Switching to the Sensitive Skin formulas like Dove or Aveeno that have little fragrance has been very helpful.

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Hi M., try the deodorant at Whole Foods or Central Market, it looks like a salt rock, you can buy one that sets in a little cake holder, but I like the other one that looks like a push up round deorodant casing, check with the people at Whole Foods but as far as I know it is all natural and works well for me, I've been using it for several years know. I will give you a tip though, the salt will take on oders so do not apply if there is an oder already starting under the arm, clean the area and then apply as not to ruin the deodorant rock:) Hope it helps, God Bless, TammyT

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Try arm & Hammer baking soda in the yellow box.
Just rub under her arms like baby powder.

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I would not use deodorant with antipersperant because of the aluminum in it and the potential (not proven but not disproved) links to cancer. It's one thing to start using it when you're in your an adult or in your teens but she doesn't need that right now.

So, I would look into a salt rock which naturally controls odors (these are actually great, you wet them a little, rub it on and are good to go) or a natural deodorant product from someone like Burt's Bees or Tom's of Maine. You should be able to get all three from a health food store or an HEB that has a health food section.

Best wishes!

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I agree that you should consult with your doctor first, just in case there is a medical issue that needs to be addressed.
Instead of using a teen product, I would suggest you try a product called Crystal Body Deodorant. It does not contain aluminim chlorohydrate or perfumes and is all natural. I found it at Brazos Natural Foods, our local whole/natural food store. It comes in a solid and a roll-on with no added perfumes. My 10 year old daughter is very active in dance and I started having her use the roll-on last year and it has really made a difference for her too.
Hope this helps!

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THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS!! My daughter (almost 5) had the same problem. I'm sure every circumstance is different, but I found 2 things that helped. (I'm anti-aluminum for my kids, so I don't use deodorant on her.)

Hormone control - When she eats more soy products, it gets worse. My theory involves the phytoestrogens - affecting her hormones. So, I limit soy & aim for organic/naturally-derived dairy products.

Peppermint &/ Rosemary - I am an Independent Consultant with The Body Shop at Home, & we carry Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray. It has peppermint & rosemary in it - natural deodorizers. Naturally-based & inexpensive, so I tried it when she was pretty bad. IT WORKED!! I was so excited!! It's designed for feet, so it has a cooling effect - she got a kick out of that. :) But it did an amazing job, so I'm sticking with it.

Those are 2 things that you could try. I'd love to hear what ends up working for you.


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