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What Are Lap Pads For?

I know this is a stupid question but I've gotten lap pads from people and I know I need them but what are they for. When the baby is on your lap there is a diaper on so I'm not sure what the pads are for.


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Those are all great suggestions-thank you!

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Most people use them for a changing pad. They are easy to stow in a diaper bag and washable. Or I found them handy under their bottom in the car seat (in case of a leaky diaper) they wash a up a whole lot better than the car seat covers.

I love them! My son is 17 months I still use one for him on his changing table. It's much easier to throw one of these in the hamper if it gets a little poop or something on it rather than change the sheet on the changing table. I also always use it in my pack n play's changing area. Thye are also great to take on trips.

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I use them under the kids head's if they're spitters so I don't have to constantly change sheets. They're helpful when you're holding a newly potty trained kid, too, in case of an accident, but they really don't hold that much. Congratulations!

I am expecting my 3rd in May and decided to Google uses of lap pads, because I never knew what they for for. Thanks for posting this question and to all those who answered...very helpful!

I agree with all other posts. Here are my experiences: on changing pad when changing (I found that a messy diaper smeared on the lap pad and you just threw it in the wash), under head when in bassinet and crib for spit ups, and mostly on my LAP when flying on a plane. Sure enough, I planned on having that and her diaper did leak...however I was protected! :) Now, she uses them for her babydolls (she is 2)

LOL!! I'm only laughing because I didn't know what they were either, I too am a first time mom. Once I figured it out and started using them I love them! I sue them on my daughters changing table and I keep one in her diaper bag, so if I have to change her when we go out and there is a mess it gets on the lap pad rather than all over her clothes or everywhere else. Congrats on being a new momma, you'll love it!!

Don't feel bad. I am due with #6 in 4 weeks and I have never used a lap pad or heard of them. It has been pretty rare that my babies ever wet on me or my husband while they had a diaper on, sitting on our laps. Just change your baby frequently/as needed and you should be fine. Good Luck.

I would use mine to put under the babies while changing their diapers, they will more often than not, pee while the diaper is off. THey also protect surfaces when baby has a poopie mess and it has smooshed up their back and out their clothes and when they are poopie and you get the diaper off and they roll over and try to crawl away, LOL! Congrats and have fun!!

C. C.

It's for when you lay the baby across your lap or across your shoulder to burp and they spit up.

I had to read your responses because I had no idea what a lap pad is for either! From what others are describing, I think it's the same thing that I call a "changing pad" (which makes a lot more sense to me:) Another thing that I use them for, is a small "changing station." Our house is two floors plus a basement, so on the main floor and the basement (away from their rooms) I have a nice canvas basket filled with diapers, wipes, and a "changing pad" - it makes a great, convenient changing area that I can easily put back on the bookshelf in the living room, and no one has to know I change diapers there;)

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