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Third Pregnancy and Feeling Bigger Already

I know I am most likely being silly, but this is my third pregnancy (I am only about a month into it) and I already feel like my stomach is larger. It looks larger - and I have not gained an enormous amount of weight recently. Has this happened to anyone else, or am I being silly? Thanks for feedback either way :)

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Thanks for all of the responses! I feel much better - obviously I know I'm going to get bigger, but I was a little concerned since I didn't noticeably "pop" until way later with my other two. At least I'll get more use out of my maternity clothes this time around (which are actually nicer than most of my regular clothes anyway!).

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So in the beginning of all pregnancy there is blot, some more than others, the difference is after 2 previous pregnancy, you're body is not as "tight" as it used to be, so it doesn't hold in as well as we might still like. It's totally normal. Congradulations!! PS I couldn't wear any of my normal pants by 7 weeks!!

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For me the bigger sooner thing happened on my 2nd pregnancy. I think it's your body reacting to the hormones that are telling your body to get ready to stretch and also the muscles stretched from before. Don't worry, it all seems to even out in the end. But yeah, people kept asking me if I was pregnant very early and kept guess-stimating I was a month or so further along for that pregancy compared to my other 3.

You start to feel and look bigger faster with each pregnancy. It doesn't necessarily mean that you will gain more but it all just starts earlier

Hi L. -

I am on my second pregnancy and the same thing happened to me. Last time, I really didn't show until the end of my fifth month, and this time I started showing by the end of my second month. So, nope, I don't think you are being silly at all.

I swear I am feeling the exact same way and believe I am due in December as well! My stomach is just sticking out and my thighs are growing as well. I get on the scale and don't see a difference. My other pregnancies I lost 10 pounds right off the bat, and definitely didn't show this early. I have a 3 1/2 year old and a 23 month old.


No you are not being silly, I have 5 and I grew much quicker with pregnancies 3,4 and 5 than I did with my first 2.

Definately happened to me. By the time I hit 12 weeks, I was round and very obviously pregnnt. At 8 weeks, strangers were commenting on my pregnancy, and at 6 weeks I couldn't fit into my pants anymore.

Thankfully I didn't end up a lot larger than my others, I just popped out faster in the beginning.

So in the beginning of all pregnancy there is blot, some more than others, the difference is after 2 previous pregnancy, you're body is not as "tight" as it used to be, so it doesn't hold in as well as we might still like. It's totally normal. Congradulations!! PS I couldn't wear any of my normal pants by 7 weeks!!

Hi L.-
You are not being silly. As my midwife explained, your abdominal muscles are no longer as tight as they were prior to other pregnancies so they don't hold you in as long plus she said your uterus actually changes position a bit after your first pregnancy so that it pokes out more and sooner. Annoying but not imagined!

YES!! haha...my third just turned 2 in March, and I was wearing pregnancy clothes the day after I found out I was pregnant! I wondered why my clothes were fitting a bit snug. I was about 6 weeks along with him when we found out. But your body adjusts and knows another baby is coming, so it is completely normaly to show this early! I have to say I liked the first time around better!! I didn't show for 7 months!!!

Your not alone!! Yes I've heard the more pregnacies the bigger and sooner you grow.But I am currently on my third pregnacy and since I found out(About a month into) I felt bigger already.I was so misserable my first trimester and with so much fatigue. I even began thinking I was carrying twins!! But then was told it was a single pregnacy!
Till today everybody asks me if I am almost due and when I say I have 3 more months to go they ask me if I am having twins? It starts to become annoying!So yes your are not alone!
God bless.

Perfectly normal!
My OB said that the reason was that now, your body already knows what to do, so it starts doing it all sooner!

Ditto to what the other ladies said. I was huge for my third pregnancy and showed almost immediately and I was large again for number 4. Now it feels like the longer is takes to see my belly again afterwards.

The joys of procreating :)

I exercised right through my 4th pregnancy it really helped me feel better about my body.

I totally got larger so much faster...

I recomend the Bella Band... you can buy it at target for like $17 and it allows you to wear your jeans longer and makes you feel put together.

My boys are 5, 3, and 5 months


Dear L.,
I was showing after a month with my first pregnancy and it made me wonder if I was having more than one since all my girlfriends didn't start showing until three months into their pregnancies. I had my first OB appt. at 3 1/2 months and the doctor didn't think I was having more than one.
A different doctor in the same practice saw me at 4 1/2 months; he said the same thing. I kept wondering, though, if I was carrying more than one. I couldn't shake eth belief that I was.
At my third check-up at 5 1/2 months, I had yet still a third doctor examine me. She said that I was either having more than one or that my due date was wrong! So she gave me my first ultrasound and discovered taht, sure enough, I was pregnant with two!
So, the lesson here is, go get an ultrasound so that you can either find out you are carrying more than one or to rule it out!
J. F.

I am 5 weeks too and feel the same way!! This is my third baby. I have a pouch already!!! And alot of gas!!!

I showed alot earlier w/ my 3rd pregnancy. It was alot of bloating as well. I ran with it and started wearing my comfy maternity clothes in my 2nd month. I didnt gain much weight those first 3months either and only like 25lbs the whole pregnancy. So it might be just bloating if you havent gained either. Happy Pregnancy: Congrats.

Hi Lisa I can completely agree with you on this. I am expecting our third child near the end of Sept. and I had to start wearing maternity clothes when I was on 6 wks into the pregnancy. Everyone around kept asking if I was sure that I was not having twins but when I went to the doctor's they only saw one baby when they did the ultrasound. I was told that it is normal to get bigger because your body has already been stretched out before. Well good luck and I hope this makes you feel better that you are not alone.


Join the club! This is my third pregnancy and everyday I can visibly see a difference and was in maternity clothes almost immediately. I am 6 months along now and easily look like I did when I was 8 months with the other two. Even my husband agrees that I am much bigger this time around. Ugh!

Oh, good! I thought I was alone for a minute there! I am 2 months preganant with my thrid and my belly is out there. after the first 4 or 5 weeks it just untightened. I can still wear my pregnancy clothes using the rubber band methos and a old tub top to cover the top of my jeans. It can still be a little uncomfortable sometimes when the zipper presses into my lower belly though. I am going to get me some Bella Bands so I can unzip my pants more and better fitting maternity clothes. I started out bigger before I was pregnant with my 2nd than I am this time and some of my maternity clothes are too big to wear now (and may be for this whole pregnancy). I want newer maternity wear anyway! :)

Peace and Blessings,

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