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The Worst Diaper Rash Ever!

My daughter is almost two. Super quick background...she has Celiac disease, has been GF for over a year, and has had severe trouble with constipation to the point of anal fissures.

We've got the constipation fairly under control now, and she drinks plenty of water. But she still almost ALWAYS has an excruciating diaper rash...to the point of purple, lost skin, cracks, and bleeding.

I change her diaper WHENEVER it's wet or dirty...immediately. Always have. I have used Triple Paste, Bordeaux's (?) Butt Paste, and Vaseline. NOTHING seems to help. I just want to get it healed...and can't figure out why it keeps coming back.

If anyone has experienced this or has any helpful advice, that would be great. The doctors just keep recommending Triple Paste or Vaseline...they don't help. Nor does Desitin, blah blah blah, other creams...I'm really hoping someone has some non diaper rash cream advice!! I hate changing her diaper, because it's a screaming, crying mess and I feel so awful. I always say "Mommy's not trying to hurt you" and my little talker has turned this into "Mommy try to hurt you!" while crying during diaper changes and I feel just awful.

What can I do next?

So What Happened?™

Thank you all for such helpful advice!

Wanted to update you all...she has a yeast infection. She's on some prescription cream now...she's been on it for about three days, and it's finally beginning to heal. I am two things...so pissed off that how many doctors didn't RECOGNIZE this for what it was (and her doctor didn't even check...I called, said "I think it's a yeast infection" and she just faxed in the script for me...) ...and on the other side, I am SOOOO relieved that we're finally getting this under control.

She's feeling so much better, and so am I...she's not screaming and throwing herself into the air when I change her diaper now!

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Could she be allergic to her diapers? I use 7thgeneration. My other thought is an yeast infection that creams won't help.

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Hmm... her problems with constipation makes you wonder if she KNOWS pooping will cause a diaper rash... so she withholds it... causing the constipation!

What a vicious circle... I'm so sorry this is happening to you.

I don't have anything else to add that others haven't already said, sorry....

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My Nan always swore by corn startch. Depending on the severity, I use it by itself or mixed with a&d for my son or desitin for my daughter.

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Could she be allergic to her diapers? I use 7thgeneration. My other thought is an yeast infection that creams won't help.

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Are you sure is a diaper rash and not a yeast infection? My son had a diaper rash not as severe as what your describing, but once I used some antifungal cream mixed in with a barrier cream it started clearing up w/in a day.

In my opinion, with the extremeness (if that's a word) of what you are describing I would take her in to get some prescription medication from her pediatrician. I know my mom had to take my nephew in on her watch.... Poor baby and Mommy--can't be fun.

---OOps I just reread your question I can't believe the dr's aren't prescribing more! Seems obvious she needs something else, and in my experience from other Mom's stories never hard to have them prescribe something. Wow--new pediatrician or more demanding maybe!

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A client of mine got this recommendation from her pediatrician (we call it Magic Cream at our house!).

Equal Parts: (Most of these things you prob. have on hand)
(it doesn't matter if you use the ointment or cream form, just use what you have)

Butt Paste
Antibiotic Ointment or Cream
Hydrocortizone Cream or Ointment
Anti-Yeast Cream (like Monostat or Tinactin)

Mix it all together and apply after each change. It truly was a life saver.

Good Luck!

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That sounds terrible! Poor baby. I would get a second opinion right away. These drs don't seem concerned about the rash, which doesn't sound like diaper rash at all! Take her to another office and demand some relief for your daughter. I would be in that office every other day until something they do for her starts to clear it up. Good luck!

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One thing that helps my son is to use soft washcloths just dampened with water. That will probably help her immediate pain as you try to clean her up. There are so many chemicals in wipes that just burn if they're on raw skin.

My son was hospitalized months ago and the antibiotics gave him terrible diaper rash. They gave us stuff they use. I doubt you can buy it at the store, but I'd insist to your doctor that you need something stronger than a recommendation. You probably need a prescription. She's got enough issues with pooping, she doesn't need diaper rash too. Also, have you ever tried plain cornstarch. Sometimes that area is just too damp so drying up can help. Best of luck!

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I would use colloidal silver ointment.

I would not use the paste's you've listed. I was on a site looking at a toxicology report the other day and Bordeaux's BP was at the very bottom of the (fail) list. (I was surprised by that.)

I have had really good results using the product I'm recommending.
I also think coconut oil is a good suggestion.
I hope your LO feels better very, very soon.

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Ask your pediatrician to a referral to a dermatologist. None of us are going to be able to diagnose your daughter, and one thing could make it worse over the other. I had been using a special blend compound perscribed by my ped for awhile on my daughter and it wasn't working. When she finally referred us to a dermatologist he told me that the compound (I brought it with me) was actually exaserbating the problem and could cause prolonged redness. FWIW my daughter's rash did end up being a yeast infection, and vinegar baths combined with OTC athlete's foot cream cleared it up. (vinegar baths were 1c vinegar in a tub of water.) I also swear by baking soda baths for toddlers, they clear up almost everything. :) Good luck!

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Baby powder and let her air dry for a few moments before putting the new one on. Also a hair dryer on it's lowest coolest setting on her tush to dry her up. Just swing it back and forth over her rear. My daughter loves the hair dryer in the winter time, I use it to warm her up fast between bath and getting jammies on.

Good luck.

PS: If it is a yeast infection, yogurt is a safe way to help. Add it to her diet and see if it helps any, if so you can decide if you want to try an OTC medication for yeast infections.

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