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Constant Diaper Rash

My oldest daughter has always had a diaper rash. Lately I have been noticing it much worse. It goes in spurts and is very unpredictable. It gets very bad sometimes with slimey open sores and cracked bleeding skin. My second daughter is just now begining her first diaper rash too. It also has the slimey open sores. I know this is not thrush, because I have already checked the symptoms with this condition and my doctor has not pointed out any real condition it is associated with. Well I thought I was doing fine with diaper cream. However now I am noticing that my fail proof diaper cream, the only cream out of all the creams I ever tried that actually worked, is now no longer working as effectively. What do I do. Thier bottoms are just being eaten up so badly. I feed bad every time I have to change thier diapers which I try to keep to a minimum but just the same I have to be diligent about changing them in order for this to heal.

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I want to thank you all for your helpful advice. I have finally gotten rid of this awful diaper problem. To be honest with you, I dont really know what I did different, but the rash has been gone for the last 2 months now. Mabey she finally outgrew the sensitivity to whatever it was that was bothering her. I have also started potty training and I think that helped too.

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Try corn starch....in her diaper or she may be allergic to the diapers you use...my lil girl could only use Huggies...try the corn starch just like you would a baby powder...
J. Mom of 3 in Sumter

Hi my name is D.. I'm a mom of three girls. I have had the same problem and i found some thing that works, and it's not from any store. I work for Melaleuca. it's a wellness company. I have ben useing a product called Renew. It works better than any thing i have used before. You just put it on and it will start to help right a way. If you have any questions you can get a hold of me at (____@____.com) If you want to know more just let me know.

Try changing diaper brands. I had to with my first child due to late onset of allergy to a certain brand. Afer about a week, he was completely clear. I also recommend using powder. It kept his bottom drier.

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Sounds like it could be a yeast infection. I used Mycelex 7 on my kid and it cleared her up. She also broke out again this way when Pampers Baby Dry diapers added more perfume to the pampers and we had to stop using them. Write down a food diary of everything you give your children to eat & drink to see if there is any connection.
Try giving her an oatmeal bath like they do when a kid has chicken pocks. You can buy packets at wal-mart in the pharmacy section. If you live in Concord NC, maybe you can call moose drug store in mt pleasant and speak with the pharmasicts and tell them the situation and they could direct you. They are the only pharmacy I know of that uses both medical and herbal remedies and their family owned.

Also on another note if your interested I have a playgroup called: The Knee High Gang, we're located in Concord NC.

my name is K.. i have four kids. 12 yr old girl, 5 yr old boy, 5 yr old girl. yes twins, and a 3 yr old boy. i live in newport news va. i have been there where u are at with the diaper rashs. my youngest daughter that is 5 now always got them ... the only thing that worked was a cream that the hostipal uses. it has something in it that works. i forgot whats in it . but my dad has a powder that has the same stuff. i want to think it starts with a z. i could be wrong. i can do this. i will call my dad today and ask him and then write u back..... hope they get better

Right after my son was born he broke out into a rah that I could never seem to get rid of. I tried different creams but that never seemed to work. ONe day I was at the store to get diapers wipes and I usually got huggies but got pampers because they were on sale. His rash seem to clear up over night. He breaks out now and again and i use Target brand diaper cream and I love it. I also let my son go naked for a few minutes to air dry, because moisture doesnt help his bottom at all.


whenever my son would develop a rash or keep one that other creams did not work on at all, we used aquaphor. it seems to clear it up rather quickly when others just kindof held the condition at bay, not getting better but not getting worse either. hope this helps.

I second the moms who've said let your girls get as much "nakey bum" time as possible. One good time to do this is right after a bath. Put towels down if you're worried about them making messes on the floor.

If you're really fed up and want to get rid of diapers altogether, there are a lot of good resources online about going diaper-free. For example, diaperfreebaby.org.

Try corn starch....in her diaper or she may be allergic to the diapers you use...my lil girl could only use Huggies...try the corn starch just like you would a baby powder...
J. Mom of 3 in Sumter

What are you using for treating them? I found that with my son all I can use to get rid of a diaper rash is A & D creamy. It worked wnders on him, Just use vaseline until it heals and whenever you can let them be wothout a diaper. I know that this can get messy, but you don't have to do it for long. Being in a diaper all day doesn't help you out at all either!!

Good morning,

In regards to the diaper rash I have tried everything out there with my eldest before and then finally her Ped. made a presciption she called "diaper Goo" its a 3 compound ointment of Nystat/zinc Oxid/hydr2.5 this is the prescription I am currently using now with my 15 month old daughter. It clears up the diaper rash very quickly. Your best best to fill the presciption at Eckerd as they are the only place around here that has a Pharmasist on site to mix the compounds.
Good luck.

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