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Diaper Rash! What Do You Do When Desitin Doesn't Work?

Do you have any remedy recommendations for a nasty diaper rash? The skin is broken in the size of a quarter on one little butt cheek, pink everywhere else. My 20 month old will not sit down, and constantly complains. He has just cut 4 teeth, and is not so pleasant, but oh, so very cute, and wonderful. He is a doll most of the time!

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Thank you so very much to everyone who responded. Our busy little guy has cut his 4 teeth and after aloe vera, airing out, and switching diapers and trying a myriad of creams, is doing quite well! I had no idea that there were so many remedies! You guys are great! Thanks so much!!

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Desitin did not work for me either. I had to take my little girl to her doctor and they gave her a cream that really work's

I always found that vaseline worked best for my daughter. By the time i had to change her it wiped off fine and wasn't thick like it is when you put it on. It would clear it up quicker and be less messy. It just seemed like with the desition i always still had to scrub to wipe it off.

Believe it or not, Mylanta topically on the diaper rash works. It neutralizes the acid causing the diaper rash. By the way - airing it out at the same time DOES work - though messy!

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K. - I see that some others have given you the same "recipe" with Maalox or Mylanta as the one in my e-mail below, but I just wanted to second it since it worked wonderfully for my son. The rest of this posting is an e-mail I sent to another member (Jeanne) last month that also contains advice from a pediatric dermatologist at Children's Memorial Hospital:

Jeanne, I'm sorry to hear about your son. I certainly empathize with you. My 8-month-old son is being treated by several specialists at Children's Memorial Hospital for various things, including chronic diarrhea lasting almost 8 weeks now that is causing a severe, ulcerated diaper rash. It was severe enough that the surgeon at Children's who was to operate on him today for an unrelated issue cancelled the surgery because he did not want to operate with any open sores on my son's body. At the request of the pediatric dermatologist at Children's, I e-mailed a photo of my son's sores today, and here is what she wrote back:

"This is simple irritant dermatitis from frequent stooling and sensitive skin. If we could stop the diarrhea, it would resolve. The treatment is a mild antiinflammatory (you could start with Cortaid 1% OINTMENT that is over the counter) twice daily covered with copious amounts of barrier (zn paste or A& D or even Aquaphor). Barrier should be used with every diaper change and never wipe the skin unless there is stool. Clean with Cetaphil liquid soap or even vaseline on a papertowel...no diaper wipes. It will come and go according to the stool frequency. I see no infection and the ulcers are shallow and should heal well. Hope this helps."

Also, here is what my son's pediatrician's office at Loyola faxed to me yesterday as their "recommended treatment for infants and toddlers suffering from severe diaper rashes." I bought the ingredients last night and tried it on my son all day today, and I must say that it actually looked like it improved his sores:

"Mix together one-half tube each of A&D ointment and zinc oxide. Add one tablespoon each of bacitracin ointment and Maalox or Mylanta liquid. Add 1 tablespoon of betadine (optional). Apply the mixture at each diaper change."

FYI, I used Maalox (the cherry-flavored one, so as not to use something that might burn like the mint-flavored one), and I didn't use betadine.

Good luck to you and your little one,

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I would call your doctor and ask if Vusion might be appropriate. I believe you need a presrcription, but it is by far the fastest working diaper rash treatment I have ever used. My daughter would be better within 2 hours and healed within 24 hours. This sounds like he may have some type of fungal/yeast infection.

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Go to the counter at the pharmacy and ask for Flanders Buttocks Ointment. This stuff seriously rocks! It is very much like Boudreau's Butt Cream but WAY better and thicker and really clears up diaper rash. My pediatrician's nurse told me about it. It is a bit pricey, about $14 a pop a few years back but well worth it. A little bit goes a long way.
You might want to call your pharmacy before you make a trip but I think most carry this. I have seen it at CVS and Target.

Good luck!

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It may be a fungal rash -- so you would need "Lotrimin AF" that is available over the counter. Please ask your doctor -- your child must be in a lot of pain!!

My son used to get very bad diaper rash as well. The thing that I found to work the best is to make sure the diaper area is completely dry before putting a new diaper on. Your 20 month is probably old enough to run around for a few minutes without a diaper so the area can dry!!

When my kids ended up with a nasty diaper rash with sores, I would switch to the sensitive diapers by pampers. I don't know if they still make those. though. (I haven't had kids in diapers in about 7 years.) I would also use the sensitive pampers wipes or a warm wash cloth. Let the bottom air out a bit. Change FREQUENTLY even if baby is just a tiny bit wet. Load the Desitine on the bottom. If it doesn't work in a couple of days you may need a RX for the rash.

Triple paste worked for us! My son had spot of broken skin and this helped heal it quickly.

A&D ointment really works for us on our 11 month old even when it's real bad desitin is foine for prevention but doesn't heal.

The doctor can give you a prescripton cream to heal and protect. much quicker healing.

My ped told me to either use desitin or A&D ointment and then sprinkle cornstarch or baby powder with cornstarch over the ointment (the ointment helps the cornstarch stick) I used these tricks on my daughter and her rash cleared up in a few days!
Good Luck!

Try CALMOSEPTINE, recommended by our Dr. Available at the pharmacy. It has been the BEST remedy for us!

Brown some flour in a skillet, put it in a container and apply it with a cotton ball at every change. It works wonders, trust me.

we have LOTS of diaper rash around here. first of all, if it's that bad, you may want to consult your doctor.

that said, we don't use wipes (kleenex viva paper towels wet w/ warm water) when the young'in has a rash. they irritate it even when they are unscented/alcohol free, etc. secondly, make sure he's getting lots of naked time. it's actually a daily staple around here. the airing out will help a lot. our doc also recommended using the aquaphor baby wash (pricey, but worth it) as it's really, really, hydrating. i'd also recommend that you use a layer of aquaphor AND the desitin at night so you know that nothing's getting through to his skin.

good luck!

I had the same problem - horrid diaper rash - and Destin, A&D and Earth's Best organic ointments weren't doing a thing. I ended up changing his diapers to Earth's Best chlorine-free, and now I'm on Especially for Baby (sold at Babies R Us) and his bum is perfectly fine.

Try Triple Paste Ointment (available at drug stores), Aveeno oatmeal bath packets (also available at drug stores) and, if desperate for relief, our pediatrician has recommended a bowl of half water, half milk that you keep in the fridge with gauze pads in it (big ones). At each diaper change, put a gauze pad over the area and put the diaper on. The coolness may be uncomfotable for a few seconds, but the lactic acid in the milk really helps the healing process. These have all worked for us.

I have always sworn by Butt Paste. It works much better than Desitin for my 3 yr old who still gets diaper rashes and constantly has sensitive skin. Every summer she'd get a rash, but this past summer she was rash-free thanks to starting to use Butt Paste.

Flanders Butt Balm. You can purchase it at Walgreens, but the pharmacist keeps it behind the counter. It is not prescription.

I work in a NICU and we use Triple Paste when Desitin doesn't work. It's really thick so don't try getting it off everytime. just wipe off the dirty parts amd put on a little fresh.
Good luck

When my oldest was a baby a relative put corn starch on hers. I thought this was crazy. It was 80% cleared overnight. After that, it is something I always kept on my changing table and have told my friends and family to do as well. They think I'm crazy, but it truly worked. Once it clears, keep vaseline on him and it should all be good!
My grandmother swears by the browned flour though! I never tried it.

We were told when the skin is broken, not to use Desitin, but to use plain vaseline instead. You can also mix about about a tablespoon of baking soda or cornstarch in a spray bottle of water and spray that on their bottoms. When I give my daughter a bath and she has a bad diaper rash, I put the baking soda directly in the bath water and let her swish around in it. The baking soda really helps her to feel better and the vaseline is a more natural product. I hope that helps.

You should use A & D onitment. The ointment is a barrer between the diaper and soliage. Can buy it in a tube or in the container.

He may have a fungal infection diaper rash. My son had this once when he wore diapers. We had to get a prescription ointment from the Dr. May want to have him checked out. HTH


Poor baby..I hate when that happens. It sounds like a fungal rash, in which case you'll need to call his doctor for a presciption cream. It just happens some times. I beleive it is called Nystatin and it works wonders. Also, Orajel makes a line called Gentle Naturals for Babys. They have a baby eczema wash that is very mild for bathing, mabe it will irritate him less (I only seem to be able to find it at Target and Walgreens)...it's usually about six dollars for an eight ounce bottle, but well worth the releif. Also, Dr. Bronner's makes an unscented soap with shikai for baby's that is all natural and very gentle. Can be used for both skin and hair. Currently both of my kids and myself are using this for very sensitive skin. I find it at whole foods, or fruitful yeild, and I beleive it is $6.50 for 12 or 16 oz. Maybe try www.dr.bronners.com. Also, the bare bottom for as much as possible throughout the day really does do wonders :)

Use Aquaphor - that stuff works like a champ! I stopped using Desitin after the first time I used the Aquaphor on my pediatrician's advice.

I found Butt Paste to be the best. However, I would check with your pediatrician to rule out a yeast infection.

It may be a yeast infection, yes boys can get them too. Rinse out your wipes before using them as the alcohol can cause burning and more irritation. Try powder or just pure petroleum jelly. If it does not clear in two days seek professional help.

My son has an allergy to zinc oxide, which is in any white diaper cream. We used Bag Balm, which comes in a green square tin. It look like vasoline, but did the trick for our kiddo. We found it at Walgreens the easiest.

I hope he starts feeling better!

The teething diaper rashes are always the worst!
Sometimes it is just a ph balance thing and an over production of yeast.
When my kids would get this (there are 4!) I would take a decent amount of Neosporin and an equal amount of monistat and blend together. I would then put that on the diaper area. It works! I still use it on my 4 year old daughter when she gets sore from pore wiping. You can get a special cream thru the doctor, but his works pretty well!

Hi I experienced a very bad diaper rash with my children and that some what forced me to potty train.but you ccould try to put a cloth diaper inside of the pampers or switch to cloth diapers for a while that worked for me or use some caldescene powder those are kind of old remedy that I used on my children 17years ago.The powder usually works.and so do the diapers

Someone has told me to brown flour in a pan (it stinks though) and sprinkle it on the tooshy. Make enough for upstairs, downstairs, and diaper bag. I tried it a couple times, but my son's rash doesn't sound as severe as your son's. I've also tried not to use wipes so hard and put vasaline on as a barrier (doesn't do any healing, but keep's 'soil' off until it heals enough to use desitin. They have clear Desitin now for the same effect. I personally use now A&D ointment now it's medicated AND clear for the barrier protection. If all else fails I hear the doctor can perscribe a diper cream. Hope this helps.

Lotrimin does it for my daughter. I use it once in the morning and once a night and in between the desitin and it should get better in a day or two. It always gets better in a day with my daughter. The lotrimin works wonders, I think.


My daughter had a bad diaper rash as a baby. A friend, former NIU nurse, told me to mix together Desitin (or like), corn starch and vaseline. Mix it to a thick paste. That and air time....eventually did the trick. Definitely not overnight. Also....with the open sores I put Neosporin on. Good luck. It's so frustrating, I know.

You should try Triple Paste Diaper Rash Cream. Sometimes you have to ask the pharmacist where to find it because it is sometimes kept behind the counter but you don't need a prescription. Any CVS, OSCO, or Walgreens should have it. If it doesn't get better you might also want to check with the doctor. Sometimes it can be due to a yeast, or other type, of infection.

Not sure where you are but since it is such a nice day out today, I would let him run around outside without a diaper and let the air hit it. When my 1st daughter would get a bad rash, luckily it was in the summer, I would let her outside with no diaper. It would help because there was no moisture on her butt. Other than that, I always liked the diaper rash cream by Johnson & Johnson, that plus powder usually worked well for me.

We have always had good luck with slathering on Aquaphor. You can find it in any store that sells baby supplies. When our son was in the NICU they used it to keep his fragile skin protected and we use it for diaper rashes now. Very gentle, soothing and helps the skin to heal. And it's clear and has no fragrance. Yay!!!

Get DRC creme from the pharmacy. Its not a prescription its just kept behind behind the counters.

Target, Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, Jewel, any of these places carry it.

Load it on!!! I don't use anything else and my kids never get diaper rashs!

My daughter had the same thing when she started teething. I used desitin then I used Butt Paste. You can get it at Wal-mart or Jewel. I think mostly anywhere. Seem to do the trick. I also gobbed it on! My daughter also had major diahrrea when a tooth was popping through so I would try and bind her with crackers, rice, applesauce, bananas, ect .... Thats why she got her rash. So if hes got the same problem Id try to bind his stools. Good luck!!

My Gramma recomended this stuff called Resinal you can special order it at Walgreens or any pharmacy. It was a miracle for my kids as each of them suffered when they were little. Overnight it worked literally! Try it!

If the skin is broken, you should call your pediatrician! For normal bad diaper rash, we have used Triple Paste. And DO NOT USE WIPES - major irritant on baby's bottom. Use a soft washcloth instead.

Hi K.,

I say a trip to the doctors is due. Sometimes the babies get a yeast infection, Which needs a prepscription.

good luck poor baby.


Since it sounds like your son had a blister that burst, you may want to call your Pediatrician's office to find out if they want to see him or not -- and if they have any specific advice about the blister. Poor little guy!

In the meantime, here's the instructions my Pediatrician gave me for severe diaper rashes:

1) When the rash is severe, eliminate all wiping and discontinue use of the baby wipes. There is too much acidic content in wipes and it will aggravate the rash. Take him to the sink or tub and rinse him off. For anything that does not get pushed off by the water, very gently dab with a very soft cloth. No wiping whatsoever.

2) Use "Lotrimin AF" (anti-fungal cream) 2-3 diaper changes a day...at least one of the "overnight" diapers (if there are overnight diaper changes). This can be purchased (as a generic if you choose) at Target, or Walmart in the athlete's foot product area.

3) Use "Triple Paste" diaper cream all other diaper changes. My Pediatrician specified this brand over every other diaper cream, including Desitin, Butt Paste, etc. It's pricey, but it really is the best. You can find it at Target or CVS.

Every night, even when they don't have rashes, we slather our kids up with Triple Paste for their bedtime diaper. It is great protection. Good luck!!

It looks like you have gotten a lot of great advice, and I love the mixture that you can try...I'll have to keep that one in mind.
My only sugguestion is really basic. This may be helpful after you get this one cleared up if it is a yeast infection. I have always used Desitin as well...however make sure you buy the paste and not cream. The cream is so much easier to find, but I think the paste works so much better as it is soooo much thicker and seems to protect the area better!
Good luck!

My 18 month old son just suffered from the same thing! I used some cornstarch on it before I put the Balmex on. The cornstarch took away the moisture and the Balmex did a great job of protecing the spot when he pooped again! Of course, I did let him "air out" too!

When Desitin doesn't work you start mixing it with other medications...at least that is what I used on my babies. For the ulcer looking rashes use Desitin mixed with a little Mylanta(mix until slightly runny). When you start to encounter a yeast rash(multiple red dot clusters,spread Monistat yeast medication and apply Desitin over it. Works well especially when sitting overnight. I hope it works for you! Take care!


We used to use Aveeno, but when that wasn't working I tried & now we've had really good luck with the Boudreaux's Butt Paste. It's in a yellow box with a cartoon picture of a baby. The package looks kind of silly, but it's really healed my son's rear end when other stuff didn't work. The Aveeno always seemed a thicker paste, so I thought it would be better, but this Butt Paste, although thinner/more lotiony texture, has really been great. (I had also bought the same brand's wash, but I didn't think it did anything special.)

My nephew had the same problem whenever he cut a tooth. My sister got great results using just a sprinkling of corn starch on his bottom. She called it "magic powder" and he thought that was pretty cool!

This is what I did twenty five years ago and my kids never had a rash and I never had to use Desitin. After changing him use a wet wash cloth with a small amount of soap on it and wipe his bottom. Don't use wipes--too much alcohol. Then take a hair dryer and dry his but off for just a minute and then put his diaper on. It feels good to them and I got no complaints. A.

Have him sleep on his tummy so any new pee is not soaking on his poor little cheek. It must remain dry no mater how many diapers.

Triple Paste is the ONLY thing that ever worked. That and using warm wash clothes to blot and letting the poor little tushie dry before layering on the paste. Target has a huge container of it.

Went to the doctor for this recently for my son (along with his digestive issues that were the source of the problem)...doctor said the rash was 2nd degree burns on his butt (where it had blistered and broke the skin)!!! I had tried all kinds of diaper rash ointment including A&D as mentioned by someone else. Doctor said to stop all those creams and take a smaller vaseline tub, scoop out the middle, squeeze in a tube of cortaid and mix that up and put that on him. It worked, looking significanly better in 24 hours. Took a week to completely clear. With how bad it is, I would maybe bring him in to the doctor just to make sure it clears FAST...to be sure you get the right treatment for the right problem. Best wishes!! I remember how frustrating it was trying EVERYTHING before bringing him in to the doctor!

try lotrimin 3 times a day and if not better after 3 days call your pediatrician- it sounds like it may be a yeast infection. if anymore sores occur call sooner. some kids get rectal strep. When my sons bottom would fist look like it was getting sore I would mix A and D ointment with mylanta and apply that- mylanta or malox is a base where the rash is acidic. Also, no wipes just warm water and air dry as long as you can. Good luck!

I always found that vaseline worked best for my daughter. By the time i had to change her it wiped off fine and wasn't thick like it is when you put it on. It would clear it up quicker and be less messy. It just seemed like with the desition i always still had to scrub to wipe it off.

I had this problem with my son. His bottom was actually bleeding! I got Triple Paste at Walgreens. I think they carry it at CVS also. It worked wonderfully. It's expensive but the only thing that worked so it was worth it.

My daughter had the worst diarreah I had ever seen when she was 16 months old. Desitin didn't work for her. She was a the hospital then - she had salmonella - and they prescribed her a cream called EPC (Extra Protective Cream). It did wonders on her within a few hours! By the next day I could barely see any redness on her! I still use it with her since she has very sensitive skin and she gets a few rashes every now and then.

My favorite cure for diaper rash is Triple Paste. It is sold at any store like Target, Jewel, Walgreens, etc. It is kind of expensive (the big jar is about $20), but IT WORKS! Slather it on the afftected area (don't be stingy) and the rash will be gone with in days, sometimes even the same day for my son.

Try this, it worked for my kids. It is called butt paste.

2 oz A & D ointment
2 oz zinc oxide ointment
1 oz Maalox or Mylanta
1 oz bacitracin

Mix it all together and apply to the bottom.

Butt Paste - it's a wonderful thing. Any time our daughter would start to get a rash we would use this and would see improvement almost immediately. Hope this helps! :)

California Baby (buy at whole foods) is excellent and has no toxins in it. their products are the best.

you can also try burt's bees.

i know these products are expensive but you use less and only have to apply every couple of days and they work really well so it works out.

We found the Boudreaux Butt Paste works really well, despite the funny name. Cleared up really nasty diaper rash in about 3-4 days after several other things had failed.

I can't say enough about this product called Butt Paste! It worked wonders on my 4th grandson when he was going thru some terrible diaper rash..... plus my daughter and I have used it on a couple of the daycare kids when they would have such terrible painfull diaper rash. It seems to help with one application ... plus another tip ... don't use the diaper wipes, just a warm wash cloth .. sometimes the product in the diaper wipes sting the little bottoms even more.

Hi K.

You have a lot of posts here, just wanted to add that when my daughter gets a really bad rash (we are talking blistery and bright red) we use Triple Paste mixed with cornstarch. You can find it at Target, it is a bit expensive but we just buy the big tub of it and use it when we need it. We use a tupperware container to mix in the cornstarch-it's kind of messy, but the cornstarch helps it absorb into the skin. Good luck!

When my son was a baby and rarely got diaper rashes, but then got a real bad one, Desitin, A&D or Vaseline didn't work - the pediatrician said to use Neosporin. If this didn't clear up the diaper rash - then they would have prescribed me something. But, the Neosporin worked! = )
Also, using alcohol-free baby wipes really helps or a warm wash cloth (and completely dry the affected area with a clean dry, wash cloth or diaper cloth) before applying the Neosporin to the bottom.

Good Luck! :)

Hello K.,
Try Triple paste it's a medicated diaper rash cream- CVS pharmacy carries it. It's wonderful and VERY thick so it sticks to the bottom real well.
good luck

good morning K.! It sounds like you have some good suggestions here; thought I'd put my two cents in. We had good luck with Burt's Bees diaper cream (expensive, but one tube will last forever -- we had two, one for the diaper bag and one for home, and we still have them and my dtr's four! not that we still use them [smile]). You can probably get it at Whole Foods -- but call first just to be sure. Good luck!

My son had terrible diaper rashes too. He actually had them so bad that a dr. told me to "let him go w/o a diaper" ok when a child is not potty trained and having terrible diarrhea, this is no help!

The only thing that worked for us was layering, and I used Boudreaux's butt paste (much more thick than desitin) and then I put a layer of vaseline on top of the butt paste...it definitely helped clear up the diaper rash and make a much happier child =)

I posted this same question a few weeks ago about my 16 month old son. Our doc seems to like Butt Paste but it doesn't help us much when he actually has a rash.

These are the things I tried and he's been fine now for weeks:
- 7th Generation, clorine free diapers
- homemade baby powder (http://www.babyforum.com/homemade-baby-powder-42251.html)
- 100% zinc (http://www.modernwife.com/diaper-rash.html)

Desitin origional was the formula I could find with the highest amount of zinc oxicde in it but this website/blog made me want to try something else. My doctor said we could use straight zinc oxide from the sun care section too if that worked but I never found any in the store.

Hope that helps. I think it's at least a little different that the other postings.

I have found that Paladin works the best. It is very inexpensive. I buy it at Target. It is behind the pharmacy counter. I have used it for minor burns and skin chafing and it works for that too. Hope this helps. J.

Baby powder. The creams keep the bottom too moist, can't ever dry out.

My oldest would get rash so bad that it would blister and bleed within minutes of a bowel movement. Her little bum would be so red.

I had to get foot creme for fungus at one point because the doctor said that it was a yeast infection and the foot creme would do the trick and was cheaper than yeast medicine. It cleared it right up.

Then I started putting baby powder (some use cornstarch) in her diaper with every change. I made sure it didn't plume up so she wouldn't breath it and that kept her dry enough so she didn't blister anymore.

Vaseline works as good as anything out there and, if you have not already, get rid of the wipes. I just use a wet cloth and it has made a huge difference preventing rashes with all my kids (5 too!). If you have not experienced, sometimes teething or diet will cause these rashes too...

Hope he and you feel better soon

My daughter would get rashes like that and I found out it was basically a yeast/ fungal type of rash. She would cry in pain from it. So I would try a cream made for yeast or fungal infections. Good Luck!

Nystatin powder mixed with Desitin is the only thing that ever worked on my daughter who suffered from severe diaper rashes for years! Nystatin is prescription only, but is a generic. we used to use Lotrimin, but found out from the doc that used long term this can cause negative effects.

California Baby diaper rash cream. It is all natural and cures all baby rashes....even those that are caused by yeast. It is somewhat expensive (about $14 a tube) but is worth it for the overnight relief and you won't be using it as often!

Get Triple Paste! It's expensive but it's the best! It should clear up the diaper rash in no time. You can get it at Walgreens. Good luck!

Bourdeaux's Butt Paste then a layer of vaseline over it. Also, we use wet cloth or flannel wipes or washcloths instead of disposable wipes. Try leaving him bare butt for a while too. Also, if its yeast infection and not diaper rash, then you'll need nystatin, which your ped can prescribe. My ped says that if you use the butt paste and see no improvement within 24-36hrs, then maybe its yeast. To help identify, typically yeast has more raised red bumps also. hope this helps, good luck!

DRC cream, behind the rx counter at most walgreens and target pharmacy. It is $5.99 and the best tube of diaper rash cream ever made. My kids rash is gone within hours of me putting it on! LOVE IT!

My son had this and the doctor (and a few books) told me to rotate hyprocortizone (1%), lotrimin, and original formula Desitin throughout the day with diaper changes. Don't use them all at once, but rotate.

It will take a long while to heal, but it will heal. THere may look like there is scarring, but it will go away. My son still has some discoloration down there, and he had the rash a month ago! But it is healing well.

I agree with the other posts...sounds like it could be a yeast infection. That being said, my daughter used to get horrible diaper rashes that would go ON and ON. Finally, we bought Triple Paste and it is a miracle worker for us. Our doc had also suggested DRC (Diaper Rash Creme) which we have since bought but haven't used as much since the Triple Paste works so well. The DRC is hard to find...Wal-Mart has it in the pharmacy but usually behind the counter so you have to ask for it. I would definitely have the doc check it out though b/c they can diagnose the yeast infection and it can be easily treated. (Both my daughters had them and our doc said alternate with Lotrimin and something else that starts with a "c"?? cortaide maybe??)

I see you have a ton of responses, but I have to shimme in that Aquaphor is the BEST!!! I still use it on my older kids for any kind of skin irritation and chapping. It really does the trick!

Hi K.,

I am a fan of vaseline and balmex. One tip the doctors gave us is to make sure your son is completely dry before putting on a diaper. When my sons diaper rash became bad, the doctor recommended using the hairdryer on a cool setting to make sure the skin was fully dry before putting on balmex and a new diaper. That tip helped tremendously. Unfortunately, those diaper wipes leave the skin wet and then you are basically putting plastic over wet skin so that is where the problem starts to occur. I use balmex when there is a rash present and vaseline for everyday maintenance, but always make sure the skin is dry before the new diaper goes on.

Good luck

I had a grandma tell me to burn cornstarch in a frying pan- just corn starch, nothing else, wait for it to cool and then put it on the baby. I know it is strange, but it worked.

Sounds crazy, but here's what the nurse at my pediatrician's office told me and it works wonders! Clean gently (we used the bath...no soap) and dry. Use cotton balls to apply Malox (the antacid) to the affected area. Blow on it to dry (takes a few seconds). Then apply a generous coat of diaper rash cream. My little guy went from open sores to almost no rash within 48 hours. Good luck!

Did anyone tell you that this is normal. Their body needs to turn to acid in order for the teeth to pop through.

Keep him dry. Very important. Don't use the wipes with alcohol, and zinc oxide is great if the desitine isn't working and it will be over soon.

My pediatrician's office gave me a "secret recipe" containing Malox, regular (not creamy) Desitin, and one other ingredient that I cannot remember. Anyone else ever heard of this recipe and know the other ingredient and the amounts of each? It worked wonderfully on my kids when I needed it, but I just cannot remember the rest of the recipe! K., if you want me to call my doctor for it on Monday, I'd be happy to. Just let me know.

I'd say go to the doctor to be safe...we use Aquaphor and it works very well. You just have to make sure he dries off completely before putting it on and change him constantly (ugh) until the rash subsides. Teething rashes are the worst! Good Luck.

Desitin did not work for me either. I had to take my little girl to her doctor and they gave her a cream that really work's

Dear K., if the Desitin does'nt work maybe call your Doctor and he can give you a RX for the diaper rash. You might need something a little stronger. Good Luck!!

Could be a yeast diaper rash and nothing will take that away except perscribed medication.

Call the dr. to rule out a yeast infection. Mine recommended a vaginal yeast infection cream when nothing else was working. It was cleared up within a few days.

Triple Paste Butt Paste. Expensive but worth it.

The best for situations such as this is good ole fashion vaseline. I never used Destin or any other products for diaper rash because of the chemicals. Keep his bottom clean and put the vaseline on thick. It will keep his skin from being agitated and from being in pain. When you wash it also use a soap that will not agrivate the skin or just use clear water.

We had one diaper rash and when my mom told me to use the vaseline - we never had another one.
Good luck

Hi K.--The other ingredient is Bactrim--Walgreen's sells a generic. It works great and it is the only thing that helped my daughter with diaper rash--it clears up very quickly. You mix one capful of Desitin, one capful of Bactrim and one capful of Maalox. Mix it together and it forms a kind of paste--You rub it on and if you can leave the diaper off for a short time. You will see a great improvement. Best of luck to you!

My daughter has horribly sensitive skin and Balmex didn't work for her. I found an Aveno diaper rash cream and it has worked wonders.

My little guy went thru this recently. Diarrhea/diaper rash often accompanies new teeth... my sister is a pediatric RN her recommendation was to soak that bottom, get him to sit in the tub and soak (at least 2x day), air him out for as long as possible w/o diaper, apply Balmex and A&D (to coat that bottom).

We didn't have good results using Desitin on my son either. We use Burt's Bees diaper cream and find that it works great for us- it smells good too. You can easily find it at Target or Whole Foods. We've also stopped using diaper wipes with a lot of chemicals in them and notice a huge difference with my son bottom. We like the Whole Foods brand diaper wipe best but Seventh Generation makes a good one too (though more expensive).

Good luck!

Boudereau's (sp?) Butt Paste - available at Target, BabiesRUs..
Love it.. nothing else worked for my daughter when she was little. I'd also try leaving your son without a diaper for sometime... try putting him on an old sheet and play with him on that to distract him... even if you can get 10 mins at a time, its worth it.

Good luck,

Desitin sucks! Plus, it's loaded with a bunch of icky synthetic chemicals. I recommend using 1 part Tea Tree oil to 9 parts natural oil base (I use almond oil but it's a bit thick. You might prefer a thinner one.). Dab it on with a cotton ball. It will kick the rash asap. It's also good for any infections or irritations.

Hey K., I suggest A.D ointment and trying cloth diapers for a little bit. Also constantly keep him dry much as possible evem allow him to get air by keeping his diaper off as much as you can. You can also brown flour yes regular flour and dust his butt with it. It is an old remedy but it works, of course if it worsens take him to the doctor.

It could be a yeast infection. My son's butt was similar for weeks - took him to the ped. They told me to use Lotrimin - it's in the tube by the foot creme...worked like a charm after weeks of trying everything. The Target generic works fine.

I also us Triple Paste for regular bad rashes.

It's trial and error with this stuff - my daughter never had rashes...my son's butt is so sensitive...good luck!

Personally I've never been a fan of Desitin, Beurdeux's Butt Paste works every time for us.

I would call your pediatrician, they may be able to prescribe something to help you.

Try a different type of diaper rash cream, like Balmex. You just need to find which one works best with your child. When you change his diaper, wipe him off as well as you can and wait a few minutes before you goop him up again so he can dry out a little. When you put the cream on, really spread it on for maximum protection. This too shall pass...

use Vaseline and coat it on!

the generic cream at dominicks or safeway I think works better than destin. also there are lots of products sold at the pharmacy. On one occasion when my daughter got it bad, I used 3 creams and a powder and I also air dried her bottom. I have wood floors so if she has an accident, it is easy to clean up. I know some love an oatmeal paste.

I always have good luck with Bordeaux Butt Paste.


Believe it or not, Mylanta topically on the diaper rash works. It neutralizes the acid causing the diaper rash. By the way - airing it out at the same time DOES work - though messy!

the best that I know of is from www.seagateproducts.com they also have an earache remedy that really works.

I would first check with the pediatrician to make sure it's not a fungal infection or severe eczema (I always spell that wrong.) Then, try switching to uncented everything for a while, diapers, wipes, laundry detergent, etc., and maybe try some organic baby wash and lotion. Some kids are super sensitive to artificial perfumes. And maybe he's getting too much dairy or acidic foods (like pineapple, or orange juice) that are messing with the pH of his diaper leavings. As much naked booty time as possible to air it out is also good. Best of luck!

A mother/nurse once told me that the best thing in that situation is to simply take him into the bathroom after every diaper and gently spray rinse his bottom with warm water.

If he is getting rashes that bad, you might want to nix the wipes and get California Naturals Diaper Wipe Spray. It's great bc you get a spray bottle and fill it with 10 parts water to 1 part Diaper Wipe Spray and use either paper towels or cotton wipes (torn up sheets, whatever). We use this and my little one has never had a diaper rash problem. She is also cloth diapered! You can get cloth diapers that have a waterproof outer layer and that snap or velcro so there are no crazy folds to learn or pins. Much better for the skin. Saves money, too! And cloth diapered kids potty train earlier... ;D


I would get some vitamin E oil either in oil or capsul form - if there is a big price difference in the capsuls go with the more expensive - that way you know its not synthetic. And put that on him. Its really gooey and it should stay and get him healed up.

I have never used Desitin for diaper rash - I use Burt's Bee's brand diaper ointment.

good luck! Poor little guy!

I don't know if this info will help or not. My daughter had an itchy rash & the MD rec'd over the counter 1 percent hydrocortisone cream. However, the MD ended up having to write a Rx for something stronger, which did the trick. Good luck!

My son when he was 1st born had bad diaper rashes-so raw he was bleeding. Here is a remedy my dr. had recommended to me & I have been using it ever since-it works like a charm everytime.

1 tube of desitin (regular size)
1 small tube of Bacitracin
1oz of Maalox-the liquid

Mix all together & apply it heavy to the rash everytime you change the diaper. You should start to see an improvement by 3-4 days.

Hope it works!

If you're using disposable diapers, I would suggest switching to cloth. He could be allergic to the nasty chemicals in them. Also, it is important to "air them out", although with cloth you don't need to do it as much. If you're trying a diaper rash cream, make sure it's zinc based and organic. How about your laundry detergent? Make sure it's residue-free (Dreft and many other "baby friendly" detergents aren't residue-free even if they don't contain dyes and perfumes.) How about his diet? Try cutting out acidic foods for a while. If it's really persistant, see his pediatrician, it may be something more serious like a yeast infection.

Hi, don't have time to read people's responses, but my kid's would get them = my first one ALOT, and I swear by DRC (Diaper Rash Creme) - I know I got it at Walgreens, you have to ask the Pharmacist - although you don't need a prescription. Also, their Pediatrician also gave me a prescription for Nystatin (which you would put on and use every other time. Load up on the DRC over that though!!!

Good luck, soon they will have a perfect buppy! ha!

Also, though, if your baby will sit and watch a 1/2 hour show or whatever, I would take off his pants to air dry and have him sit on a soft towel "just in case"!!!

All the best,

Triple Paste.

After you have the heart attack at how much it costs, take comfort in the fact that IT WORKS. And rather quickly I might add.

Hi, this may be a yeast infection. I never had luck with Desitin for regular diaper rash, I like DRC and Diaprotex they worked much better. But check if it's a yeast infection.

Triple Paste is the best!!! It is extremely expensive but is worth every penny!!! It works like a charm and is the only thing I will use now when my kids have diaper rash.

Slather on the vaseline. All you need is to make a barrier between the skin and the poop/pee. It is cheap and works the best.

Hi K.,

My daughter had this from medicition, the doctor suggested, bathing in aveeno oatmel bath or corn starch. Let him soak for as long has able,up to 4 times a day, also very important, let him air dry. which I know you are think yeah right, but if you can lay out a sheet for at least 20 minutes and let him play before putting on his diaper it will help. Now I was told to use neosporne and they diaper cream, I tried Aveeno brand when nothing else would work. One other trick rinse out your baby wipes with cold water before you use them, it won't hurt them has much when you have to wipe. If you have to really layer on the diaper cream. If you notice the swores bleeding I would call you doctor the can give you an perscription.

I hope this makes sense and helps. Please email me if you need more details, ____@____.com. Sorry for any typos my little one is in my lap upset right now. Good Luck and I am here if you have any questions.

My daughters also blistered when they were teething. I switched docs for my second child, and he recommended something very cheap and easy -- Crisco! And let me tell you, it worked great. You really have to put it on thick, because it absorbs right into the skin. I kept a can of Crisco (not the oil, but the white stuff with the consistency of butter) at the changing table.

Good luck!


Sounds like it is time for the doctor to be involved to prescribe something to him...
Otherwise, I would say NEVER use desitin and stick with A & D ointment once the rash heals!! That has worked like a charm with my 3!

Air out his butt a few times a day. Balmex worked better than desitin.

My daughter (15 months old) gets allergic reactions to triple paste, desitin, and even pamper's diapers and any scented wipes...makes things difficult (we have to use Huggies diapers and sensitive, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free newborn wipes). She also used to get HORRIBLE diaper rash with burns around once a month that hangs around a while -- getting her allergy tested to determine what is causing her skin sensitivies. Since we have been allowing her to dry between changes (fanning with a new diaper or blowing on her bottom) and applying Bourdeaux's Butt Paste religiously at each change, it has been great! She might get slightly pink for a day but then back to normal. I love Butt Paste - great stuff!

My son gets this type of rash EVERY time a new tooth comes to surface. Our ped says that teething has nothing to do with it, but I think there's just too much coincedence.
I have tried it all. Antibiotic cream,(for the really bad blisters after they pop), and prior to the blisters I've used Lotrimine AF for the Fungal rashes(most of the time this is what it is, when Desitin doesn't work,) as well as triple paste, vaseline, no wipes wet cloths, and air drying, antibiotics...yet it still kept happening. I liked that I knew how to fix it after it got really bad, but I wanted something to stop it from getting there.

Recently I was turned onto a different product. It's called Wool Wax. It is a MIRACLE!!!!!!!!! I have tossed everything else out. I slather my son in it(testes and all) at the first sign of a rash and it's gone by the next diaper change. We've now had two teeth come in and no blisters.

My friend gave me her jar, but this is the listing I found for it online. I couldnt find it at major drug stores, but maybe its only found at outdoor outfitters. heres the website.

I do feel that in order to be responsible about suggesting this product I have to inform you of one thing. If you are against using Lanolin don't use it. Lanolin in some products has been found to contain certain pesticides in trace amounts, which in high doses can be linked to cancer or nerve damage. I did my research before using this, and use it in moderation and am totally comfortable with it. I found just as many counter reports showing that statistically the chances of this are really really low. So please no more flaming emails from other posters please. We all have a different way of parenting.

We have done baths with cornstarch to help lessen the rash and I mean cool baths, usually about 90 degrees instead of the usualy 97 or 98 degrees and then pat the baby dry and use aquaphor, you can get it at any drug store, babies r us or stores like Walmart.....it did wonders for my kids who would scream when we used desitin. Hope this helps. J.

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