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Diaper Rash! What Do You Do When Desitin Doesn't Work?

Do you have any remedy recommendations for a nasty diaper rash? The skin is broken in the size of a quarter on one little butt cheek, pink everywhere else. My 20 month old will not sit down, and constantly complains. He has just cut 4 teeth, and is not so pleasant, but oh, so very cute, and wonderful. He is a doll most of the time!

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Thank you so very much to everyone who responded. Our busy little guy has cut his 4 teeth and after aloe vera, airing out, and switching diapers and trying a myriad of creams, is doing quite well! I had no idea that there were so many remedies! You guys are great! Thanks so much!!

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Desitin did not work for me either. I had to take my little girl to her doctor and they gave her a cream that really work's

I always found that vaseline worked best for my daughter. By the time i had to change her it wiped off fine and wasn't thick like it is when you put it on. It would clear it up quicker and be less messy. It just seemed like with the desition i always still had to scrub to wipe it off.

Believe it or not, Mylanta topically on the diaper rash works. It neutralizes the acid causing the diaper rash. By the way - airing it out at the same time DOES work - though messy!

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K. - I see that some others have given you the same "recipe" with Maalox or Mylanta as the one in my e-mail below, but I just wanted to second it since it worked wonderfully for my son. The rest of this posting is an e-mail I sent to another member (Jeanne) last month that also contains advice from a pediatric dermatologist at Children's Memorial Hospital:

Jeanne, I'm sorry to hear about your son. I certainly empathize with you. My 8-month-old son is being treated by several specialists at Children's Memorial Hospital for various things, including chronic diarrhea lasting almost 8 weeks now that is causing a severe, ulcerated diaper rash. It was severe enough that the surgeon at Children's who was to operate on him today for an unrelated issue cancelled the surgery because he did not want to operate with any open sores on my son's body. At the request of the pediatric dermatologist at Children's, I e-mailed a photo of my son's sores today, and here is what she wrote back:

"This is simple irritant dermatitis from frequent stooling and sensitive skin. If we could stop the diarrhea, it would resolve. The treatment is a mild antiinflammatory (you could start with Cortaid 1% OINTMENT that is over the counter) twice daily covered with copious amounts of barrier (zn paste or A& D or even Aquaphor). Barrier should be used with every diaper change and never wipe the skin unless there is stool. Clean with Cetaphil liquid soap or even vaseline on a papertowel...no diaper wipes. It will come and go according to the stool frequency. I see no infection and the ulcers are shallow and should heal well. Hope this helps."

Also, here is what my son's pediatrician's office at Loyola faxed to me yesterday as their "recommended treatment for infants and toddlers suffering from severe diaper rashes." I bought the ingredients last night and tried it on my son all day today, and I must say that it actually looked like it improved his sores:

"Mix together one-half tube each of A&D ointment and zinc oxide. Add one tablespoon each of bacitracin ointment and Maalox or Mylanta liquid. Add 1 tablespoon of betadine (optional). Apply the mixture at each diaper change."

FYI, I used Maalox (the cherry-flavored one, so as not to use something that might burn like the mint-flavored one), and I didn't use betadine.

Good luck to you and your little one,

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I would call your doctor and ask if Vusion might be appropriate. I believe you need a presrcription, but it is by far the fastest working diaper rash treatment I have ever used. My daughter would be better within 2 hours and healed within 24 hours. This sounds like he may have some type of fungal/yeast infection.

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Go to the counter at the pharmacy and ask for Flanders Buttocks Ointment. This stuff seriously rocks! It is very much like Boudreau's Butt Cream but WAY better and thicker and really clears up diaper rash. My pediatrician's nurse told me about it. It is a bit pricey, about $14 a pop a few years back but well worth it. A little bit goes a long way.
You might want to call your pharmacy before you make a trip but I think most carry this. I have seen it at CVS and Target.

Good luck!

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It may be a fungal rash -- so you would need "Lotrimin AF" that is available over the counter. Please ask your doctor -- your child must be in a lot of pain!!

My son used to get very bad diaper rash as well. The thing that I found to work the best is to make sure the diaper area is completely dry before putting a new diaper on. Your 20 month is probably old enough to run around for a few minutes without a diaper so the area can dry!!

When my kids ended up with a nasty diaper rash with sores, I would switch to the sensitive diapers by pampers. I don't know if they still make those. though. (I haven't had kids in diapers in about 7 years.) I would also use the sensitive pampers wipes or a warm wash cloth. Let the bottom air out a bit. Change FREQUENTLY even if baby is just a tiny bit wet. Load the Desitine on the bottom. If it doesn't work in a couple of days you may need a RX for the rash.

Triple paste worked for us! My son had spot of broken skin and this helped heal it quickly.

A&D ointment really works for us on our 11 month old even when it's real bad desitin is foine for prevention but doesn't heal.

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