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Teething - Minersville, PA

My 4 month old daughter has been drooling non stop and chews on her hands, bibs, anything that will go near her mouth. She has had a runny nose for about a week now and the medicine isn't helping. Does this mean she is teething already? If not, when can we expect the first one to pop out?

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My son is 13 months and EVERYTIME he gets a tooth, his nose starts running like crazy! He also gets Diahrea pretty bad. IT has for a few days to a week, and then once the tooth comes through, he's fine. As long as the mucous is clear, I wouldn't be concerned. If it starts changing colors (green, yellowish) he probably has soemthing else and will need to see the doctor.

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i have a four month old that does the same thing except he doesn't have a runny nose. for the runny nose i would use saline drops that helps w/congestion and use a humidifer in her room. my son is a nasal breather so the dr told us to use the saline spray on him every once in a while. it works great and same w/the humidifer. we also give our son baby tylenol at night to help w/his teething. we can't see them but i know they are coming. the peds say the orajel only numbs the gums for 10-15 mins so the tylenol is the best bet to use. hope this helped.

My daughter who is now 7 mts. did the same. It took about 3 1/2 weeks of this behavior then tooth #1 popped up. About 1 week later came tooth #2. The medicine did help my little one, although not for long. I just let her chew away(as long as it was something safe of course!) I would sometimes give McKenna some infant tylenol in the evenings to help here get some sleep if she had a ruff day with the teething. My 6 yr old also got her teeth early. Good Luck!

L. F,

Sure sounds like teething to me. My son was 4 months old when his two front bottom teeth came through, together. Once they get teeth they are "armed and dangerous" they will bite once in awhile...be prepared. And if you haven't already, get the tooth and gum finger thing and "toothpaste" to take care of her cute pearly whites.

My son is 13 months and EVERYTIME he gets a tooth, his nose starts running like crazy! He also gets Diahrea pretty bad. IT has for a few days to a week, and then once the tooth comes through, he's fine. As long as the mucous is clear, I wouldn't be concerned. If it starts changing colors (green, yellowish) he probably has soemthing else and will need to see the doctor.

Hi L.,
My son did the same exact things around four months old. I asked the doctor at the time if he was teething. They said it was early and that it was normal for babies to put things in their mouths. However Andrew did this to an extreme. At about six months the first tooth appeared and since then it has been one after another! It does take awhile for the first one to break through.

Ahhh, the joys of babyhood. Yes, she is probably teething, but I would not count on the drooling disappearing anytime soon. Some babies are just droolers and there isn't anything that you can do about it (it doesn't stop after they get a tooth). My son used to saturate bibs in minutes. I would have to change the bib every hour or so and I could literally ring it out it was so wet. Keep your eye out for ear infections though. Alot of times when they have runny noses it will turn into an ear infection. If she develops a fever and she doesn't want to lay down, it may be an ear infection. Just something to look out for. As for when the first tooth may show up, it is anybodies guess. Some kids don't get teeth until they are almost 1 yr old and others get them very early. No way to tell. Oh, by the way, you can give her tylenol for discomfort but I wouldn't give her anything for the runny nose. (Or ask your pediatrician. Most do not recommend it.) Have fun and enjoy your little girl.

Good morning L.,
Unfortunately, I too had a early teether. And unfortunately I have to tell you, it took a good 2 months before the tooth came through. Some people swear by hylands teething tablets--I did not like them, my son would sleep a long time after I gave them to him (and he would have just woken up from a nap, so I knew he was not tired). Other people swear by the numbing oragel, my son cried harder with that. I found that the frozen things did not work until the tooth was just about to break through but then they worked wonders! It is hard when they are teething so early because they can't get things in their own mouths to chew on-I think this may be why it takes so long to break through. The gnawing on things softens the gums and allows the tooth to come through. I would hold the teething toys for him so that he could chew on them and that seemed to help. Also, the tylenol helped for us. I would give it to him at night so he could fall asleep. If she is chewing on things, it is probably a sign that the first one is coming. When it is about to come through, you will feel a lump in the gums. I suggest you let her chew on the teething things. Teething is painful, and when that first little sharp tooth comes in, you will understand why, THEY ARE SUPER SHARP! Good luck!

Definitely a possiblity...My daughter's first two popped out the day after she turned 4 months. Ped said it was bit early only the day before and warned that she might continue with those symptoms for weeks to months before any teeth actually pop out. The thing that made me not trust that was that her gums were really hard and rough like something was sitting right under them - and they were. Other kids will have the symptoms for months before anything pops out. In case your nursing - I successful continued nursing my daughter until 13 months and a full mouth of teeth without any problems or pain so don't get too concerned. If she is latching properly, it won't impact you.

It does sound like she is. Both of my sons started the teething process early, but didn't get any actual teeth until about 9 months. My 15 month old is still teething and his teething seems alot more painful then his older brothers was. Advil helps and oragel.

My son started teething with all of the same symptoms at four months old also. It was another 2 months before his first teeth actually came through all the way.


My almost 5 month old daughter is doing the same thing! It probably is teething, but you might not see a tooth for another month or two. I learned a really night trick with my first baby that might help if you have a fussy teether. Buy one of the Baby Oragel toothbrushing kits for infants--it has a flexible baby toothbrush that has a nubby end that fits over your fingertip. (It also comes with toothpaste, but I just put that away to use later) I use the fingertip toothbrush to gently massage her gums and let her chew on my finger without risking scratching her mouth with one of my fingernails. Also, if she's really fussy with teething, you can put a pea sized drop of the Baby Oragel pain relief formula on the nubby end and rub it lightly into her gums. As for the drool...well, it happens. We just go through lots of bibs. Hope this helps!

My daughter that is 7 months did the same thing and she had her first tooth at 6 months and I mean right on target. What section of Nottingham? We are near Food Lion.

Hi there... my daughter starting teething at 4months and just this last week a tooth started to break through....shes almost 7 months. DYE-FREE MOTRIN WAS OUR BEST FRIEND! :) She also drooled non stop and put anything and everything in her mouth she could. She never once had a runny nose though. That could be a seperate issue but I am not sure. Good Luck!

As far as I know teething can start as early as 3 months. I would definitely say she's started teething. You could just give her some baby tylenol to ease the pain. she may also have a bit of a cold too, so that could help with any fever she may get. Has she been getting up more at night?

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