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Very EARLY Signs of Teething?

What are some pre-teething signs? Better yet, how early is too early for teething? I do not think that my baby is a super developer or anything (11, turning 12 weeks), I just do not know what else it could be. I know he is not hungry. He refuses the bottle, refuses the pacifier and just wants to bite on his hands. He will also bite on my finger if I let him. He even "chews" on his tongue. With the increased saliva, I am guessing that he will be an early teether? What else could it be? Anyone with similar experiences?

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It is never too early to teeth. Teeth are already formed beneath the gums. My earliest experience with a teething child was 5 months.

C. T.

It does sound like teething is a very definite possibility. My son had his first tooth when he was only a month old. I noticed the tell-tale signs of teething, but also somewhat ignored them thinking to myself there is no way.....he is only 1 month old. Finally my mom pointed out the signs to me and I finally took a closer examination of his gums and saw that first tooth fighting it's way through the gums. I did bring it up to his doctor at his next well baby exam and was told that although it was quite early, it was not unheard of and would be fine.

That was also the first tooth that he lost at only 4 years old, so not only did he get that tooth early, he lost it earlier then other children. The rest of teeth seemed to come in right around the proper timeframe. It was just that one little one that was early. So while it is unusual that young, it is not unheard of or harmful.

I have 3 children, the youngest is 8 months old and it seems like the entire 1st year is spent guessing when the teeth are going to come through. With my kids, it seemed like they were the crankiest the week before the teeth broke through. And with everyone of them they ran a low grade temp and had diarrhea for a couple days before the teeth (even though the ped swears that there is no medical reason for this to happen because of teeth) With my 8 month old if I'm questioning if she has teeth coming through or is just cranky, I've had good luck with orajel and tylenol. My oldest who is now 5 years old had to wear a bib constantly for the first year of his life because he was soaked in drool if I didn't keep a bib on him. There really is no tell-tale sign that teeth are coming. It's all a guessing game (as with most mommy issues!)

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My son started "teething" at around 6-7 weeks. In the evening, the only thing my husband or I could do to calm him was to let him lie face down across our knees and let him chew on our finger. At such an early age, he was really biting/gnawing hard on our finger. At our 8 week doctor's appt, I asked if it was possible that he was teething. The doctor checked and said that yes, his gums were swollen.

Unfortunately, Spencer is now 4 months old and still no sign of teeth. He quit gnawing on our finger for a few weeks, and now he's finally starting to use some of his teething rings a little. Point is: while your child may be showing signs of teething already, it doesn't mean his teeth will come any earlier. It may just mean you have more months of drool and teething.

I hope everything works out well for you. Best of luck!

My daughter started teething at 10 weeks. It is never too early! Nothing seemed to soothe her except nursing so basically she cried until the tooth came in, was happy for a couple days, and then started to cry because a new tooth was coming. It was a really tough couple of months. Try getting a corner of a wash cloth wet and freezing it. Then he can chew on it without getting his hand cold. Good luck!

My second son had all four front teeth by the time he was 3 1/2 months old. People would look at me like I was crazy when I said he was teething at two months old. There is no right or wrong age for developement. He has also gotten his secondary teeth early too. But despite the thoughts that early teething is bad for teeth just make sure you start oral hygenine right away rubbing gums even before teeth are exposed will keep them healthly. My son has beautiful teeth and a smile to match.

Hi J.-
Your son sounds like an early teether. My daughter had the same symptoms at the same age. She popped her 1st tooth at 4 months and the rest followed steadily over the next year. She's 15 months and has a mouth full of cute little teeth...including her molars and eye teeth! My mom laughs and says she's never seen a baby with their teeth so early. Just hang in there with him and make it as comfortable as you can. The molars were the worst part for us. I used teething gel that helped. Tried the holistic brand, but it didn't work as well, for us. I also used to put her teething toys (including her pacifier) in the freezer for some numbing comfort. She would be quiet chewing on her teething toy and then start whining when it came back to normal temperature. When it got real bad with the molars, and she got a bit of a fever, my ped told me I could give her tylenol, which helped a ton, especially at bedtime. It'll all be over before you know it. Talk to your doctor about it the next time you bring him in for a check-up. I couldn't tell that my daughter's gums were red/ swollen, but he instantly said they were the second he saw them. I'm a new mom so I honestly didn't know what to look for. Good luck, hope this helped. :o)

Hi sweetie! My son went through the same exact thing...he started the symptoms of teething at the 12 week mark & didn't get his first tooth until he was 6 months old! His doctor actually told me that he was "preparing" for a tooth at his 4 month check up. The thing that I would be concerned with is the fact that he's refusing food. This is also common for children (in certain stages), but have you "upped" the size of the nipple on his bottle? That would help if you haven't done it already because the harder he has to suck, the more pressure it puts on his gums. If the flow is a little faster, it shouldn't hurt as much. Also, if it seems to bother him, one thing that my son LOVED when he was teething is made by The First Years & it is a teether that vibrates when you bite down on it! This was the only thing that pacified him. I tried every teething ring you could possibly imagine & that is the only one that seemed to work. Good luck!

I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 2 month old and thought she was teething too. My older daughter got her first tooth around 6 months, so if he's fussy, it could be gas, constipation, or he needs to burp. My daughter is going thru the same thing.
Good luck and congrats!

My sister's sister-in-law was BORN with teeth, as was her mom...I was amazed to find that out! Turns out you can teeth as early as in the womb :)
Good luck!

Hi J.
I remember when my father,a father of seven,came to visit me and my 11 week old son and told me the baby was teething.I knew he couldn't be because it was so early but sure enough he had his first tooth just two days after he was three months old.It was a little bit unusual because it was nearly as large as two teeth and he did not grow one of his baby teeth but when the teeth came out and the adult teeth came in everything was perfectly perfect.Sounds like you are a great mom.Trust yourself.Where did the last 23 years go?L.

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