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Sorry If It's Morose... Burial/disposal Options?

I attended the funeral of a co-worker today so I may just have this on the brain. About a year back I had a conversation with my Mom about what we wanted for our funerals and I told her that I had been thinking about it and I want to be cremated. My husband and I both agreed that we both wanted to be cremated and then our daughters can decide what they would like to do with our ashes. We just don't like the idea of spending exorbitant amounts of money on caskets, burial sites, etc., when we won't be needing our bodies any more.

My Mom was aghast at this idea and said that it was ''not christian'' and that she would turn in her grave if I went through with that. I didn't think it was that big of a deal... after all, like I said, once we're done with our bodies, what does it matter? What I'm looking forward to is eternal life with my heavenly father.

So what do you think? What are YOUR wishes? Why did you choose one option over another for a beloved family member?

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Great answers so far. I wish to donate as much as can I can than be cremated. No sense in taking up space once I'm no longer with my physcial body! My parents arent thrilled with the idea but its the best choice for me.

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I work in the death care industry and you really have to watch for the emotional spending with any funeral plans.
As for me--I like the idea of cremation--even the Catholic church condones it now.
It's like the ultimate recycling!
You can still have meaningful memorialization with cremation. A service, flowers, a memorial of some sort-plaque, bench, statue, etc as a permanent place of remembrance. Cremated remains can even be buried in a traditional plot and marked with a headstone or flat marker.

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i want to donate any and all organs that can be used to save a life, if nothing can be harvested I want my body either donated to science/medical school or if that is not an option either then to be creamated. If they can take my organs then after that i want to be cremated. Once we die our body is useless, it no longer houses our souls. I, like you, know that my soul will be eternally with our Heavenly Father and we will get a new wonderful body then. I dont want a place for my kids to go and be sad. I want them to remember all the good times and rejoice in the fact that i'm with our Lord.

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I'm the same way! I don't think our physical bodies have anything to do with our spirit and meeting God. I think it's the old school thought about being resurected with the second coming that makes cremation unacceptable for some.

Personally, I agree with you & don't like the thought of spending so much $$ on the traditional funeral. Who cares once you are in the ground? I think you can have your ashes buried also.

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I've said many time that I want to be creamated. I then want any family and friends that are willing to take part of the ashes and scatter me to any and all bodies of water so I can be all over the world. My kids can add the ashes of my cats with me too so they can be with me too.
If anyone wants to "visit" me I will be everywhere so they don't have to travel very far ;)
I don't like cemetaries. I could think of a million other things to do with the earth then fill it with huge elaborate boxes that cost as much as a car with a body that someone's done with. It's a horrible financial burden to my next of kin. I would rather them have that money to live their lives with then to put me in the ground forever.
I have family that has done both burial and creamation. One side of the family leans more one way and the other leans more the other way. I never go to visit anyone in the cemetary. Not because I don't love them and miss them but because I don't feel like it gets me any closer to their spirit than sitting in a nice quiet park or something.

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We will be resurrected, no matter if our bodies are cremated in an incinerator after death or burned in a car crash or exploded by a bomb.

I also wish to donate my organs. For me, I don't mind being cremated, though I will most likely be buried. It doesn't matter to me so long as my family is emotionally okay with the decision and they are forced into debt from it. But, you still have to pay for a casket to be placed an d burned in, it just won't be a nice fancy one.

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I want to be cremated for sure! I have hated cemetaries ever since I was 13 and my brother died. My parents would always want me to go visit him with them and I hated standing there imagining his decomposed body in the coffin underground. I can't stand the idea of it. Plus cremation is better economically and better for the environment. Burial is such a waste of resources.

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Cremated and ashes spread on the beach. I hate the idea of being stuck in a box for eternity!

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Burn me in a cardboard box and stick me on the mantlepiece. My father died a few months ago. We chose the second-cheapest coffin (it was dark wood and more masculine than the cheapest). Then we cremated him. He's still sitting in his ashes box in a paper bag on the shelf in the office. We'll eventually spread his ashes on his farm, at the beach where he grew up, and at the beach where he lived with his family. We just don't do burials in our family.

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