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Skin Cracks Where Toe Bends!

My daughter has been having problems with the skin cracking at the crease where the toe bends. She has had them in several of them and they have healed. Just wondering what I can do to prevent it or make them heal faster. I usually put antibiotic cream on it. Thanks!

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Hello K.,

I get it when I wear my crocks without socks! try different shoes for a few days and see how it heals faster. good luck! ~Carmen~

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Hello K.,

I get it when I wear my crocks without socks! try different shoes for a few days and see how it heals faster. good luck! ~Carmen~

It sounds like she might have a mild case of athlete's foot. It causes the skin to crack in those areas. Rather than an antibiotic cream you might want to try a lotrimin cream. It's over the counter (i.e. Lotrimin AF -af stands for athlete's foot). You could always run it by your dr if you want to be sure. Also, let her little toes air out furing the day. Athlete's foot likes moist, warm, dark environments. HTH, S.

I would suggest that you wash her clothes in a 'Free and Clear' type laundry detergent. I use Purex but there are several brands available. The artificial dyes and fragrances can be very irritating to skin off all ages. I would also suggest using Arbonne products on her skin. The ABC Hair and Body Wash will clean her skin & hair beautifully and contains no artificial dyes or fragrance (or animal by products). I would also suggest the ABC Body Lotion or the Herbal Foot Care. Arbonne products are Swiss-formulated and come with a $$$ back guarantee. I can send you samples if you are interested. I used to had the same problem with my feet actually. Since I switched laundry detergents and started using Arbonne however, the problem is gone!! Good luck.

Hi K.,
To help your daughter's skin from cracking rub some vaseline onto them before she goes to bed. If she complains that this makes her feet to sticky try a lotion that has oatmeal, or aloe in it.

If her skin is already cracking rub in the vasaline, and have her wear socks to bed. Make sure the vaseline has asorbed into her skin a little before putting on socks.

Hope this helps keep your little ones little piggies feeling better.
C. O.

Hi K.,

My little boy had this problem with his pinky toes. We thought it was ecezema and put a little hydrocortisone cream on it held with a bandaid.

It's been a couple of years and we haven't had any additional problems. I hope this helps.


Hi K.,
I have had this happen to me. It's caused by moisture so do whatever you can to keep that area dry. So for starters, be sure you are drying her toes really well. I know for me, I would wipe my foot off with the drying towel, but I would never dry the creases that you are referring to. Avoid shoes that would make her sweat; jelly shoes, filp flops, sandals, etc.

Good Luck,

I really don't know if there is anything you can do. I usually leave them alone. I guess you can try to moisterize her feet.

My toes do the same thing in the pinky toe, my youngest sons whole foot will get cracks and between the toes. You should always dry the feet really well after a shower or when they get wet. Avoid colored socks or if they are a must put white socks under them. The doctor determined that my sons is from the die they use to color the socks. My toes are miss formed so they do not get air poperly and I am unable to ware colored socks also. I have found that creams of any kind do not really help. My cure personally is opened shoes, no shoes and to avoid boots or shoes with heavy material. Which is hard since I am in the Air National Guard this is where a good white sock helps.
The good news is since I stopped putting colored socks on my son he has not had the problem in 8 years his started when he was two. Over active sweet glands or two many on his feet what the doctors said.

The antibiotic cream is a good idea to help prevent infection.

There is this stuff called Bag Balm (you may find silimar products titles as udder balm). It comes in a green tin and I think it's in the lotion, or band-aide isle. Farmers used to use it on their cows to prevent chapping! My dad has used it since I can remember. He works in construction so his hands are always dry and cracked. He'll slather some bag balm on and cover up with plastic gloves or even just sandwich baggies, and let it sit for a while. His hands come out soft and supple...as much as a construcion workers hands can anyway! The stuff smells like bandaids but it works!

If you try the Bag Balm have her wear it over night. Being that she's three you may have to use plastic bags or a pair of socks that can be considered "junk" to cover up her feet. Do this until it heals up.

Then, once it's healed I would be sure to get a good "foot" routine. Making sure to apply a cracked heel treatment in any dry areas of her feet. Bath and Body Works has a fantastic line of foot lotions by True Blue. I was given a set as a gift while preggers and I LOVE LOVE LOVED IT! I'll use the cracked heel treatment and the foot lotion along with their foot scrub. My 4 year old had dry feet so I'll use the heel stuff on her once in a while. However, if you find their stuff to be too expensive I'm sure you can find less expensive alternatives at regular drug stores. I would also try Sally Beauty Supply, they have great products as well.

Happy Healing!!!

My son had that problem when he was younger. I had to make sure when his bath was done that his feet were completly dry. Then I would put lotion on and after about a month they were completely healed and haven't had the problem since...hope this helps,.

Lots of times that is a fungus, and will keep coming back unless properly treated. Buy an over the counter anti fungal cream, specifically for things like athlete's foot. They also make drops. Put it on per the dirctions, for at least 2 weeks, even if it goes away before 2 weeks, and see if that clears it up.

It sounds like a fungus thing to me. I'd be sure she's never in wet socks or shoes for any length of time and check with the doctor. I'm thinking monistat might work if she's too young for the cream you use on athlete's foot. You might use cornstarch baby powder as a preventative too.

Does she wear flip-flops? My kids and I get those too, but only when we wear flip-flops. We treat with neosporin and a bandage (I like the blister block ones because they really seal). To prevent them, wear shoes and sox.

Health food store. Better Health, Whole Foods, etc. Look for first aid topicals. I use Calendula ointment. It heals fast. I'd ask personnel what else, if anything, they'd recommend.

Make sure she dries her feet well after bathing, swimming, and that she wears socks with her shoes (tennis shoes) to absorb any sweat.

You might also want to consider an antifungal cream just in case her toes are cracking because of a fungus.

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