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Son's Toes Peel and Crack

Hi.. My 4 year old son's toes ( mostly his big toe) peel and get cracks in them.. They bleed and hurt him.. It also happens on the bottom of his foot too. I mentioned it to my pedi at his well check up adn he gave me some cream to try. But the problem is that it burns his feet and he cries and then doesn't want me to come near him again with it.. I know I have to bring him back to the doctor for this, but has anyone else had this same problem?? Interestingly, my husband says he had the same problem as a child..

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My niece just went through this. The doctor said it was a virus (sounds weird huh) and prescribed a cream..it took at least two weeks before it started even looking any better...she also does not wear her crocs anymore. They didn't help the matter. Good luck.

Well, not for nothing, I'm very interested to know what was done for you husband when he was a child. On the other hand, I have mild dermititis (my hands and feet peel and get dry and crack and sometimes bleed with the change of weather)and was told to put eucerin on my feet at night with cotton socks. It definitely helped, but I went to a podiatrist because I have diabetes and he prescribed me lactic acid. My feet are wonderfully soft. Only a suggestion, I hope it helped. Be well, take care and good luck!!!

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I too had the same problem as a child, and although it sounds strange...this is what my mother did, and it worked. She thoroughly coated my feet with Crisco, put a baggie over the foot, and then put cotton socks on me. This was done at night, post bathtime, and worked wonders.

My little brother had this probem growing up and the one thing I remember my parents doing is making him wear 100% cotton socks. Hope this helps - good luck!

Sounds like a fungal infection. You should definitely take him to the doctor.

My daughter has the same problem. During the day I put powder in her shoes to help, but during the night I lather them up with diaper rash cream. Desitin and Balmex cream work the best. I cake it on her toes and put socks on her feet. the diaper rash cream works great and it doesn't burn. it is also not as harsh as some of the prescription stuff. It also leaves a little protective coating. If your son wears sneaker during the day you can put te cream on before you put his socks on too!!!!!! good Luck!!!

YES! My son has the same thing since he was a toddler - he is now 5. The pediatrician had a name for it - something he has told me over and over again, but for the life of me I cannot retain that. Something about him having an allergic reaction to his sweat.

With my son his problems mainly occur in the warm weather. His feet sweat and he in turn has this reaction to the moisture & the heat resulting in painful cracks and peeling skin. The dr. said there is nothing that can be prescribed. Prevention is the best medicine.

Our nightly routine is to treat his feet with:

1. neosporin ointment (not cream) on each crack
2. Bag balm (the stuff in a square green container found in most drug stores that farmers use on cow udders) all over his feet. It mixes with the neosporin for relief and healing.
3. Cotton socks which he wears all night to keep feet moistirized, clean, and to keep the neosporin & bag balm from wiping off. Bandaids & liquid bandages DO NOT work.

Breathable shoes are imperative in the warmer months. He wears crocs most of the time. Without socks if his feet are crack-free and with socks if he has cracks.

Also keeping feet clean so cracks do not become infected with whatever funk can enter. My son frequently takes cool baths to soothe his feet before bedtime.

He has the best cared for feet in the house. It is a pain, but as long as you keep up and treat her daily - at least once a day, she should be ok.

I would try lotrimin.

You could also try using some baby powder. Make sure whenever he wears his sneakers, he's wearing cotton socks.

For the cracks, you may want to try cracked heal cream. Avon makes one that works very well.

Hey C.,

My name is R. and I'm a Master Herbalist and I have a great "all-purpose" salve. I've used it on my daughter's diaper rash, and my sister-in-law uses it on her eczema, another friend used it on his 3rd degree burns. I offer free shipping to any Mamasource member. Feel free to check out my ebay store: http://stores.ebay.com/MorningStar-Herbals

Good luck!

R. Trivedi
MorningStar Herbals

Hi there - have you tried Aquafor - made by eucerin? It works really well to protect cracked skin and it should not hurt at all. it is very gentle and helps skin to heal?

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