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Sick Baby! Really Need Help! Advice!!!

Hi, I have an 11 month old girl who for the past three weeks has been suffering from some type of sickness. I have taken her to her pediatrician 4 times in the past three weeks for answers and I feel like nothing is being done. Here are her symptoms..Fever..it ranges from anywhere from 99.9 to 102.5 (it seems to be higher at night)..stuffy/runny nose, green discharge from nose, Her appetite goes from eating to not eating at all, She tosses and turns all night long, she will wake up crying and then lay back down and go back to sleep. The first time I took her to the doctor they said it was a virus and to just watch her. I took her back 4 days later..she had the beginning of an ear infection in both ears and had a bacterial infection. They gave her Omnicef for her ears and had her take Zyrtec for her stuffiness. They wanted to see her after she fininshed the medication. I took her back they said her ears cleared up but to continue her on the Zyrtec in the morning and Singulair at night because she was still really congested. Now over the weekend she had a fever for three nights straight, tossing and turning at night, and once again her appetite had decreased. I took her back to the doctor this morning. She now has the beginning of another ear infection in one ear and she is still congested but the doctor saids he "is Frustrated with what is causing this". They gave her another antibiotic for her ear and to continue with the Zyrtec and want to see her back in 10 days. She had also lost 2 ounces in two days. Can somebody please help me!!!!! I don't know what to do at this point!!!!

What can I do next?

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Hi, Please get a second opinion but you need to get her on a decongestant possibly along with the antihistamine. Try Dimeatap. My Dr swears by it and so do I. It seems like she needs to dry out first. Once that is done she should get better. My son is prone to allergies and congestions and the combo of zyrtec and dimeatap work for him and it is less invasisve than tubes which should be a last resort.

Good Luck!

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Sounds like it's time for a second opinion. If you keep going back to the same doctor all you are going to get is the same incompetent answers. Go find another doctor - and do it soon.

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I can't understand why she is on Zyrtec-- that is for allergies!! Fever and green snot is not an allergy!! See a new doctor or even go to a Centra Care if you have to. I would not go to the same doctor again!

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I'm not sure what you have in your area....as far as a health food store. I have 3 children and my 2 oldest I gave antibiotics too. My youngest has never had an antibiotic. I wish I new then what I know now about antibiotics. When your child is sick and the doctor prescribes an antibiotic, it clears up the infection most of the time, but what they don't tell you is that the antibiotic also destroys the good bacteria in our childrens body and that is why your daughter has developed another ear infection. Her body wasn't able to produce the good bacteria our bodies need to fight off the infections. If you go to your local health food store and ask for PRIMIDOPHILUS, it is in the refrigerated section. It comes in a powder form. I mix it with my kids juice or yogurt. Once aday is all they need. Primidophilus contains the good bacteria that your body needs to fight infections and such. You can give your daugter the Primidophilus while you are giving her the antibiotic if you want but you need to make sure it's 2 hours or more after you give the antibiotic. I usually take my kids to their pediatrian so they can diagnose them and then I treat them myself. Also, if she is feeling discomfort they have a drop you can put in her ear that will subside the pain. It's called WILLOW/GARLIC EAR OIL. The willow is what helps with the pain and the garlic helps to dry up the fluid in the ear. I would recommend placing the bottom against your body for a few minutes, so the oil isn't cold or cool when placing the drops in her ears. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. I know how is it to have a sick child and to feel so helpless. GOOD LUCK!!

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Hi C..

I couldn't begin to tell you what is probably happening with the baby. But, I lived in NJ when my daughter (now 12) was born and she went through a very similar ear infection situation. Her pediatrician actually prescribed her antibiotics for 1 whole month. I was very unhappy because no matter how much antibiotics she took, the ear infections didn't seem to go away. Then, the pediatrician told me that she needed "tubes" in her ears to help drain the fluid that continuously accumulated in her ears and caused the infections. I didn't like that idea either...so, a friend of my husband suggested we take her to a "pediatric chiropractor". Skeptical we went and for 2 whole months we'd take her for massages on the back and sides of her neck. Miraculously, as it may sound, this helped tremendously, her ear infections went away. We moved to Florida within 6 months after this treatment and I will say that she still got ear infections, but very few and far in between. She is actually a very healthy young lady and she hasn't had an ear infection in over 2 years. Also, I truly believe that there are some doctors that just "don't hit the nail on the head" with some children.

I'm not sure what area you live in, BUT my current pediatrician is the best!!! I have 3 children: 14 yr. old son, 12 yr. old daughter and a 4 yr. old son. They have been going to this pediatrician since I moved to Florida and the youngest one has only been seen by her...and I've got to tell you that I am very happy with her. She always gets things "right" with my 3 kids.

Here is her name and number just in case you're interested in getting a second opinion - which I highly suggest you do -it can't hurt. Her name is Dr. Janet Belton, and her office is located in Apopka ###-###-####. The name of the practice she belongs to is "Altamonte Pediatrics".

I truly hope this helps. Good luck!!!

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Well, first of all I have never heard of a child being on Zyrtec AND Singulair. My son took both for a while but at different times. They treat allergy symptoms but both in different ways. I think I'd have to ask questions about that.

My suggestion would be to take your child to an allergist. You might find there's something that is causing the symptoms she's having. I cleared my home of toxic chemicals (regular cleaning stuff like Lysol, Fabreeze, cleaning liquids, etc.) and my son has no more allergy symptoms. He's also been able to discontinue his nebulizer. Amazing, but true!! Find the cause, treat the direct problem. The constant fever and repeat ear infections is a problem. BTW, baby shampoos have formaldehyde (listed as quanternium 15) and that will cause ear infections.

K. Woodlief
voicemail/fax: 800-841-5821

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Sounds like it's time for a second opinion. If you keep going back to the same doctor all you are going to get is the same incompetent answers. Go find another doctor - and do it soon.

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Hi C.,

I can understand your frustration because babies cant speak for themselves. Are you laying your baby down to take a bottle? This sometimes allows milk to back up thru their eustachian tubes and cause ear infections. Allergies can also lead to infections. Do you have pets in the house? Perhaps you need to get a second opinion. Also, some babies run a low grade fever and dont eat well when they are teething. Dont grow weary in trying to find an answer, afterall this is your babies healthy and the doctor needs to find an answer for you. If all else fails, you can take her to the emergency room (if you have good insurance).

Good luck and God bless,
Grandma in Florida

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Hi C.,
From reading your post, it really seems like alot of medication for an 11 month old to be on. The mix of all of that medication can be making her feel ill as well. There are some great holistic websites you can go on that give great remedies! We do this for our almost 8 month old baby. We also take her to a holistic pediatrician as well as a regular one too. Doctors see something wrong and immediately prescribe medicine when it could possibly be something so little. This could be a food reaction, she could have been bit by something, teething, etc... Congestion has be cured with a cool mist humidifier and Baby-Vix! I just personally think they are shoving medications down your baby when there could be other ways to treat these symptoms. If you're in Miami, I have a great holistic pediatrician on South Beach and I could give you his information. Some people are for medication and some people aren't. I'll use it when necessary, but you have to find the route of this problem. Online websites are also just as good! It's worth a shot :)
Good luck and let me know if I can be of any further help.

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I can't understand why she is on Zyrtec-- that is for allergies!! Fever and green snot is not an allergy!! See a new doctor or even go to a Centra Care if you have to. I would not go to the same doctor again!

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Her problem starts in the immune system which starts in the gut/intestines. The antibiotics given will cause more problems down the road! She needs probiotics! Empty probiotic capsules into her milk twice daily for a couple months. If you are nursing then you should also take probiotics. Most doctors never learn about probiotics. They only learn drugs which pay kickbacks. Probiotics saved my oldest daughter's life. Aloe vera gel in the ears will help a lot. Feel free to e-mail me. God Bless, M.

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Hi, Please get a second opinion but you need to get her on a decongestant possibly along with the antihistamine. Try Dimeatap. My Dr swears by it and so do I. It seems like she needs to dry out first. Once that is done she should get better. My son is prone to allergies and congestions and the combo of zyrtec and dimeatap work for him and it is less invasisve than tubes which should be a last resort.

Good Luck!

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C. - First take a deep breath.
Second contact another local pediatrician for a second opinion. Third purchase pediasure and have her drink this when she is hungry. The pediasure gives her more nutrients than she will be able to consume just eating since she isn't eating much. Don't be suprised, however, it she doesn't consume any solid food that day but take comfort (as my pediatrician and I did) in knowing she is getting more nutrients for her body that way.
Make sure she is getting lots of liquids.
Keep her chest warm never leaving it exposed to the air for more than enough time to get a shirt on her.

When my son was sick at this age our doctor explained that they don't like to give medicines to young children because it's important for their bodies to work through it (until it proves to be too much for their body to fight on it's own) because this builds their immune system making it stronger and more resistance. However, the medicines you said she is taking are (in my opinion) strong so I think it's time for a second opinion.

If you invest money in a humidifier with a vick's spout on it you won't be sorry. We have one that you fill with water, plug it into the wall, and fill the little cup on top that sits just infront of the steam hole. This is great! When my son is home sick I keep it going in whatever room he is throughout the day and then in his room at night. It helps make their breathing easier but also helps break up the congestion. Read the instructions though because it may tell you not to let her ingest it all day long at this age - It should be fine in a large open room for longer periods of time.

Have they checked her urine for a UTI? My daughter had a fever nonstop for 11 days, would wake up in the middle of the night and scream and then fall back to sleep...come to find out after reading a random fiction book with a character having the same symptoms I took her BACK to the doctor for the 3rd time and asked them to check and that's what it was - she had a raging Urinary Tract Infection.

Ask your doctor about putting tubes in her ears. My son got his when he was 13 months and it changed everything. He wasn't talking, walking, eating, sleeping... we haven't had an ear infection since and now he's 2 1/2. Also make sure you express to your doctor how concerned you are. If you need to get a second opinion, do it. My doctors are great. Central Florida Pediactrics. It's a group of all women and they are all mothers. I love them and my boys do too.
God Bless,

Cow milk often causes congestion, ear infections, etc. Try taking her off milk/formula until this clears. If she is allergic to milk it may be causing it, even if she is not fully allergic, the milk will just make it worse. You can replace with enriched soy milk that has all the same nutrients/protein as milk. (available at supermarket-make sure it is enriched. Silk is one brand) Also, give her plenty of water to help clear out the congestion. Vapo-rub on her chest may help her sleep a bit better at night.

There are alternative options using natural herbs and vitamins to build her immune system. If you are open to more info let me know.

May your family be blessed,

I sent your message to my sister, who is a RN....this was her reply to me:
She needs a film of her intestinal system; I think she may have a kink in the intestines or some sort of abdominal issue that is preventing her from eating – one thing that she is not revealing is her elimination status. Is she urinated and is she defecating.

Was the baby a premie? How is her suck?

Hey C....Hang in there girl, I've been in your shoes before...When my daughter was about that age, I had her to the doctor just like you...She had ear infections all the time, they would clear up then within two days of her being off the medicine, she'd be put right back on...If they keep giving her the same medicine, they need to change it...Ear infections pop up when they want...If you take her back again and the doctor says she has another ear infection, ask for a referal to an ENT..After almost 2 years of going back and forth, I was sent to an ENT...My daughter had to get tubes, after that she was fine...She's now 11 and very seldom has ear infections...
FYI : If your doctor doesn't want to send you elsewhere, I would be looking for another doctor..Your daughter's health should be the doctors main concern..Good luck and hang in there, it DOES get better, I promise... :-)

Sounds to me like you have been doing everything right!
If the doctor said he/she is "frustrated," do they know that you are too? Bless your heart.

Three weeks does seem like a long time for your baby's condition to not be improving. Because I'm not a doctor, yet an experienced mother, I can tell you that if you are unhappy with what the pediatrician is doing or saying, you might want to seek out a pediatric ENT specialist. If the baby has truly been suffering for that long, it might be time to be sure she isn't prone to getting chronic ear infections, brought on perhaps by allergies and/or this virus. Her loss of appetite is all part of the sickness. I'd only be concerned about the weight, if she had lost more. But again, since I'm not a doctor, see if you can find yourself a pediatric ENT (ears nose and throat) specialist.

Good luck and God bless!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi! C.
My oldest son had a sickness like this thirty-six years ago. He had ear infection,conjection,wouldn't eat. He was given all the same kinds of medication they had back then. Well, my son turn for the worse, what my son had was bacterial infection the spread to his spine. As the infection grew stronger it turned my son spinal fluid white. My son fever went higher and higher. When we took my son back to the doctor their was a doctor on duty who just look at my son and new from my son glazed eye and high fever that he need a spinal tap to check my son spinal fluid. This test was one of the hardest things I had to do was hold my son for the doctors to do this test. And the test was positive. My son had infection the spread to his spine. My son was in the hospital for two week with a IV medication for his infection. My son recover. My son later, had to have tubes put in his ears to let the fluid drain because of all his ear infections in the past. C., I don't know if this is what your daughter has. I am sharing what my son sickness was. My son is now thrity-seven and you would never think that he was ever that ill. C., please just keep taking you daugther to the doctors until you find what is wrong.

Sounds like a really bad sinus infection that has lead to the ear infections. Zyrtec is for seasonal allergies, so I would discontinue that. IF they gave her a stronger antibiotic for 10-14 days that should clear both infections up. If she continues with the ear infections I would see a pediatric ENT soon. Both my girls get sinus infections after a cold and my youngest had one and a ear infection last August that required 2 rounds of meds. Give this new antibiotic a chance for 3-4 days and if she is still not any better get a second opinion. Both infections are serious if left untreated so I wouldn't wait longer than that. Her symptons of the sinus infection sounds just like my 2 year old. Fever, loss of appetite and sleep lessness. All the pressure in the sinuses and the ears is painful. I would also give her a dose of Tylenol at night to help with the pain.

Hi you don't mention if you are nursing or not. Hopefully you are. If so check what you are eating. Perhaps you can stop consuming dairy? Also if you are nursing hand express or pump some of your milk and put a few drops in her ear. It sounds as if she is allergic to dairy, perhaps wheat too. Check out www.notmilk.com
Another thing you can do is grate some ginger and squeeze about half a teaspoon of the juice into a saucepan and equal parts sesame oil and heat it up. Once it's cooled down to a cool enough temp put a drop into her ear. Let her keep her head to the side as the goo works its way in. It might be uncomfortable for a minute. It could take up to an hour or two for it to work but it should clear up any pain.

It sounds like a really bad sinus infection to me. Which could be the reason her ear infections keep coming back. You may want to switch Drs. My daughter sees the Pediatrics of Central Florida. My favorite is Dr. Cantilli. Good luck and God Bless.

I am not sure if I can help you or not, but I can let you know some of the things that I have tried in the past. Is your child still using a bottle? If so is she somewhat elevated while she drinks it? If not, then this could be why she keeps getting ear infections, some of the liquid may drain into her ear and cause the infection. So raise her head with a pillow. As for the congestion, it may be from allergies and or teething. In this area of the country there is always something blooming, so the children can have allergies all year round. Also, children are getting teeth all the time, and she may be getting some that you don't even see yet. Try rubbing just a little bit of tylenol liquid on her gums and see if that helps her fussiness and appetite at all. Sometimes when my kids were teething they wouldn't eat very well either. Also, I have tried this and it has worked for my kids. When they have congestion and or cough, I put vicks vaporub on their feet and then put socks on when they go to sleep, and that helps them to stop coughing, and helps to loosen the congestion.

I hope these bits of advice help. Good luck and God Bless. A. :)


Sounds like you are going through what we did with our son when he was about 13 months old. It started with DAYCARE! he was continually sick for SIX weeks. double ear infection, 3 rounds of antibiotics, fevers and one point even vomiting. here is what happened with us. (we too went to the Dr.s WEEKLY!) During the time of the fever and the decrease in appetite, he was also sleeping allot (we think he had mono! because I ended up with it shortly after he started his symptoms) we removed him from daycare (he was there about 6 weeks) and finished out the antibiotics. We also ran a vaporizer in his room every night to help with the stuffiness, tylenol/mortin for fever, singular for the congestion and antibiotics for the infection. It all cleared up once we removed from day care (placed him at our neighbors house she is stay at home mom) we had allergy tests done (because we were trying to find out what was causing all of this) we took him to the ENT (ear, nose throat) who suggested tubes in his ears to drain the fluid. We decided that once the infection was gone and he was now in a different setting (no daycare) that we would monitor the fluid along with our pediatrician. So far he has not had any further ear infections and the fluid is also improving. so end result - no tubes! Its not easy to see the little one going through so much, we went crazy for the 6-7 weeks this was all happening, but he is better now (except for teething of course!) Is she being subjected to something in the last few weeks that is causing the infection (i.e. for us it was the daycare and their lack of cleanliness AND all of the other kids that were continually sick!) Your message sounded like us all over again so i figured I would tell you our story (its almost identical symptoms) Hope it helps and Best of luck!

My daughter is now 2yrs but she had a problem with ear infections her first year. She has about 8 total, just in the first year alone. She also had the problem with double ear infection then it came back. The problem is really it never went away the first time and the antibiotic needs to be changed. I will recommend speaking to the Pediatrician about putting tubes in her ears. Depending on how many she's had they will either approve or not. But if ear infections continue to be a problem then you should definitely put the tubes in. That's what they recommended to me. They said if she had one more they would put them in, but she never ended up having anymore. Also it's not just an issue of the infections but if she, like my daughter, continues to have them then she could very likely develop a speech impetiment. Because the hearing will sound different to her due to the liquid. Eventually she will have fluid in her ears so much that it will cause her hearing to be sort of "muffled" and she will learn to speak the way she hears. Which could result in a speech impetiment. When I heard this I freaked out!! I definitely did NOT want my daughter to be scared for life over simple childhood ear infections. Hope this helps...Good luck.

i am not a doctor but most times a child gets a cold or congested they will get an ear infection because their ears will not drain. that will most likely go away on it's when the congestion clears.
what i would be concerned about is the fever.
take her to another doctor if the fever does not go away. if it is a virus the antibiotics will not make it go away.

First, get rid of that doctor before something bad happens to that baby.
Second, DO NOT give the baby that Zyrtec and Singular.
Put Vicks Vapor Rub on the bottom of that babys feet, behing her ears, under her arm (in the pitts) and behind her knees. Make sure she keeps warm. This is not an overnight cure but after a few days you will see the difference and NO MORE ear infections neither.
Third, have you changed formula? She may be allergic to the one she's on. Try Soy Milk, (you may have to thin it a bit at first) not the formula type neither. It is a bit expensive, but cheaper than formula.
Hope you listen and save your baby and yourself allot of frustrations. I have used this on my kids and no my grand children as well.

Why are they giving her Zyrtec? I don't quite understand why they are not giving her and oral antibiotic for the infections. Ask about either Zythromax or a penicillin based antibiotic. My son takes Zythromax because he is allergic to penicillin when he gets infections. I can understand why they didn't when it was thought to be a virus, but if you have an advice line or something available at your doctors see if you can ask about that. Unless you already know why. I hope she feels better.

Hi, C.. Well, a child should not have to have a fever for this long, and definately should not be losing weight. I would #1, take her to the emergency room and #2 find another doctor immediately, because this pedi does not seem to know what he or she is doing. Bear in mind that everyone's temperature gets a little higher at night, so any fever will worse at night, which is frustrating because that's the time when baby needs to sleep in order for her to heal from the infection.

I don't care how highly recommended this pedi might be, if he has allowed your daughter to be that sick for that long, he needs to be replaced! But don't let her linger with an ear infection because she can develop hearing loss if it keeps up.


My daughter went thru the same issues at that age, to the point they put tubes in her ears. Looking back, I would say she had allergies that caused the stuffiness that turned into infections. She is now very allergic to cats and her baby sitter had several. I wish now we would have considered checking for allergies. I pray you discover it is as simple as that. We alternated antibiodics the first few years of her life. She is 17 now, still has allergies and ear infections off and on. But over all just fine.


Depending on how many ear infections she has had, you may want to consider seeing an ENT. My daughter had ear infections for 6 months straight before my pediatrician said she needed to see an ENT. I really kick myself for waiting so long. My daughters ENT said that if she has had 5 or more ear infections in the last year she was a candidate for tubes. Her ENT is awesome and since she has had tubes (for the past 18 months) I she has only been sick a two or three times and her speech has improved.


Hi C.,

Believe it or not, fever is a good thing because that means her body knows that it is supposed to be fighting whatever it is. The green running nose tells me it is (or at least at the time, was) a bacterial infection. Antibiotics SOMETIMES will clear up an infection but they also break down the immune system so other things can invade the body. It sounds like to me she's been on so many meds that her body can't recoup and cannot ward off anything and everything new.

At this point you need to concentrate on building her immune system so her own body can start fighting the problem(s). Chiropractic care, specifically upper cervical, would be my first suggestion. I do know elderberry extract which is liquid will do wonders to help boost her own strength. (You can mix it with tea or water or give it to her straight, it tastes good. Stay away from dairy while she is congested.) Beta-Glucan, which is stronger, has been used in infants but I don't know enough about how much and what form. I keep it in the house if anybody feels like they are going to be sick and no one ever does. You can go to the health food store and ask. They are much more aware of what you would need than a clerk in a regular store would ever be. If you know a store that has a Doctor of Natural Health on staff, that would be your best bet. They will know further questions to ask you to pin down a better diagnosis.

Collodial silver can be used on a bacterial infection but it needs to be monitored and you really need to know IF she still has an infection. To make her more comfortable you need to wash her sheets and clothes in a non-toxic detergent so she can breathe easier. She's having complications when she tries to sleep from the outgassing of chemicals. If you want more information on that just email me back.

I'm so sorry your little one feels so bad and I know you're exhausted!

God bless!


1st if she is in daycare take her out. 2nd find a pediactric ears, nose, & throat specialist. She could need something as simple as what they call "buttons or tubes" put in her ears to help with drainage in her ears. I would start there. Good luck I know its not fun I have been threw it myself.

I wish I could pick up the phone and call you right now, my daughter went through the same type of thing for about six months. Continually getting sick, and the ped. just said virus upon virus etc. long story short..... I read on here about a mom whos son was misdiagnosed and ended up with a severe sinus infection. The only way to finally clear it up was about 20 days of antibiotics. When I finally mentioned this to the Dr. We decided to treat her for that and low and behold it went away!!!!!! Needless to say we did the whole singulair, nose spray etc. We even went to an ENT in at Joe Di Maggio and he said many times Drs miss this diagnosis. Hope this info helps you have some insight to your daughter. It was finally the only thing that worked for us.
Contact me if you need more info.

It could be combination of like your doctor's virus or perhaps a little bit of teething; or a lot of teething.

Could it be an allergy? Did you start giving her allergy or something new? Dairy is a big allergen and is very often linked to ear infections. I would see if you can go to another doctor for a second opinion.

I would eliminate the dairy in her diet and get her on a bland diet. It can also be wheat, corn, gluten.

I hope that helps and good luck.

Okay C. dont panic my daughter had this problem a couple months back and they sent her that medicine Omnicef and when i took her back after the 10 days her ear infection was worst now she had it in both ears.I think that medicine does not work for everyone even though the "doctor" told me it wasnt that.Well he gave her another medicine we went back a couple days later and she was better.Now she keep getting them so what did i do i changed doctors and it was one of the best things i did.Now at this point she keep getting them so i was like what is going on, mind you she has diabetes so all this just makes that worst.Well dring the day she stays with a lady who takes care of her and also a little boy around her age.He is not there anymore and ever since he left thank God she has been fine so my point to you is maybe something is causing this so check it out.Also get a second opinion dont sit on this you never know what it could be.Good Luck to you and the little one i hope everything works out.

I find that with the symptoms your discribing what has helped me the MOST is aerosol (Xopenex) and a Humidifier in the room (I put Eucalyptus oil as well in the little slot). This helps it all get out of her system faster. I am not a doctor, but I am a mother of a 2 and 3yr old. I learned quickly once my oldest started school and has brought every cold and virus home. Also, my 2 year old suffers from Croop. All has been recommended by my Dr. This is what has worked for me. Try it out. Also rub some Vicks Vapor for Babies on her chest. Good luck. Hang in there, they are stronger than we think.

In addition to the other recommendations make sure she is staying hydrated; if she's not drinking enough that will contribute to thick mucous.
You can also try a saline nasal solution (just saline/ no meds in it) to loosen nasal congestion. This may also help to get her sinuses draining better. Use an aspirator after you put the saline in there to clean out her nasal passages.
Is she taking a mucous thinner? This might also help to get her ears and sinuses flowing...

Hey C.,

I really feel for you. It can be so frustrating when your baby is sick and the doctor isn't helping. I read a few of the respones and i agree with Summer. What she says about antibiotics are true and I have also used the same oil in my sons ear. I usually go to our health food store because they are so knowledgeable about sickness and natural ways to help my child. Some health food stores just sell products and really don't have the knowledge to help you. Check out some in your area and see how much knowledge they have and get some advice from them. This has worked great for us. When I get home, I also look up the products online and read more about them myself. This has saved us from many trips to the doctors office.

I hope this helps you!!

Have the doctor run some blood tests. it may show something they are missing.

Also get a second opinion if necessary.

Hope she feels better soon.


Sounds like allergies, maybe somthing in the house or her room......deb

C., if your daughter is having re-occuring ear infections and is contstantly stuffed up, she might need to be seem by an ENT dr. She might possibly need ear tubes. If its just recently (like 1 mth)that shes having these symptoms then it could just be a nasty infection that is taking a long time to clear up. Be patient, and dont worry too much she will make up for the weight she has lost. When you arent feeling well, u dont want to eat, so give her what she likes.
Good Luck

1. Clean her nose with Saline Solution.
2. Mullin Drops for her ears. (whole Foods)
3. Fresh Garlic...add with the mullin drops in her ears
3. Vitamin C LOTS!!!
4. Echinacea Drops (Whole Foods)
5. Sambucol Immune booster syrup (Whole Foods)
6. Use a humidifier at night & prop the mattress with a rolled towel to elevate her head...this with drain the mucus down instead of keeping it in her hear. Ears, nose and throat are connected.
7. Burn Eucalyptus Oil as well...you can rub it on her chest too to help her breath better...get Organic (Whole Foods)

The fever is happening to help the body fight the bacterias. You can use Infant Tylenol or Infant Motrin to keep it down.

You may want to check for mold in your home...many times that is what causes this. The teething is probably the other factor...they usually get sick when they cut a tooth because the system is fighting so hard.
She'll eat again when she feels better...try bland things like rice, pasta or bread. Drinking is more important though.
Good Luck.
Wishes of Whole Health.

Hi C.,

I would get her to the chiropractor or someone that does cranial-sacral as soon as possible. This will allow the ears to drain so infections are not as likely. What the doctors are doing is giving her things that deplete the immune system so it is going to create more health issues down the line. Dairy contributes a lot to ear infections because it is mucous producing. I went through this same cycle myself and she is only going to get better if you get to the root of the cause, not trying to cover it up with drugs and surgery. I am happy to answer any questions you have.


Zithromax and steriods are the only thing that worked for my son. The pediatrician needed to be aggressive with treatment.

Good Luck!

It is obvious that your child has an infection and, apparently, the treatment plan is not being effective. Since this has been happening over the past several days, perhaps you should take your child to the emergency room (ASAP) for a new assessment and/or a different treatment plan. You should also give your child acidophilus to replace the "good" bacteria that is wiped out by antibiotics...You should also be sure that your child is not dehydrated and that, at this point, that she eats whatever she has an appetite for.

Hi C.. Before I even got to the part where you mentioned it, I thought, "sounds like an ear infection." My son has had several. Here's what I was told. The antibiotics that they give for the ear infection also weaken the immune system, such that as soon as one infection clears up, it is possible for another to start (especially if they have a cold on top of it). One thing to try is giving her yogurt, which has good bacteria in it to replace that which is lost. Also, apparently there are gummys that have the good bacteria in. I can't remember the name, but check at the pharmacy, they should have them over the counter in the children's health section. I really hope this helps!

I am surprised that they have her on so many meds. (I'm not doctor either, but it just seems excessive). My kids were always given Rondec or something when congested. And then the usual home comfort treatments... warm (not hot, not cold) baths- they help the sinuses drain, using a cool mist humidifier in her room, especially at night- can help with the breathing, as can raising the end of the crib/bed her head is usually at (put a board or two under the legs of one end of her crib), the saline nose treatments for babies, also can help. And patience. The fever would be my big concern, which could be coming from the ear infections that are coming from the congestion. It can be a cycle. I don't know that much about Zyrtec, but isn't that for allergies? I have considered getting it for my 10 yr old son, who gets seasonal rhinitis (hay fever), but the list of possible side effects scared me.. didn't seem worth it for the runny nose and sneezing..
My biggest help when my kids were little and had colds was baths, many times a day.. the sinuses can drain and you just wash it away with a washcloth.. and they are distracted by playing in the tub and helps them feel a little better via distraction.. and then they can breath for a while better after they get out. At bedtime, you can use a vapor rub on their chest (one for babies).. to help open up their breathing.
I tried not to "treat" for fevers unless they were up over 101, it's natures way to fight off germs... but over that, I'd give them Tylenol or motrin. Motrin can also help with the inflamation and pain involved in the ear infections.
Check with your doctor about what each medication they have prescribed is for, and whether or not it is necessary. Too many meds can wreak havoc on their little bodies...
Also keep the fluids flowing... pedialyte or juice or water.. the heavier milk/formula stuff can be more than they are up to digesting when they are ill, kinda like when we are ill, soup is sufficient- not a big meal. The more fluids you can get in her, the more efficiently her body can fight off whatever is going on.
Bless you.. and hang in there.

I DID have my son on Singulair for a short while (he was 7 yrs. at the time) for his rhinitis (seasonal allergies), but he developed a stomach ache every time he took it starting about the 2nd or 3rd week using it. So we switched to Nasonex (nasal spray). Also, not to scare you, but Singulair is one of the prescription drugs that it came out not too long ago that (I think it was teenagers?) caused suicidal thoughts... I know its a baby, but I would be leary of that drug as well. I have always been told that children do not develop seasonal allergies that early (my sons seemed to start around 3, 4 yrs old). Either have a long talk with your doctor, or get a new one and have a long talk with them about what it is you are treating. You can't just throw drugs at the symptoms and expect a cure.

Take her to an ENT immediately. My son started with the ear/sinus infections at that age -- he was on 30 days of antibiotics in 40 days. It was way too much. The specialist can treat the infection at the site i.e. ear drops, nasal sprays, etc. My son ended up getting ear tubes which was scary but the best thing I ever did. He's now 4 and hasn't had an ear or sinus infection since he was 11 months old. We see Dr. Saffran at Florida Otolaryngology group. You can check them out online at www.flotogroup.com


Get her off the Singulair if her fever is coming only when she is on it. My son had/has chronic sinus infections but he was put on singulair when he was 18 months old. We noticed that when he started taking it he would run fevers of 103 and higher. We pulled him off and although he was congested he didn't run any fevers. We tried the Singualair again when he was 3 and the same thing happened. High fevers is a rare side effect of Singulair. Read the packaging.
As far as the congestion goes, I can't offer much. My son has been like that and he is now 5. He had sinus surgery in June and his latest CT scan showed his sinuses are worse. I would suggest taking her to an allergist. Dr. Vasquez is an amazing pediatric allergist. He has three offices to go to. If she is allergic to something and you keep giving it to her, no amount of zyrtec is going to help.
Good luck and let me know if you are interested in seeing Dr. Vasquez.

I knew you'd get a lot of great advice here. No need to panic, but I would seek out another pediatrician for a 2nd opinion. Actually, personally...if I want medical things "taken care of" right away, I just take our kids and ourselves to the nearest Emergency Room. There you can have all the tests done and the RESULTS same day! I would maybe recommend that for you as well, so that you can ease your mind that it's not something bigger...Good luck & God Bless. Let us know how your little girl is doing. B. ~ SAHM of 3 3/4 year old b/g twins & married for 14 years.

My son start to do this when he was four months old. It turned out that he had asthma. If you put your ear to her back and can hear a wheeze or rattle then it could be something along the asthma lines.
You also might want to start asking about ear tubes. My son had them put in about this time because of ear infections that wouldn't go away.

Try to use a humidifier in her room. Hot ones are the best, but obviously keep it from her reach at all times. Try some mucinex, I find that to be the best.

Don't worry so much about 2 ounces in weight lost... that can very well be fluid/water weight. I lost 5 pounds when I had a cold last week! It's pretty normal for a child to be tired and not wanting to eat as much when they are sick... think of them as needing to conserve that energy for them to fight that bacteria in their little bodies.

Ear infections are pretty normal when a baby is congested. If the baby is starting another ear infection, ask the doctor if he is going to give a stonger level of antibotics. They usually go up another level, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

You are right to worry about your sick child...

God bless.

Ahh yes, the "snot" cycle as I call it. We ran into this a lot with our eldest son. What happens is a baby gets the "snots", stuffy and runny nose. When laying down the congestion settles into the sinuses and ear canals, thus causing an ear infection. Then they go on antibiotics for the ear infection but the antibiotics weaken other parts of the body..thus the snots come back. Then it settles into their ears again...on and on. The cycle I used to have with our first son was first running nose, then ear infection, then it would settle into his throat causing a throat infection, then back into the ears...it could go on for weeks and weeks.

When our 3 month old got his first cold I knew what was coming. So at the first signs of a fever I took him in and sure enough ear infection. They put him on antibiotics. I also took a few steps to help. I did not lay him down to sleep for all his naps. I would put him in his swing or car seat, sitting up helps the drainage. I would sit in the shower with our shower running as hot as possible. I would not let the water hit us, but the steam helped clean him out, and I would lean him forward so it ran out of his nose. Or we would sit in a warm bath with the soothing bath soak in it, made for infants with colds, and let the vapors soak in. Also make sure to have a COOL mist humidifier in her room. BIG difference. There is also a vicks made for babies, it is wonderful and has a great scent. Helps clear them out, I put it on his neck, chest and back, then put on a t shirt. I also put some on his feet and put socks on. I know it sounds like something out of the 1800's but it seems to help. Before bed I would also give him some warm chamomile tea in a bottle, helps the sore throat and congestion. Swallowing helps with the ears.

Doing all this knocked his sick time down from the weeks and weeks my first son would spend sick to just a two week period. Oh, and I always give them tylenol to help with the discomfort. All the pediatricians in his group say it is perfectly safe when used correctly. The dose depends on the child's weight so I would ask. At 13lbs my son was to receive 0.8 ml which is one eye dropper of INFANT tylenol.

Take care and good luck.


My daughter is 4 months old. When she was 5 weeks she was hospitalized due to pneumonia, her chest did not clear easy, then she was diagnosed with severe acid reflux, then severe eczema...for such a young baby it was too many things that added up instead of goign away. Her peds is great but a friend of mine suggested Probiotics...I did not believe in any of that but after seen the improvement on my daughters health, I make sure she does not skip a dose. At the natural store that I go the ladies are very knowledgable and helpful, maybe at yours they can point you to the right direction. Be positive...she will get better. It wont hurt to try. Remember that too much antibiotic is also bad. My 13 yr old is allergic to penicillin as a result of so many taking because of ear infections when he was a toddler; even his teeth suffer because of it.
Also, sanitize the toys, and her room...not with Lyson, with bleach water. Sanitize the places where she plays at...it might help.
You could use a humidifier in her room, it helps too.

hi C.! i'm sorry that after all the visits to the ped dr, your baby girl still isn't feeling well. i went thru something very similar with my son a couple of months back. his temp got up to 104.7. now what the dr's told me is that ear infections can linger up to, if not longer than 30 days so your daughter's 1st ear infection probably just never cleared up all the way. my son's dr tried 3 antibiotics before finding one that finally worked. in my son's case, it was omnicef but everyone is different. i think what really helped is that along with the antibiotic, they gave him proventil...an albuterol inhaler. he cleared up completely in maybe a week and a half. i wish you the best of luck. hang in there.

You have received this advice from others, and they are right. Take her to the E.N.T. ASAP. They can give you drops that go right to the source of the infection, along with oral antibiotics. Also, if an infection refuses to go away, they can do a culture to see what bacteria is causing the problem, and if it is a "resistant" to anti-biotics. P.S. This doen't mean it can't be treated with anitbiotics, it just means the most common, or most used anitibiotics will no longer work. My little girl had this problem almost from birth until she was 18 months old, then they put tubes in her ears. I wish you the best of luck.

Make sure she is getting LOTS of fluids, use the little noses nose drops/spray to keep her nose clear so that there will be no more drainage going to her ears. Give her plenty of warm baths to ward off germs and keep her fever down. Make sure she is getting little increments of sunshine throughout the day. Give her anything she will eat, such as pretzels or crackers. As long as she is eating. These things just really do have to run their course, but these are things you can do to help it along.
Take Care,
T. (mom of 4)

Hello my name is P. and my little girl is 29 months old and she was sick for a month, runny nose and cough. I'm from Peru and my ant gave me a home recipe. In a pan put a lemon and roll it around the pan until turn brown/yellow... cook it with out nothing, no water. When color change cut it and squezze it and this warm juice put it on her chest and back. Be careful when you cut it will be hot. I did this 3 night and she never cough again. Before than this she was taking CEROM_DM for two weeks. Good luck!

something similar happened to me, turns out my daughter's ears were not draining at all! Took her to an ear specialist, problem solved. It seems like the liquid that doesn't drain creates the bacteria and its an ongoing infection, where its really the end of one (after the antibiotics) then the beginning of another cause the ear has still not drained. The bacteria of the ear is the only thing being treated vs the actual drainage. In the meantime make sure she doesn't drink laying down, it brings more liquid into the ear. Best of luck, I know how frustrating it is when u feel like u can't live without tylenol or your pediatrician.

Hi, i know it's frustrating. You could as a precautionary measure take her to the ER. At least you know they'll run a battery of tests. I would also ask for a referral to a ENT specialist as others suggested. Keep in mind, most doctors now do not consider your daughter's temperature reading to be dangerous. Best of luck, I'm sure she'll be fine.

Hi C., I know how you feel. You hurt for your baby. Take her to an E. N. T. specalist for baby's. Good luck.
M. H.

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