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Rash Under Chin from Drooling

My 5 month old baby is drooling a lot lately from teething and putting everything in his mouth, and he now has a terrible rash on his neck under his chin. It's like a bunch of tiny red bumps- I'm assuming it's from all the drool piling up. Has anyone dealt with this? Is it something he should be getting a prescription cream for or can I deal with it at home? I was using powder for a while until it got pretty bad, and now I started using A+D ointment, but it doesn't seem to be helping. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Hi K., I would say before you go to the doctor you could try anything with zinc oxide (Balmex) this will dry the rash and promote healing. If this doesn't work you may need to see the doctor. Grandma Mary

I used and still use Aquaphor. My daughter is 2 yrs. old and sucks her thumb and will still get a rash on her chin from time to time. After a couple of days it disappears.

My daughter (also 5 mths) gets this type of rash from drooling too. I have been using triderma MD baby aloe cleansing and soothing gel. It has worked very well. It is clear and odorless. Its also great for chafing. Hope this helps!

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my four month old drools like crazy and gets this rash all over her face from constantly putting her hands all up in her mouth. I just keep washing and washing and washing her face throughout the day and it seems to help a lot also constant bib wearing and changing of course, nobody wants to sit in wet clothes and constant wiping/washing off of the drool especially in the morning and before bed :)

Hi K.,
I would have to tell you to remember to wash under your baby's chin and neck a couple times a day, after every feeding, and before he goes to sleep - make sure you dry it well. Also, make sure he has alot of tummy time. In this position - with his held up, he will be sure to get alot of air on his neck to keep it dry. And remember to use bibs, this will catch alot of drool and keep it off of him and his clothes.
I wouldn't recommend using lotions, creams, or powders - unless perscribed by your doctor, because when it gets wet again, you will have more build up of more gunk that you have to be sure to clean out frequently.
good luck

You've already gotten this, but keep it clean and dry off his chin and apply a petroleum-based ointment (aquaphor or A & D). Use absorbent bibs and change them frequenty (some have vinyl backing to help keep moisture from leaking through to the skin). If it persists or gets worse, see your pediatrician. Yeast infections under the chin are not uncommon.

Avoid or be VERY careful using any kind of powder (I would only use a powder if explicitly told to by the doctor) as babies can easily breathe it in and develop lung problems. Keeping it clean with a protective ointment is probably your best option.

Hi K.,

My middle child had very sensitive skin and the same thing happened to him, I used Aquaphore. It worked great, protected his skin from the drool and cleared up the rash. I also used it for diper rash.


Yeah, it sounds chapped. My baby had that this winter. I used Boudreaux's Baby Kisses.
If it gets really stubborn, your Ped may prescribe a Hydrocortisone Cream (a little stronger than what you can by over the counter)

Take care!

Hi K., I would say before you go to the doctor you could try anything with zinc oxide (Balmex) this will dry the rash and promote healing. If this doesn't work you may need to see the doctor. Grandma Mary

Hi K.,

Put corn stratch in a white cotton sock and pat it under the chin softly so it does not powder up all over. Keep doing a few times a day. This should help, my daughter had the same problem. My mother-in-law showed me this one. It works. I do it know for my son who and rashes all over due to eczema and siryacis however you spell that. And with all the expensive medications I purchase this is the only think that has worked. I wish I could have remember this one last year. Anyway try this. Good Luck! ;)

Hello... My son had the same issues with drooling. I found that you dont want to put A&D on it or anything else that will keep it moist. You actually want to use a powder Unscented to keep it dry. And as often as you can Wipe him chin and neck with a dry washcloth.

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