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Baby's Neck Cleanliness

I've looked in all the books and found no suggestions - my three month old daughter drools a lot (which is normal, right?!) but she ends up with nasty red marks on her neck because I cannot seem to find a way to keep the chubby folds of her neck dry. It doesn't seem to hurt her but it looks awful. I'm bathing her every other day, for what that's worth. Anyone else have this problem?

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If it is red/raw then a rash cream to clear it up and then powder applied throughout the day. Or a bib that she can wear while awake. Drooling is normal for some babies. I would think the baby oil suggestion would be so the skin doesn't dry out and get stuck together causing irritation, which might work too.

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I went through this with my daughter. After I dried her neck I put a little bit of rash cream on it. It helped clear up the reddness and kept it a little drier during her drooling period. You'll have to do it several times a day but it really helped my daughter. Good luck and enjoy that baby! :-)

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If it is red/raw then a rash cream to clear it up and then powder applied throughout the day. Or a bib that she can wear while awake. Drooling is normal for some babies. I would think the baby oil suggestion would be so the skin doesn't dry out and get stuck together causing irritation, which might work too.

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I don't know why my mother did this and so I don't know if it will help. She put baby oil on a cotton ball and wiped her baby's neck with it every day; perhaps twice a day.

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Hi B.,

My grandson was a drooler bar none! You might try just a touch of corn starch. It is natural and the drying ability should help with the redness.

Good luck and enjoy your baby!

T. Nelson CD (DONA)

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Bag Balm... I am telling you it's the cure all for any kind of child/baby skin issues!

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We had this. We even changed the name to "bruling" because he'd do it on purpose by burbling and buzzing his lips. He also let milk run down the side of his face into those little neck rolls. eeeeew

When used A&D (the cure for nearly everything, apparently) it would take care of it.

Also...don't know if it applies but we bathed him at least once or twice a day, and I used babywipes on him after nursing. He was a water baby though....loved loved loved the water.

I'd be careful of the cornstarch. They don't put real talcum in talcum powder anymore...they use cornstarch...and it can cause/significantly contribute to yeast infections. We KNEW this, especially in little girls (we had a boy), but we didn't realize you can get a yeast infection durn near anywhere. Including in little neck or thigh rollies. Anywhere with moisture and heat.

And thank you again, A&D.

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This is very common since they can't raise their heads and air never gets to that part of their body. I like to wash their necks thoroughly, dry them completely, then put a little olive oil on their skin to act as a protective barrier. Works great!

I had the same problem with my first one, except, his moisture was from excessive spit-up from severe reflux. He had a bright red line at the crease of the fold under his chin. I tried everything from ointments to powder (ew, the pwder makes an icky paste) and in the end found that it was not worth the battle or worry since the area had no infection or odor and was not bothering him. Every time I changed his diaper I used a clean wipe and gave his neck a swipe - it made me feel like I had given it due diligence and I think it is what kept the odor away.

Good luck!

Yes :) drooling really starts rolling at two months for some babies! My daughter has the same thing going on - I use cotton balls with oil (I like Burt's Bees Apricot Oil), since it's impossible to keep those spots perfectly dry, at least it's good for her skin! Plus, the cotton balls make it easier to get onto that spot without the chaffing that might happen if I rub those spots too much.

Rub her folds with cornstarch. It will keep the area dry so that it doesn't sweat and cause rash.

Perfectly normal! It's basically a diaper rash from the constant moisture and it's really normal on the neck, behind the knees, anywhere there are folds in the skin. You can try having her wear a bib and then you can change that periodically to help her stay dry. You can also put a little bit of diaper cream on her neck folds after they're clean and REALLY dry. As she gets better head control and her drooling reduces, it'll go away on it's own. Just make sure the redness doesn't become open sores.

Totally normal. Try using bibs, if you haven't already. And you really don't need to bathe her that often, her body produces natural oils that helps regulate the moisture on/in her skin. When you bathe her you're washing that off.

No need to spend money on fancy creams - good old vaseline works. My daughter did the same thing. The vaseline helps protect the skin and really reduces the redness. Just dry her neck, put the vaseline on and try to keep a dry bib on her as well. Also, be careful about using baby wipes or soap on that sensitive skin. It will only irritate it more. Stick with a mild cleanser at bath time. Thankfully, they outgrow this!

She might have a yeast infection because it's warm and moist in the folds which could be treated with yeast cream.

Maybe try to treat it like you would with diapers and put a barrier there to resist some of the moisture from staying on the skin for that long. I love pure shae butter and it acts as a great barrier--just make sure it doesn't have a bund of other stuff in it. Maybe keeping a soft absorbant bib on would be good too (if you don't do it already).


My son had the same issue. Our pediatrician recommended Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment (which we lovingly refer to as "magic goop"). It is AWESOME! It's perfect for chapped lips, skin irritation, and even diaper rash. You rub on "dry" area of skin, and it not only heals but serves as a protective layer against further irritation.

Hi B.,

Her drooling is quite normal. Congratulations on your daughter. You 2 sound so happy....elated!\''/ My daughter was the same.....she was healthy...now 12.

I think washing her daily would be smart, but I would use the A&D ointment AND a bib. My daughter had a bib on quite a bit because she was teething. I'm sure that's what's going on with her. My daughter started teething early. Anytime you have a child with folds in the skin, you have to keep it clean and try to keep it dry. Just let her drooling happen, there's no getting around it.lol

Take Care and have fun with her, because 12 years will come SOOOOOOO fast, like you wouldn't believe.\''/

My daughter had this same problem. I found that lanolin ( the stuff that women put on their nipples when breast feeding, it's in a purple tube near the breast pads in any baby section) seems to seal out most of the moisture. Plus it's safe for baby even if they accidently ingest it. I used to put it in the crease of her neck after her bath. It seemed to minimize the rash if not get rid of it. Hope this helps.

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