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Rash from Drool

Does anyone have any suggestions to help with a rash around my poor baby boy's neck? I change his bib about 5 times a day and always pat it dry with a kleenex (wipes irritate it more), but it is getting worse. The pediatrician suggested vaseline since it won't matter if he gets that in his mouth. I am just thinking that there must be something better.

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Thanks for all the advice and help. I ended up taking him to the pediatrician for something else and the nurse recommended baking powder. It seems the rash can turn into a topical yeast infection and the corn starch would just feed it. Anyway, this morning, the rash has improved dramatically. Again, thanks for the support.

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Renew by Melaleuca (its a lotion) really helped my son (now 2), but he had eczema, too. It is a great fast working lotion and not irritating. The vaseline will create a barrier between the skin and the drool, so it will help, too! definitely do NOT use wipes, though! maybe keep a dry wash cloth handy and dab as often as possible! Good luck!

I used diaper rash cream on my little boy. Desitin or A+D Diaper Rash Ointment. A miniscule amount, smeared directly on the irritated part. He never got any in his mouth.

I always liked Aquaphor. It's thicker than Vaseline so it stays in place(not in his mouth), clears up the rash faster and you don't have to apply it as often.

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I can't belive that your ped gave you the okay for vaseline, "because it is okay for him to get that in his mouth". We surely can't eat the stuff. A better ointment is Lansinoh if you want to go that route. It can be found at rite aid in a purple box.It is a nipple cream, safe for baby's mouth and heals skin while it protects. It does tend to stain so keep those bibs on to protect the top of the clothing. Your baby is probably about to get some new teeth with all that drooling going on!

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Try putting A & D Ointment on it at nap time and at night. During this time, he is not drooling, the A & D will help heal the rash and will form a protective barrier. It is great for any type of rash or iritation.

Nope, Vaseline really is the best. It is so thick that is will not be rubbed off as easily. Make sure that he is in white onesies or a white shirt and wash them on hot to remove any residue. Other than that what you are doing is on tartet, but droolers are very hard to keep dry. The best thing is to prevent the excess moisture from being on the skin.

I had a terrible time with spit up with my two girls while they were tiny, and what worked for me was bibs that had a vinyl backing. I have no clue where they came from, I had a ton of them...I think given to us second hand (nice condition), but they worked wonders. I kept the bibs on them all the time while they were awake to keep their neck, chest, and shirt dry. The bibs would of course get disgusting, but I would change them throughout the day as needed. Another thing that helped me out was baby washclothes. They are soft, and small, and fit easily underneath the chin when feeding, to prevent any formula making its way down their chin.
And I second Calendula lotion, but that is more to get rid of what he already has. My daughter had a horrible diaper rash once, to the point of her screaming and crying...I put that lotion on before bed once, and it was gone in the morning. However, with my second daughter...it didn't work at all on her. So might at least be worth a try!

The best advice that I ever got from a "natural wholistic doctor" for any rash that deals with moisture....neck, bottom etc. is to keep it as dry as possible. cornstarch, or baby powder. My daughter would get such bad rashes almost open blister looking and we tried everything it looked so painful and then we tried cornstarch for 2 days and it was completely dry. Oh and when clothing got wet it was off immeadiately even if it was a small druel.

My son gets rash on his neck from drool as well. In addition to patting it dry and changing his bib and onsie I put corn starch on the area each night or during the day when it has gotten especially wet. Dont use baby powder because that can irritate his lungs if he inhales it. To make sure he doesnt inhale the cornstarch either I cover his face with one hand while I put the cornstarch on. I also pour the cornstarch into my hand away from him and then put it on his neck. A thin layer does wonders at absorbing the extra moisture and helping clear up the rash. I also found that if I bath him more frequently that the rash is better as well.

we gave my daughter drool/spit rags that she held. she or i would wipe her mouth all the time with it. now she holds a blankie at age 3 because she is so used to having something to hold.

Hello S.,

Try Calendula Gel, its all natural and works wonders on skin problems. I get mine from www.organicfooddepot.com, but it can be found at most health food stores.

Good luck, S. W.

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