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Rash from Drool

Does anyone have any suggestions to help with a rash around my poor baby boy's neck? I change his bib about 5 times a day and always pat it dry with a kleenex (wipes irritate it more), but it is getting worse. The pediatrician suggested vaseline since it won't matter if he gets that in his mouth. I am just thinking that there must be something better.

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Thanks for all the advice and help. I ended up taking him to the pediatrician for something else and the nurse recommended baking powder. It seems the rash can turn into a topical yeast infection and the corn starch would just feed it. Anyway, this morning, the rash has improved dramatically. Again, thanks for the support.

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Renew by Melaleuca (its a lotion) really helped my son (now 2), but he had eczema, too. It is a great fast working lotion and not irritating. The vaseline will create a barrier between the skin and the drool, so it will help, too! definitely do NOT use wipes, though! maybe keep a dry wash cloth handy and dab as often as possible! Good luck!

I used diaper rash cream on my little boy. Desitin or A+D Diaper Rash Ointment. A miniscule amount, smeared directly on the irritated part. He never got any in his mouth.

I always liked Aquaphor. It's thicker than Vaseline so it stays in place(not in his mouth), clears up the rash faster and you don't have to apply it as often.

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I can't belive that your ped gave you the okay for vaseline, "because it is okay for him to get that in his mouth". We surely can't eat the stuff. A better ointment is Lansinoh if you want to go that route. It can be found at rite aid in a purple box.It is a nipple cream, safe for baby's mouth and heals skin while it protects. It does tend to stain so keep those bibs on to protect the top of the clothing. Your baby is probably about to get some new teeth with all that drooling going on!

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Try putting A & D Ointment on it at nap time and at night. During this time, he is not drooling, the A & D will help heal the rash and will form a protective barrier. It is great for any type of rash or iritation.

Nope, Vaseline really is the best. It is so thick that is will not be rubbed off as easily. Make sure that he is in white onesies or a white shirt and wash them on hot to remove any residue. Other than that what you are doing is on tartet, but droolers are very hard to keep dry. The best thing is to prevent the excess moisture from being on the skin.

I had a terrible time with spit up with my two girls while they were tiny, and what worked for me was bibs that had a vinyl backing. I have no clue where they came from, I had a ton of them...I think given to us second hand (nice condition), but they worked wonders. I kept the bibs on them all the time while they were awake to keep their neck, chest, and shirt dry. The bibs would of course get disgusting, but I would change them throughout the day as needed. Another thing that helped me out was baby washclothes. They are soft, and small, and fit easily underneath the chin when feeding, to prevent any formula making its way down their chin.
And I second Calendula lotion, but that is more to get rid of what he already has. My daughter had a horrible diaper rash once, to the point of her screaming and crying...I put that lotion on before bed once, and it was gone in the morning. However, with my second daughter...it didn't work at all on her. So might at least be worth a try!

The best advice that I ever got from a "natural wholistic doctor" for any rash that deals with moisture....neck, bottom etc. is to keep it as dry as possible. cornstarch, or baby powder. My daughter would get such bad rashes almost open blister looking and we tried everything it looked so painful and then we tried cornstarch for 2 days and it was completely dry. Oh and when clothing got wet it was off immeadiately even if it was a small druel.

My son gets rash on his neck from drool as well. In addition to patting it dry and changing his bib and onsie I put corn starch on the area each night or during the day when it has gotten especially wet. Dont use baby powder because that can irritate his lungs if he inhales it. To make sure he doesnt inhale the cornstarch either I cover his face with one hand while I put the cornstarch on. I also pour the cornstarch into my hand away from him and then put it on his neck. A thin layer does wonders at absorbing the extra moisture and helping clear up the rash. I also found that if I bath him more frequently that the rash is better as well.

we gave my daughter drool/spit rags that she held. she or i would wipe her mouth all the time with it. now she holds a blankie at age 3 because she is so used to having something to hold.

Hello S.,

Try Calendula Gel, its all natural and works wonders on skin problems. I get mine from www.organicfooddepot.com, but it can be found at most health food stores.

Good luck, S. W.

Air. Lots of it as much as possible, which is hard because your baby's probably a little chubby in that area. My son's neck used to get raw and irritated because milk from feedings would fall down in the nooks and crannies, making his neck rolls damp. So I would lay down on his side during naptime and just let the air hit it. Especially after a bath. I tried vaseline, powder, ointments. Air worked best.

Hi, my little baby boy had cradle cap, dry sensitive skin and eczema since he was 3 weeks old. I tried a number of things and even ask on here for some advise. A few people suggested baby aquaphor and baby Burt’s bee, which help. The aquaphor is similar to Vaseline but just work much better and the baby Burt’s bee is an organic body wash to help with his skin and cradle cap. Now his skin is clear. I bought the baby aquaphor from cvs: http://www.cvs.com/CVSApp/catalog/shop_product_detail.jsp... and the baby Burt's bee from wegman grocery store. Hope this help.

Hi, Suzanne, Renew lotion is incredible on any type of rash, irritation, or dry skin issue. Surpassed Eucerin in clinical studies!!! Totally safe, no caustic ingredients, no chemical preservatives. Available thru Melaleuca. Good luck!
N. B.

My daughter had the same issue - my daycare provider started using the lotion-like baby powder (baby powder that goes on kind of wet but dries to a baby powder) and it worked wonderfully!! I think she used huggies brand. My daughter also had eczema and we were faithful aquaphor users but I found this didn't do the trick with her - we also periodically used hydrocortisone - but the powder worked the best!

my daughter started out wit this and it was later diagnosed as excema...try the ointment from aveeno with oatmeal

Try shea butter. It's natural, and healing. Vasoline is petroleum. Also, let the skin dry out as much as possible. See if he's allergic to the detergent you use. I hope this helps.

Hi Suzanne,

Make some natural chamomile tea infusion, leave it at room temperature and wipe the affected area a couple of times a day. You need to make fresh tea every other day or so. It works well on any kind of rash/eczema. Good luck!


Maybe you could try Lotrimin. It might help. YOur baby probblay has exzema, my daughter had it a little bit wiht acid reflux

I think we have all gone through this since all of our babies drool...LOL. My ped suggested vasaline as a preventative measure. Once my daughter actually got a rash she suggested Lotramin (yes the same stuff for feet). I don't know the generic name for it, but it has 1% after it. I was a little uncomfortable about putting it underneath her chin, but I just seemed to irritated by wiping it. So I gave in and followed directions, once in the am and once before bed. It cleared up immediately. Like someone else said if it get white dots its infected and they can give yu something stronger. Now that it's cleared up I continue to put vaseline under my daughters chin, just as a preventative measure twice a day.
Good luck.

Aquaphor worked on my sons irritated chin and CVS makes a generic version. K.

I used diaper rash cream on my little boy. Desitin or A+D Diaper Rash Ointment. A miniscule amount, smeared directly on the irritated part. He never got any in his mouth.

We had the same problem and aquaphor made it worse, actually, because by the time we heard to do that, it turned into a small yeast infection. Our holisic pedi suggested calendula cream, but that didn't work either. Finally, we gave her nystatin, which is an anti-fungal/yeast and it cleared up almost immediately.

I use/used the cornstarch as well and it worked wonders - I use it under the chin and in all my daughters' nooks and dimples (she's very chubby.)
I use an old blush brush (clean of course) and a dixie cup with the powder and just 'tickle' it on. = )

I also changed bibs often and frequently and tried to use ones that had a vinyl layer - I found some in Target the other day, they are terry on the top and bottom, but have some sort of waterproof layer in between, come in pairs and are more feeding bibs, but definitely worth having on hand.

Never did the sticky stuff route - that seemed kind of gross to me, and the last thing I'd want smearing everywhere - but then I was dealing with rolls of fat all over my little ones, not just under the neck. = )

Good luck!

That was one of the things my ped suggested to use when this happened to my daughter. We also kept her in a bib during her waking hours so that helped absorb some of the moisture. Another thing you could try is Aquaphor, its sort of the same thing as Vaseline.

Just keep an eye on it. If it starts to smell, then it can become a yeast infection & will need an Rx for it.

This may sound strange, but when my son was drooling so much I actually stopped using a bib, and it helped. HIs clothes were soaked, but I put a onsie under everything, and it didn't soak through that. I seemed to help keep the drool from pooling around his neck. Just a thought.


Is it possible the rash has contracted a yeast infection? It might be worth trying an anti-fungal cream on it for a few days. Yeast and fungus thrive in dampness.

Good luck-- it's hard to see babies be uncomfortable!

Definitely Vaseline. You just want something that forms a protective barrier between the baby's skin and anything wet. I used it for my triplets instead of diaper rash cream and it worked wonders. It saved me money at the same time.

Our doctor recommended aquaphor which works well with my daughter.

Hi Suzanne,

It may sound strange, but I sware by the original Desitin Creamy diaper rash ointment (not the overnight one). It REALLY Works! Try it, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Hi Suzanne,

Unfortunately your pediatrican is right. All you can really do is add vaseline to keep moisture out.

J. Z.
Independent Shaklee Distributor

Aquaphor lotion is great- like vaseline but better. you can also use diaper cream with zinc in it- which might not look great but would protect his skin and is safe.

I know my little nephew went to the dermitologist b/c of this and was given something. It helped some but the down side is that he just turned a year and still has of the rash. Overall, I agree with the previous writer that it will pass. All kids have something. Don't worry about it too much unless it bothers your little guy.

Hi Suzanne,

I would suggest a barrier like vaseline also. If that's to messy for you, you might try the new Desitin Clear that can be used anywhere. I don't think it's as greasy as vaseline. Also, I've used calming cream before which seems to help with rashes a little.


My dr told me to use diaper ointment on it all of the time, and when it got worse to use a hydrocortisone cream. It works really well. Maybe if you went to an organic market you could get organics of those... I don't know though.

My pediatrician had me use powder each time I changed the bib. I dried with the kneenex and then used the cornstarch powder by putting it on my hand and then applying to the neck (plus in any folds) so that it wasn't in the air to be breathed in. Worked for us.

You are not alone! LOL My son had the same issue at that age - at one time we were going through 12-15 bibs a day! I kept a dry bib on him as much as possible, in addition to wiping it with a baby washcloth. I didn't keep anything on it during the day, but each night after his bath he gets a massage with lotion. I was careful to cover that area with the lotion. That helped some as it was usually the best in the morning. I'm sure that "rash" bothers you much more than it does him. This too shall pass...

I always liked Aquaphor. It's thicker than Vaseline so it stays in place(not in his mouth), clears up the rash faster and you don't have to apply it as often.

Renew by Melaleuca (its a lotion) really helped my son (now 2), but he had eczema, too. It is a great fast working lotion and not irritating. The vaseline will create a barrier between the skin and the drool, so it will help, too! definitely do NOT use wipes, though! maybe keep a dry wash cloth handy and dab as often as possible! Good luck!

His chin is constantly wet. You may want to use a little ointment like Vaseline to protect to help repel the moisture.

Vaseline's kinda yucky...and petroleum based! I've always used Aquafor for my kids' skin issues, and I've used it head-to-toe on them. FYI, it's even great for dry, chapped lips.

my 3year daughter had very similar situation like yours one, rashes on mouth arm pit elbows necks, and as well drull whole day we keep on changing beep 5- 6 times a day. one thing has to check weather your child is weak in lower jaw muscle tone and sensory part, we tried stimulating her by massaging on lower jaws and also it helps with a pinch of lime just touching the kids tounge, or just the touch of a ice on tounge, it stimulate the sense and can get better hold of drulling, it is also good to give baby the bagel or hard stuff to chew, which works for my daughter, lotion or creame thing for babys helps a lot but again comes back, after a while, But then we figure out that something inside is not all right with her drulling and rashes, It is the diet, milk and dairy product which is the main source of problem so we then started giving her either cocunut milk, rice milk,or hem milk from (living harvest) and stoped her regular milk, The results are phenomenon she is stronger drull and rashes are instantly gone with her, i don't know but for my daughter it worked out, Joe traders has all the good stuff, good luck


My BF son has this problem. I know all the other people have recommended all kinds of stuff and those may work for your child. However, my friends son has dark skin and the irritation was actually affecting the pigment. Vaseline was the ONLY thing that helped it. He had a chubby little neck and the drool pools in the folds. Aquaphor is made to absorb liquid, it's a great product, I use it all the time but to keep a barrier the vaseline is really the best option. My mother and her mother suggested it and neither of us thought it would work but it did and eventually his skin healed and the pigment came back good as new.

I would try it first for a week or so and see what you think. it's easier then buying all different stuff and wasting money.

I hope it gets better!

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