Post-partum Headaches

Updated on October 05, 2009
R.S. asks from Newton, IA
13 answers

I have a friend who has been having daily headaches since her baby was born nearly 2 weeks ago. Has anyone heard of this and is there anything that will help her naturally. She really hates taking medication when she is nursing.

Oops! I should have mentioned that it was a completely natural home birth. No epidural complications to worry about. Thanks to all who have and will respond(ed).

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answers from Minneapolis on

Did she have an epiadural?
she could be having a "spinal" headache from that.
If so, she should call her doc ASAP. They can help.



answers from Dallas on

I *think* these occur because of the dramatic shift in blood volume and pressure post-partum. (Our blood volume morethan doubles during a pregnancy) SO, I would take a cup of coffee in the am to constrict the vessels. Of course, I am not breatfeeding with this one. That and I lent my body alot of vitamin support and stayed hydrated. That's all I got hope she gets a good one but I would warn against taking herbal remedies without doing thorough research on the substance. Especially if she is breast feeding sometimes these can be even worse than OTC pain killers. GOOD LUCK,SISTER.



answers from St. Cloud on

Definitely tell her to GO TO THE CHIROPRACTOR!

Has helped me EVERY time I've gone. And I've gotten the really tough migraine ones (where you fell so bad you can't even stand without your head hurting and thinking you're going to throw up) even and it helped!!

Another thing I use at home when I can't get to the chiropractor immediately is Young Living Essential Oils. I rub PEPPERMINT on the back of my neck and on my forehead where it is hurting and then helps quite a bit as well. Then you are supposed to put a drop or two in your hand and take a really deep breath of it.

The great thing about these two ideas is that NEITHER one has any side effects that will go to the baby through her milk!!! Tell her to give them a try~~


answers from Madison on

It could be a lot of things. If she had an epidural it could be a spinal headache (is it better when she is laying flat?) if not I would have her go to the Chiropractor.



answers from St. Cloud on

I also had headaches. After a visit to the ER cause they were so bad it was determined high blood pressure. I was on med for a short time.


answers from Minneapolis on

Hi R.-

For sure-- make sure your friend seeks medical advice to rule out a spinal leak like others have posted-- best safe than sorry.

More likely hormones, dehydration and could also be due to low omega 3 fatty acids if she wasn't supplementing during pregnancy. To test a good one- dissolve it in hot water- body temp h20- in a white styrofoam cup and the cup should melt away (made of some fats the omega 3 should dissolve or not doing any good inside your body)

Biggest thing that comes to mind-- upset sleep patterns too.

About me: 49 yo perfusionist, wellness coach just starting a new group in our online biggest loser for $$, wife and mom to 8 yo twin girls.

B. J



answers from Omaha on

Did she have an epidural? If so, tell her to try some caffeine...a lot of it. I've heard from a couple ladies that drs. recommended it helps with headaches, that come after an epidural. Like a red bull drink...that kinda caffeine.



answers from Milwaukee on

yes, I've heard of it. If I remember correctly, it was either due to an epidural or to the hormones that nursing produced. She should tell her doctor.
hope that helps.


answers from Minneapolis on

I had these also due to my epidural. I was not however breast feeding so I took lots of Excederin Migraine and all though it didn't take the pain completely away it did take that major edge off. I would call the dr too see what is safe with the breastfeeding...



answers from Minneapolis on

Hello, You can get really bad headachs from a epidural if she had one during labor I believe it is call a spinal headach. Shows up after baby is born and they can be VERY bad. Tell her to talk to her doctor and see if there is anything they can give her that is ok to take while breastfeeding, I am sure there is.

Hope she feels better soon!
H. S.



answers from Minneapolis on

My first thought was dehydration. With nursing, is she drinking enough pure water? She should drink a full 8 oz glass while nursing. Hormones can cause headaches. She should discuss this with her doctor at her babies well baby checkup. I wish your friend well. L. in MN



answers from Minneapolis on

I had headaches like that too. In fact, get them during my off-week on the pill. So assume it is due to the shifting hormone levels post-partum as well as the dramatic decrease in blood volume AND the loss of water weight thru post-partum night sweats. I too did not want to take OTC meds and so stuck with lots of water, hot or cold compresses, sunglasses, no TV or reading, neck rubs by husbands, and a judicious does of coffee/tea (because one of the key ingredients in OTC headache meds is caffeine.



answers from Des Moines on

I would advise her to see an acupuncturist who is experienced in Chinese medicine (that is, not a chiropractor who does a little acupuncture too).

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