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Can I Take Excedrin Tension While I'm Pregnant?

This is my 2nd pregnancy, And I've sufferd Migrains that will last a week long at a time. I'm 8 weeks and I heard that U can take Excedrin Tension Because it dosent have and asprin in it. I believe its like tylenol only with alot of Caffiene 65 miligrams. The last week Ive felt like Ive had to take 1 or 2 a day to function as a mom of a 20 month old. HELP!!!
tell me if im doing wrong by taking it?? cuz tylenol just dosnt do the trick for me.

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C., I'd avoid the Excedrin!

Go for Tylenol. Drink A LOT of water. Eat more often in smaller portions. Sleep more. Utilize chiropractic and massage therapies. These things will help you avoid headaches.

And congratulations.

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I get migraines, too, and they started when I was pregnant with my first child. I am a "lightweight" with medicine. The tiniest bit of anything (especially Excedrin) makes my stomach really upset. I have learned a trick that works for me. When I first sense a migraine coming on, I eat a chocolate bar with some Coke. It tends to ward off the headache or at least lessen it so that I don't need medicine. I don't know why it works--maybe the combination of caffiene and sugar.

Another thing that helps a lot is if I lie down in a dark room with a cold rag over my forehead, eyes, and sinus area. That at least makes the pain managable so I can sleep it off.

One other thing that has worked for me is visiting a chiropractor WHILE I was having the headache. He did some pressure points on my skull, neck, and eye sockets that hurt like heck but completely took the migraine away. Now that I know where those points are, I can do them on myself, and they work pretty well for me.

Hope this helps.


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Excedrin has ibuprofen and asprin products in them, so no you probably cannot take it. Talk to your Dr.
I had migraines before I got pregnant so the Dr allowed me one COKE each morning or one cup of coffee as the caffiene helped relieve my headaches, however other then Tylenol that was it. Asprin and ibuprofen can cause bleeding and they thin your blood, which is the reason you cannot take them, minimal caffiene isn't as bad. I would always talk to your Dr and not go from this site first as he or she will answer you the right way.

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Hi C.,

I've had migraines all my life, and they were horrible during all 3 of my pregnancies. During my second pregnancy, I spoke with my doctor about it, and he gave me a prescription for Fioricet. It's basically a strong dose of tylenol with caffeine. It was a LIFESAVER and got me through my second pregnancy and my third! I would definitely talk with your doctor about medicine for your migraines. There is no reason why you should have to suffer through that pain.

I'm not sure about Excedrin Tension, but you may want to ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Good luck to you, and feel better soon!

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The only way you can take excedrin is if it has Acetmetaphin (The basic ingrediant in Tylenol.) in it. If it does not have acetmetaphin in it, then chance are you should not take it. The doctors tell you NO caffine during pregnacy any way. I know it sucks, because your head is just throbbing with pain, I would call your doc and ask. Just to be on the safe side. You just don't want to risk anything. I'm 8 months pregnant with my second and My doc at Womens First in Loveland told me with headaches and migraines take Extra Strength Tylenol, and if the migraine doesn't go away, try turning off all the lights in a bedroom and lay down with a warm rag over your eyes. Thats as far as it goes. I suffered all throughout my first pregnancy with migraines and after the 3rd migraine that excedrin bottle looked pretty tempting. Call your doctor before you do anything.
Hope this helps good luck with your migraines I hope they go away for you!

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My doctor perscribed me Percocet when I was pregnant... but not until the second trimester. I would try to avoid any kind of meds until the then. I asked my doc why, and she said it was because the first trimester is when most of the chemical creating in happening with your baby, so that's when foreign substances (like medicines) will affect it's development the most. But ask your doctor- they will know best what will work in your particular situation.

P.S. As a side note- I kept my 2-Pepsi-a-day habit right on throughout my pregnancy, and my daughter not only turned out fine, but she has slept through the night (from 8pm to 7am with no waking periods) since she was 5 weeks old.... so do what feels right for you! ;-)

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I get migraines and especially while pregnant. During this last pregnancy they told me I probably shouldn't take my migraine medicine while pregnant and to maybe drink a pepsi when one comes on and it really worked on taking the headache away. I don't drink caffeine at all so maybe that is why it worked when I drank one for the headache. If someone already drinks a lot of caffeine I don't know if it will work as good. Good luck!! You could call the Pregnancy Risk Line and they can pretty much tell you anything. You can call any OB's office and get that number.

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Check with your doctor, but I wouldn't be taking anything that powerful until you get the ok. Chiropractic care is great. If you need a good doctor, let me know. Good luck!

I think you'd better call your doc to find out for sure. I know when I was pg I wasn't allowed much caffeine per day (one cup coffee - half decaf) because it has been linked to a higher risk of miscarriage. Studies may differ now, but I'd still check.

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