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"Pocks" on My Fingernails..?

Odd question I know, but does anyone know what it means when you have like small "pocks" or divots in your nail bed?
I haven't had a manicure or fake nails in more than a year... and my mom says I am lacking something in my diet and I need to see a dr. +sigh+
I am breastfeeding and am concerned that the baby gets all he needs but I really think maybe its just a thing..?
so anyhow its just one nail on each hand and just looks like hail damage
any clues?

What can I do next?

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If you mean those white spots, I have heard it is lack of calcium. Dont know if this is true or an old wives tale, though.

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I asked my nutritionist about it and she said it is a deficiency and you should be tested to see what it is. I wouldn't go to a regular doctor. She said if the deficiency is showing up in the nail to that extent then it is as the clinical level and needs to be treated. She's in Wichita Falls but you can call her from anywhere. Dr. Donna Smith, Advanced Clinical Nutrition, ###-###-#### or ____@____.com can help you with nutritional therapy rather than something chemical the doctor might give you. You want to go as natural as possible if you're nursing! She is a clinical nutritionist - Clinical Nutrition (Ph.D.), Doctor of Naturopathy (N.D.), Licensed Dietitian-Nutritionist (C.D.N.), Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist (C.C.N.), Canadian Chartered Herbalist (C.H.). Don't call the doctor for something that is nutrition related!!

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Your mom is right! That happened to me when I was nursing. You are lacking something in your diet (most likely b/c dear sweet baby is taking it) and it is probably best to see a Dr.

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I would head in to the dr, could be a lot of different things, from a nail fungus to a vitamin deficiency. There are PLENTY of safe meds you can take while nursing, so don't panic. Get yourself checked out, you'll feel better! Good luck!

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I have also got those divots. Actually, it started on one nail, at the cuticle area. I went to the dr., and she told me it was trauma. She was wrong, because it kept coming and coming back.

It took a good 7 to 8 months for my nail to finally clear up. Then, it started to happen again. It does not seem to be nearly as bad this time. Oddly enough, this time it seems to be connected to these oozing sores on my scalp. (It sounds horrible. You must be picturing me as a monster!)

I did some searching and I am wondering if it psoriasis. It is NOT fungus - that starts at the tip of the nail. I am not that worried about it. I am going to bring it up to my doctor at my annual check up in August.

Please let us know what is going on if you find out!

Your mom is right. It is probably calcium but not sure. G. W

If you mean those white spots, I have heard it is lack of calcium. Dont know if this is true or an old wives tale, though.

This is called oniconychia and is from damage done to the nail

Hi D.,
I have the same problem. I also was a cosmetologist for years and did manicures as well as sculptured nails. Not going to say that this is your problem but I do know that some people who wear sculps or even just fake nails of any kind may cause damage to thier nail bed. More than likely that is what has happend to yours. There isn't anything that you can do to reverse that. Sorry. I hope you can find something that will help. I know that wasn't much help but thought you should know.
Good Luck & God Bless,

I hate to mention it, but it might be nail fungus. There isn't really much you can do right now since you're breast feeding. I would try to keep your nails clean and scrubed (no polish) and use a little tea tree oil on the affected nail. Time will tell. If it is a fungus and gets worse, the only real cure is an oral medication, but NO WAY you can take it while nursing (it is really hard on your liver). It is just a thought, but don't freak out either way. It sounds nasty, but it is very common and treatable...IF that's even what you're describing:)

If you think it is a vitamin deficiency, Ultra Nails is a great vitamin source and you can get it at Royal Pantry in Duncanville (maybe other health food stores also). Many stores have a nutritionalist on staff who can help you find the right product after looking at your nails. I was having a lot of splitting of my nails and have seen a good improvement after taking Ultra Nails but I had to take it for 3 months before I saw an improvement.

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