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Pen Marks on Shoes

My 2 year old daughter wrote on her white leather shoes with a black pen and Ive tried lots of things to get the ink off the shoes. I tried soapy water, the mr.clean magic eraser and those things didnt work. Any advice to get it off would be great

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Well i want to thank you al for your advice. This is my first time on this website and now i love it. Well i used to goo gone, hairspray, and the alchohol and i didn't work. I used the hairspray and it just faded the ink off of the shoes. I think i let the ink sit in for too long. I have decided to just leave the scribbles on her shoes. But thanks a bunch everyone for the great advice. And now i know what to use the next my daughter decides to draw a picaso. Thanks!!!!!

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I hope you have gotten the mark out by now, but if not try bacon grease. weird i know, but i used to us it to get pen and crayon marks off wooden doors and my fridge.
If all else fails get some fabric paint and put designs on the shoes.

Since the mark is already there and the shoes may already be ruined, my suggestion is to try a tiny bit of Comet and rub very lightly on the spot. I use Comet when my kids get a hold of Sharpies and it usually works well and with little or no damage or scratches to whatever they have written on. I don't think they've ever written on shoes but it's worth a shot, I think.

This may sound funny but try perfume . I know that it works on other things . My daughter use to write on everything.

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Try some W-D 40, I read somewhere that it will even remove permanent marker.

my mom always cleaned my white church shoes w' comet { try on a small spot to make sure it doesnt damage you daughters shoes. also alcohol is a good cleaner for white shoes.

Acetone! Works like magic to get pen off white leather shoes!!!
you can find it at any hardware store......you could try nail polish remover but i used pure acetone! NO MORE PEN MARKS!!!!! 100%

i hope this works if its just get shoe polish and fix them up

Plain rubbing alcohol works very well in getting out ink stains. I would test first on an inconspicous area. Good luck!

If it is patten leather, then hair spray may work. I know it sounds crazy but when my daughter who is now 6 was 1 and 1/2, she wrote on the white wall with a black pen. I was watching Oprah and she had a show where there were stay at home moms who gave old wive's tale advice. When I heard about the hair spray thing, I grabbed my Rave 2 and it really worked. I was so excited I gave my daughter another black pen and told her to write away. I spent the whole afternoon just cleaning pen marks off the wall and actually enjoyed it. Of course she was my only child at the time (Now I have 4). And the paint on the walls had a glossy finish. I've tried the same trick with walls that had a matte finish. It doesn't work very well there. So if the shoes aren't patten leather then I wouldn't try the hair spray.

Nail Polish remover just worked on my son's white leather shoes.

Hi A.,

I had to get black Sharpie off of our coffee table yesterday when my daughter decided to have an artistic moment. How she got it is a different story but I used Goo Gone to get it off. I normaly use it to get adhesive off of things but it's great to get just about anything off - gum, tar, lipstick (we may need it for this as they get older) and ink. I've used it to get small ink marks off of our leather furniture so hopefully it will work on her pretty white shoes too. :o)

Good luck!

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