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Painful Running: During and After

Hi Moms,

I work out regularly and prefer to do so in a class format. When I can't make it to the gym I run either outside (trail / sometimes cement) or on the tread mill. It doesn't matter where I run, how long, how much I stretch out after I am always extremely sore in my hips and knees while I run and then that evening and the next day. I know some of it may be because I do not do it often (maybe once a week) but I feel some of it may be my form.

My question: any hints or web-sites that can help me to work on my form to see if that helps.

Anyone have a similar experience?

Thanks for your help.

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I only run in one pair of shoes I have been properly fitted for, with inserts, and replace them about every 10-12 months (but only wear them once weekly at most. I have not considered a chiropractor but may need to. It looks like I will be watching a lot of videos too. Fast walking may be something to consider. Thank you so much.

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I also had leg & foot pain that kept me from running and even dancing until I saw a Rolfer. I would describe Rolfing as a kind of intense masage therapy that corrects problems by releasing muscle fascia & ligaments.

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I had the same problem until I spent a few hours on YouTube researching good running form. My technique was completely wrong, and as a result I had to concentrate on each part of my feet and legs for each step for the next few runs. At the same time, I went and got fitted for the proper shoes and inserts at a running store. 100 percent improvement! I haven't had sore hips or knees since. All those years I thought I knew what I was doing and turns out I was completely wrong.
Reading about proper running form and actually watching it in slow motion on a video are entirely different, at least for me. Good luck! It's frustrating to change the way you naturally run, but you can do it :)

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Are you taking a glucosamine chondroitin suppliment? You really should. I take it every evening. I am currently training for a marathon and my knees and hips give me trouble. Once when my hip hurt too much I went to the chiropractor and it seemed that my back was out which was pushing on a nerve that went through my hip...strange how our bodys are connected...Anyway, 3 adjustments and it was better. Sounds like you are doing the right thing by having "running only" shoes. That is VERY important. Lots or stretching and lunges help too. http://www.runnersworld.com/ is a very good site. I really like it. Also www.mapmyrun.com is cool if you get more into running outside. Good luck!!!

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Hmmm... My two cents... If the pain is specifically in your joints (hip and knee) and not in the leg or buttox muscles then you might be overly stressing the joints, compounding the joints, creating an inflammation/bursitis of the joint or possibly a stress fracture.

Some questions:

How often are you replacing your shoes? Even if the bottom tread is good, the internal support might have broken down. When I exercise often, I replace my shoes every 6-8 weeks. I also have custom shoe inserts.

Have you tried seeing a chiropractor? If your hip is tilted, high impact exertion could cause additional stress on your joints.

Can you allow yourself to take a break from running and do fast walking instead? See if that helps.... If it doesn't help (to take a break from high impact exercise or trying chiropractics) or if the pain returns after you resume running, the you might need to investigate whether you have a bursitis or stress fracture.

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I also had leg & foot pain that kept me from running and even dancing until I saw a Rolfer. I would describe Rolfing as a kind of intense masage therapy that corrects problems by releasing muscle fascia & ligaments.

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It sounds like you need to go to a chiropractor. The pain and soreness you describe sounds very much like you are out of alignment and the stresses and pressures on your skeletal system from running are causing that pain.

I'd definitely go see a chiropractor.

I'm not much of a runner myself, although I intend to try harder after my son is born (I'm 29 weeks)... but its so hard!! Kudos to you! The first time I ever put on some running shoes and went out for a jog my body immediately went, "What!? What!? What's chasing us!!?"

I'll bet if you go in for an adjustment things will feel better.

Good luck!

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You mention going to a gym. See if you can talk to a trainer. A friend of mine met with a treainer for a while and he showed her the proper way to run (something with toes first). She said it was hard to change at first but she noticed a huge improvement in the way she felt during and after and she also had no more shin splints. Sometimes a beneift of a gym is talking to a trainer without actually having to pay for sessions since it is not really a session,. though would cost probably the same as a chiro visit.

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Get rid of the insert and get rid of the shoes. Your pain will go away if you relearn the proper way to run while barefoot. http://therunningbarefoot.com/?page_id=525

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If its anything like what I had I would go to a chiropractor to have your spin checked it may be out of line or pinching a nerve. If they can't help they will tell you what you can do to fix the pain.

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Hi, Depending on what type of group exercise classes you are doing, you may need to add plyometrics into your routine before just going for runs. Your hips, knees and core have to be extremely stable to with stand the force that comes along with running.

L. T

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Check out Athletico. They have several locations around the city and they will do a free evaluation of the problem and recommended course of action. I used them twice last year while training for the marathon and both times they were able to diagnose the problem and correct with simple exercises. Neither time did I require physical therapy. There was literally no charge. Seriously, they were great. I was new to running and they came to me as a result of recommendations from other more experienced runners. I highly recommend them.

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Athletico plus looking at your shoes (you may be wearing the wrong type for your type of running gait). That's where I would start.

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