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No Monthly Visitor for Last 2 months...but My Tubes Are Tied

Hello Moms! I have been trying to ignore the fact that I was supposed to start my period over 4 weeks ago thinking maybe it was just the stress of getting kids ready to start school again ect. But the start of school has come and gone and still no signs of my period. About a week ago I took a pregnancy test, just to be on the safe side and it read negative. I have had some strange signs...swelling in my feet, bloating, tenderness, headaches...but I just keep telling myself that I am having pre menstral symptoms and not to worry. My question= do I need to see a Dr? I havent had any pains or symptoms that I am affraid of, but is it usual to skip a month or two at any specific time? I have always been alot like clockwork and am only 28 years old. Thank you for any thoughts and advice you may have!

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I hope this helps but I got my tubes tied two years ago and I still haven't gotten a monthly period. It comes ever other month, and if I remember right it didn't start for two to three months. I think if you are uncomfortable I would go see the Dr. just in case.

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It makes no difference if your tubes are tied, my girlfriend had hers tied and ended up pregnant anyway.
But either way honey you need to make an appointment with your doctor.
You could need some hormones to keep your period regular.
Good luck and call your doctor.

Always go see your Dr if there is a problem. Going a month without a period could be so many things.
Just be safe, make sure everything is fine.
It may be nothing but it is always better to even just call your Dr and ask if you should come in.
Especially if you have always been on time.

My period had been really exact for two years before I had my 20 month old. I got my tubes tied the day I had her, and my period has been jacked up ever since! I have way worse pms symptoms, and even hotflashes. What your doctor won't tell you....but that I have been told by a couple of nurses in my family is that a tubal ligation can send you into a sort of pre menopause. However, you should still go to the doctor, just to be certain there isn't something more to worry about. Stay on top of that female health! Good luck!


I would absolutely plan to meet with an ob/gyn. You can certainly retry the preg. test to see what comes up (or doesn't!). I took six tests with my first to get a correct positive diagnosis. If you are not pregnant, you should investigate why your body is acting strangely. It is always a good policy to stay on top of changes in your health.

Best of luck,

A., I am the kind of person who drags my feet a bit about seeing the doctor, but in this case it would probably be worth it, if nothing more than for peace of mind.

A few years back when my husband and I were trying to have our first child, my body suddenly stopped cycling. I took test after test thinking I was pregnant. I was really moody, periodically nauseated, and I was always sure I was pregnant, but I wasn't. For six months it was like I was in a holding pattern until I finally called my doctor about it. When he saw me there was nothing wrong, and he simply prescribed something that jumpstarted my system again. It was no big deal.

Anyway, I wouldn't let it go -- there's no sense in being stuck in PMS for months on end.

You know what you need to do... see your Dr. Could be pregnant, could be nothing, could be something you need to be aware of. Only your Dr. can say for sure. Good luck.

You might want to call your doctor just to be on the safe side, but don't worry too much. How long has it been since you had your last baby? How long ago did you have your surgery? Are you currently on the pill? All of these questions could have a bearing on when you get your period. Just make sure you keep track of it so you're aware of just how often you're missing and so you can tell your doctor at your next appointment. I was going every other month a couple of years ago and had never missed a period except for when I was pregnant. My doctor said it was totally normal and not to worry. Good luck!

Since you are normally very regular, I would go to the Dr. just to be on the safe side. It could mean nothing, but its best not to mess with your health!

Hi A. - If it were me, I would try the pregnancy test again (first pee in morning is best) and then set an appt. with your doc. Why leave anything to chance or spend time worrying about something unnecessarily? It could be really simple - stress, changes in weight, thyroid or other hormone fluctuation that can be diagnosed with a blood test.

btw - I thought it was hilarious all the names the girls have for their "monthly visitor" - "Aunt Flo" is my favorite!

good luck A.!

Retake the home pregnancy test. They are just as accurate as the ones in the doctor's office. It doesn't sound like you are pregnant but if you don't get your period in a few weeks, I would go to the doctor just to find out what actually is going on.

I went through a very similar situation, went to the Dr, he did a few blood tests to make sure my hormones were in fact fluctuating. He said everything was fine I just needed to relax. Keep in mind I was going nearly six months without Aunt Flo. I wish I had asked more questions. A few years later I discovered my blood sugar was very off. I'm not diabetic, but rather insulin resistant. The side affects can house a number different responses including timing for a woman's cycle. When I discovered this and got on medicine (at first) and changed my diet my cycles have returned without any problems. The test is very simple just like a glucose test during pregnancy except they draw blood every 30 minutes to test your insulin responses. Couldnt hurt to ask about it!

I would call your doctor and schedule an appointment. There is a slight chance of getting pregnant after getting your tubes tied. Or it could be something else possibly requiring medical attention. You want to get checked out, at least for piece of mind.

I hope this helps but I got my tubes tied two years ago and I still haven't gotten a monthly period. It comes ever other month, and if I remember right it didn't start for two to three months. I think if you are uncomfortable I would go see the Dr. just in case.

I would go see the doctor just to get checked out. You never know. I have heard of people getting pregnant even when their tubes were tied. However it is a slim possibility. I also would recommend checking out this website, www.arbonne.com. I am a consultant for this company. We have an all natural hormone balancing cream. Yes it really works. It may be that your hormones are out of balance. If you want more info please let me know. Thanks and God bless, L. O.

I would first suggest you take a pregnancy test. I have known several women who had their tubes tied and still got pregnant. Definitely also call your doctor, I don't think it is normal to go that long without a menstrual period. Good luck!

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