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Morning Sickness, but Not Pregnant

Has anyone ever experienced morning sickness when they were not pregnant? For the last 2 months, for a few days before my period, I get horrible nausea. I feel like I have morning sickness, like I did when I was pregnant, but worse. Last night I got up in the middle of the night and felt like I was going to throw up. I feel like I am crazy! I know that I am not pregnant. Took a couple of tests, and my period came right on time, both this and last month. If anyone knows what causes this or has experienced it, any advice would be much appriciated.

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I've had the same thing happen. My GYN says that it's most likely my sensitivity to hormonal changes. I was never like this until after I had my son.

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Yes. I have had that. Ever since I was pregnant with my daughter 7 years ago, I will sometimes have morning sickness symptoms. Sometimes it corresponds to getting my period and other times it doesn't. I had gestational diabetes with both my daughter (she is 7 now) and my son (who is 2 1/2). I found that if my sugar levels are off, if I have a sudden change in blood flow (from changing too quickly from a lying to a standing position), or my hormone levels being off can all cause nausea. Having the symptoms isn't in itself something to worry about but you should check it out with your doctor. They can run a blood test to check your thyroid hormone levels or have you check your blood sugars when it happens to see if either or these are the cause. It is probably nothing to worry about but it's best to check with your doctor to be sure.

Good luck.

hello,my 21 y/o niece was experiencing the same thing for 2 months and took 4 home tests all came back neg. but she said she just didnt feel right so she went to the dr.'s for blood work and sure enough she is preggo.the same thing happened to her mom 21 years ago so maybe you sould have blood work done to be sure and if you are not pregnant you will still be able to talk to your gyn about the changes in your period.hope this helps a lil .....good luck and more power to ya for homeschooling i think that is great!!!!

I've been going through the same thing since my daughter was born. I get it about a 2 weeks before my period comes. I thought the same thing..."Can I really be pregnant again?" I talked to the doctor about it, and she said that its just my hormones becuase I am not on any type of birth control to control my hormone levels. I get the same thing though. I get really nauseas and everything.. just like when I was pregnant. I only get it at night though. I haven't had any problems during the day. Are you on any type of birth control. Sometimes the birth control can make you feel that way too depending on when you take it. If you want to be sure, I would have the blood work done just to be on the safe side. But if you aren't experiencing any other side effects, and you are getting your period, more than likely its probably not because you are pregnant. Good luck..

Are you dehydrated? Being dehydrated makes me more prone to nausea (esp while lactating). Maybe you're more prone to dehydration during PMS?

First let me ask you how long its been since you were pregnant last? If you have recently had a baby it could be part of some post pardom, it can take up to six months for your body's hormones to get back to normal and it may be causing you to get sick. I know people who experienced both mental and physical effects of post pardom. If you haven't had a baby recently it could just be that your cycle is changing. When I was in high school I used to throw up every time I got my period, then my periods changed and for years I didn't get nearly as sick, then after my second child my periods got bad again and the severe nausea returned. Either way I don't think your crazy just one of those unfortunate women who gets really yucky pms.

You should go to the doctor and have your hormones checked. I went through something similar to that a couple years ago and was really scared since my tubes are tied and I had a dermoid tumor. Basically it's a cyst but it can mask the symptoms of pregnancy.

i am the same way. i get really sick before and during my perod. I am nausea all the time, I take zantac for my GERD, I found that my zantac helps sometimes. The Dr has never been able to give me a answer..If you find something out let me know

For the past few months- Since I have stopped nursing my son basically my period has been very odd. I as well have been feeling like I've had morning sickness. Like an underlying nausea feeling right before my period and the first day or two into it. It's weird. I have no suggestions but I thought knowing that you are not alone would at least let you feel that nothing is wrong!

It is possible to still be pregnant. I've known women who had periods throughout the 9 months. I was 2 months pregnant and my at home test came up negative. Maybe a blood test?

I had nausea with my periods before I became pregnant, none after. I talked to my doctor and he said that body changes from age and pregnancy have changed my periods. I went from dysmennorhea to basically normal periods. It just may be a change in your body's reaction to that time of the month.

I get the same thing... in fact that's how i know i'm about to get my period (i'm to lazy to keep track on a calendar).

I get that way as well. I know mine is related to stress and not eating sometimes in the morning. I know for a fact that I am not pregnant because I had my tubes tied in 2002 after my daughter was born. I currently attend Medix (I graduate in April) where I am studying to become a Medical Office Assistant.

I've had the same thing happen. My GYN says that it's most likely my sensitivity to hormonal changes. I was never like this until after I had my son.


I started having the same problem over a year ago. Along with the nausea, I get the other symptoms of pregnancy during my PMS stage. It usually starts about 3-7 days before my start day, and usually lasts a few days into my cycle. I suggest talking it over with your doctor, as there are PMS medications that my help with your symptoms, or it may be the beginning symptoms of something else. Good luck!!!

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