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My Dryer Is Ruining My Clothes.

I've seen other requests posted about this but I hadn't had this problem before now and it's quite infuriating! Everytime I take a load of laundry out of the dryer at least one article has a big ugly brown scorch mark on it. There's no way to remove it as far as cleaners but does anyone know what is causing this? I have a Kenmore but other than that I don't know much about it.

What can I do next?

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If your dryer isn't level it may cause it to rock back and forth whether you can tell or not which in turn could cause wires to cross or come loose and your dryer to get too hot and burn clothes. You might take the back off of the dryer and see if any of the wires look out of place or loose.

My old dryer did that and we had to replace it. It started with leaving a scorch mark and then it stopped drying the clothes. I would have to do two sometimes even three cycles. I think it may have something with the thermostat being messed up, or maybe even going out. All I know is we got a new dryer and I don't have that problem anymore. Our dryer was very old!


When was the last time you cleaned out the vent for the dryer? If lint builds up in the dryer vent (not the lint trap, but the vent that vents the steam/hot air out of the house), it can cause the dryer to run hotter than it should. If you don't feel comfortable cleaning that out yourself, contact a company that does airduct cleaning and see if they also do dryer vent cleaning.

number one get it serviced immediately because it presents a fire hazard. if it is getting hot enough to scorch clothes something isn't right. then do what the service tech says. i wouldn't even use it until a service repair man comes to look at it. to risky. if they can't fix it, sounds like it is time to get a new one.

We were told it was the belt needing to be replaced....it was not a 'burn' on our clothes although that is what it looked like. If you ran a rag or towel between the part that does not go around and the part that does...that is where the stain was coming from. Clothes were getting in there during the cycle and getting the 'burn type' mark on it, which I never figured out how to get out. We were told considering the age of the unit it was not worth the repair for a belt...apparently they are not easy to work on. We replaced the dryer with one we got off craigslist for pretty cheap.

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