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Weird Brown Marks on My Clothes Coming Out of the Dryer!

I'm not sure if this is happening in the washer or dryer, but when I take my clothes out of the dryer, several pieces have these brown, almost burn-like, marks on them. I've been unsuccessful in getting them out, too, so it's totally ruining my stuff! Any idea what this is, why it's happening, or how to fix it??? As always, I really appreciate your help!

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Thanks to all you awesome ladies that responded! I did a little research to find out if it was happening in the washer or the dryer and it seems that my clothing is getting stuck in the drum of the dryer and getting burned, so I need to have that fixed. Great info, ladies - thanks again!


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Hi L.,

this exact thing happened to me as well. They are actually scortch marks and won't come out. Unfortunately, I had to buy a new dryer:(

It could be iron or rust build up from the water. Sorry, don't know how to fix that once it's there. I know a way to prevent it is this stuff found in the detergent aisle...i think it's called Calgon, but wait, isn't that the name of the bubble bath stuff?

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Well to give you a different perspective, I had the same thing happening and it took me a LONG time to figure out that the problem was in the washing machine. I had acquired a small rust mark at the bottom of the washer that started under the lip of the agitator and when I did my clothes and let them finish overnight, the clothes that laid on the rust mark acquired the mark on the shirt. There was no way for me to wash it out, nor does it get any lighter. I have found that I simply cannot leave clothes in my washer overnight (unless they're black!) if I don't want to have a permanent mark on them. Good Luck with all the answers you've received!

Hi, years ago I noticed dark, grease like marks on our clothes. It was the washer's belt disintergating and throwing specks into the water. I got the washer fixed and it's never happened since. Try Rit stain remover--that stuff is great! Good luck. Denise

I went through this a few years ago with my dryer. Not brown, but black. I kept checking to see if there was a pen or crayon left in there. NOT. I was going nuts! Turns out that either it was a belt that was old and creating smear marks, or part of the motor that was tossing some grease or oil about.
Hubby looked into it, managed to figure it out, fixed it, and voila! No more marks on the clothes.
So for now, don't use your dryer till the problem is taken care of. Wash your stuff at home if you will, but I'd suggest going to the laundrymat to dry. They'll work faster too as they're larger capacity.

I know what you are saying. My dryer was doing the same thing. After awhile it started making a loud sweeking noise, so my husband took it apart and found that part of the heating coil was getting to hot, and you could see that it was burning the back of the dryer (both inside & outside). I think what was happening is that the clothes would get stuck on between the drum and the opening while in the dryer and with the heating coil buring to hot, it was buring my clothes. Needless to say, we bought a new dryer. I'm thankful it was making a sweeking sound. It forced us to take apart the dryer to see what the problem was before it caught fire and ruined more then just our clothes.

Good Luck!

I asked my husband about your problem and he said it sounds like your drum may be out of line and this is causing your clothes to get stuck. He said that you probably need a new drum but since these can get expensive in replacing them it is probably better to just get a new dryer.
Good luck!

Hi L.,
I'm not sure what may be causing the brown marks-I hope it isn't actual burn marks, or you could have a dryer that is failing and could be dangerous. For the brown spots, you might try Shaklee's Nature Bright laundry booster. It works better than Oxiclean or anything else and is all natural and nontoxic. Also take your lint filter out of your dryer and hold it under some running water. If the water pools on the filter, you are getting a build up from you laundry products that is obstructing the air flow, and this needs to be scrubbed off periodically. My friend knew someone that almost burned their house down because the air flow was blocked and the heater unit burned out. Most laundry products are petroleum based and contain chemicals that remain on your clothing (like on the lint filter) and are absorbed through your skin. I use Shaklee plant based, safe laundry products, and when I held my lint filter under the water, the water flowed right through. Tide, All, Gain, and Dash contain 1-4 dioxane, which is a human carcinogen (causes cancer). 1-4 dioxane is also in many baby washes- Disney Clean as Can Bee, Gerber Grins and Giggles, Huggie's Natural Baby Care, Johnson's Kids Shampoo, Sesame Street Wet Wild, Scooby Doo, etc.---you get the idea. I have a complete list if you would like me to mail it to you. I also love Shaklee's recyclable paper dryer sheet- they work great and I use them 4-6 times and then recycle the paper--no harmful chemicals, no static cling. I just like informing people about the hazards of household products, as you have a young child, and I have 3 beautiful grandchildren that need protection from chemicals. Suggested viewing--"Toxic Brew" a Canadian (CBC) investigative report on household products can be viewed online at www.theglobalsuccessteam.net click on Toxic Brew icon upper right.
I hope that some of this is helpful. I live in Davison- where are you? I would love to find out more about your business- I have always been fascinated with the lampwork beads. I am a retired dental hygienist and my business is all about 'green'- yes, I am a Shaklee distributor, because once I started using them, I fell in love with them (just like Oprah) and I want to spread the word about safer choices and products.
Take care and let me know if I can help you in any way.
Green goes with everything,

It could be iron or rust build up from the water. Sorry, don't know how to fix that once it's there. I know a way to prevent it is this stuff found in the detergent aisle...i think it's called Calgon, but wait, isn't that the name of the bubble bath stuff?

I have this problem when our water softener is out of salt. I have hubby refill the salt and then use Shout on the stains and they always come out. I hope this helps.

My best friend had this same problem and the clothes would look like they had little burn marks on them after coming out of the dryer. They figured out that pieces of the clothing were getting stuck between the part of the dryer that spins around and the wall of the dryer. Something just came off balanced and that is how it happend. They ended up getting a new dryer. I would look into maybe getting it fixed if not get a new one, before you ruin any more clothes. GOOD LUCK!!!

Time for a new dryer? I used to get that when I did laundry at this old laundromat. We recenty bought a front-loading washer, and I've noticed sometimes the clothes come out still a little soapy. The first time I thought nothing of it and dried them. After I removed the whites from the dryer, there were yellowish-brownish marks all over them from the soap deposits. Maybe that's it? Good luck. Oh, and for the stains, I use Nature Bright by Shaklee (www.shaklee.com). It's a powder so I dilute it in water and squirt it on all my stains. If your clothes are actually burnt, it may be hopeless. But if they're just stains, you're probably in luck. If you want to try some, I can give you some of mine (a tiny bit goes a ong way... very economical).

sunscreen stains are brownish orange???

I know what you are talking about. For the life of me I am not really sure what causes them but....we have awful water full of iron (we live on a lake and have well water). We use iron-out water softener but still that is not enough.
What I do and it works GREAT for me is that I put a cup of BIZ
in every load of wash I do. Whites, colors, sheets, towels, no mater what everything gets BIZ in with it. It took care of those brown spots and also all my whites look so bright.
You can buy BIZ at any grocery store. I live by it.

sounds like its comming from your dryer!! my parents dryer did that for a long time also. i think my dad had to tare it apart and put a new belt on it. call and talk to maybe someone at lowes or someplace like that, that sells dryers they maybe able to help you. but yeah the brown spots never come out, look on the bright side you get to go and get new clothes :)

My dryer did the same thing and I think it was getting to hot Im not a electritian by all means but I just went out and bought a new dryer cause it ruined all the kids clothes never mine but I got so discouraged I theink you can turn the heat down somewhere but look into it it may be cheaper to just buy a new one like I did
good luck

I had something similar w/ my clothes, but found it had everything to do with the washing machine. It had something to do w/ the transmission belt (?) & it would leak or spray oil onto my clothes as it applies the brake to end each cycle. Of course, it was more noticeable on the whites & lights. I recommend until you have it repaired check the clothes before drying then & re-washing them otherwise the stains are set in when drying!!

Okay, it is probably grease. What is happening is that the drum in your dryer is not turning in a perfect circle. Therefore is is catching your clothes between the drum and the opening. There are two supports that hold your drum up on the inside. You need to have these fixed. The parts are something like $10 plus your service call.

Yes, I have had this problem before. I haven't had to deal with it again, but next time I will fix the problem myself.


Hi L.,

this exact thing happened to me as well. They are actually scortch marks and won't come out. Unfortunately, I had to buy a new dryer:(

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