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My Baby Has a Cold

My 8 1/2 week old little girls has a cold. She has mucus in the back of her throat and in her nose. Yesterday she started the coughing which means it has moved to her chest. Last night when I put her to bed it sounded like she was choking so I decided to put her in bed with me so if she did start to choke I would be right there. (She usually sleeps in a bassinet right next to me.) My question to you Mommies is what can I do to help her get over this cold faster? We adults would take some cold medicine and call it a day but what do you do for a 2 month old? Please Help!

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Thank you guys so much. This was my first time asking for your help and you guys came through. Thank you so much. My daughter is doing a lot better today. We did end up taking her to the doctor. They gave her a breathing treatment and some medicine. Last night, we did sit in the bathroom with the shower running and read a book and she seemed to enjoy it. With the medicine and a lot of TLC from her mama, she is doing a lot better. She was just smiling up a storm the morning. Thanks again for all the advice, it made me feel a lot better!

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You really should take her to see her doctor. We are in RSV season and that is really bad for a baby. Until then try saline. Just because she coughs doesn't mean that it is in her just.

There's not a lot you can do at this age. First of all - just because she's coughing doesn't mean that it's in her chest - a lot of times they cough because the mucus is going down their throat. Keep her in her bassient and elevate her head a few inches so that she's at an incline. You can use saline drops in her nose and the bulb syringe to pull out the mucus that you can. You could also try one of those plug in for the wall that have the vaporizer smell in it (since you can't put any on her chest). Good luck

You can try letting her sleep in her car seat carrier so that her head is elevated. All the other suggestions sound great too.

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If you're breastfeeding, squirt some of your breastmilk in her nose each time (or several times a day). Breastmilk has anitbacterial and antiviral properties. It would be like giving your baby cold medicine.

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Call your pediatrician...always!! Never give your child something without talking with your pediatrician. I have a friend who's sister in law gave her infant daughter "children's tylenol" rather than infant tylenol and the baby died!!

Increase her intake of vitamin C. Try giving yourself an upped dose if you're still pumping or breastfeeding in general. It'll make it sweeter to the taste for her & it'll help her immune system. If she is having big problems with mucus in her nose, since she can't blow her nose yet, try one of those bulb thingies to suck it out when it builds up really bad. (EEWW I know). Those are the only things I can think of besides checking out different holistic medicine books &/or websites to see what they suggest. Also you might want to try a humidifier to help her breathe @ night it might help clear her lungs.

I am a registered nurse and I recommend that you make an appointment to see her pediatrician ASAP just to make sure she doesn't have RSV. Try saline drops, humidifier, Vicks , etc., but take her to the doctor. We are in RSV season and infants are at highest risk. It doesn't take long for a 2 month old to become extremely sick.

You really should take her to see her doctor. We are in RSV season and that is really bad for a baby. Until then try saline. Just because she coughs doesn't mean that it is in her just.

This won't help her get over it faster, but will help you out. Babies R Us carries a battery operated nasal aspirator for around $20. She probably still won't like it, but it will help you suck the mucus out faster and more efficiently. To thin the mucus spray some saline drops first.

I agree with all of the other advice that you have received from the other Moms...get some saline spray...they have it in store brands at most places and you can get it relatively cheaply. You can use this as many times a day as you want to..just squirt it up her little nose to keep things cleared out. I would also use the cool air humidifier...just dont do it in a closed room where it will get everything TOO moist!! If the mucus from her nose isn't clear...it is time to call the doctor...but if it is clear I would try to just take care of it myself for a couple of days..if it doesnt clear up...time for more educated heads to get into the act...call your doctor for advice.
Good luck.
R. Ann

i know this may sound silly but it worked for my little one. Try rubbing vicks vapo-rub on the bottom of her feet and put socks on her. It helped even with my older children.

Hello R.,

Vicks makes a new cream for babies. Try rubbing some on her chest and her back. Also sleeping upright helps, don't be afraid to use the baby swing, or to help you sleep better, when mine were little (now 27,25 and 21)I used to sleep propped up with them sleeping on my chest. My youngest actually had Bronchitis and we ended up elevating one end of her crib so it was on an angle all the time.

Use the nose sucker too - most babies don't mind it so much, and even if they do it still helps them...

Watch for a fever and if she starts running one by all means call your Dr. That is what they are there for.

Good luck and try to make sure you rest too! 8 weeks out after having a baby can still be very tiring for mommy too.


R., go ahead and call your dr. as a first time mom we all get paranoid, but it sounds like your little one really is sick, so don't feel like you can't call. they have infant tylenol drops that he might let her have to alleviate her discomfort. my son was a fall baby too and he was sick a lot that first winter, so be prepared. but we got through it and so will you. just find out from your dr. what she can have at times like this, or what you can do.

Babies are supposed to have their mom's immune system until they are 3 months old. Does your daughter have a fever? If so, it is VERY important to get her to a doctor. It could be a serious upper respiratory infection like RSV. Not trying to scare you, but call the doctor or take her to an ER. Especially since she is now in daycare for the past week.

T. W. (ER nurse for 6 years)

Lots of Saline and a bulb syringe. It will not be pleasant for either of you but it will help her breath easier. Also if she will sit in the bathroom in her carseat or bouncer with the hot shower running the steam will help clear her nasal passages as well. That is about the only thing you can do at her age. Ask her pediatrican about baby vicks - I am not sure if they have changed the warning lables on that or not. I hope she feels better soon.

elevate her for sleeping....This will help with the drainage with her being so tiny, just use her car seat. Just remember to place it on the floor or into the crib.

Unfortunately she's too little for medicine.

Run a vaporizer or humidifier to keep the air moist in your home. If possible, let her sleep in her swing or carseat. This help help her stay upright and let her sinuses drain. Try not to suction her nose too much, doing so can cause more mucus to form and if you go to deep it can hurt her septum. If you're breastfeeding or pumpking, keep on giving her breastmilk as much as possible because she'll get immunities through your milk to help her get better faster. Even if you get sick too, keep nursing.

I believe you can use Tylenol or Motrin for discomfort, but check with your pediatrician first. Also, might want to just go ahead and call her doctor. It will help give you a peace of mind and they might have more ideas on how to make her more comfortable.

Sicks babies are the worst... it's so terrible seeing them so uncomfortable. I hope she gets better soon.


I agree with what most have already written... I would try the saline drops and then have your daughter sleep upright, whether in a swing, carseat, bouncer, whatever. A cool mist vaporizer may also help.

At the same time, I would monitor her symptoms carefully. My baby was 6 days old when he started w/ cold-like symptoms. When he was 8 days old, he was diagnosed with RSV and it was the most terrifying experience in my life. RSV season has started in our area and so far, there have only been a handful of confirmed cases in the KC area (yes, I monitor closely due to our experience). I doubt your daughter has it, but at the same time, I would be aware of the symptoms, just in case and take her to the dr immediately if you for any reason are concerned. Take it from me, RSV can be (but is not always) serious.

RSV symptoms: wheezing/difficulty breathing, fever (even a low one), persistant coughing, rapid/labored breathing, bluish color around mouth or fingernails (I'd go to the ER immediately w/this one).

Good luck!

Do NOT give her cold medicine. It is no longer recommended for children under age 6, and may be especially dangerous for infants. You could try a humidifier in the room. Also, get a bulb syringe and suck out as much mucus as you can from her nose. If you are really worried, take her to the doctor. If she has a bacterial infection she may need an antibiotic. Sometimes even if it starts out as a cold-type virus, the mucus can build up and cause an ear infection or sinus infection, either of which would warrant an antibiotic.

Johnson's has a baby bath produce out that has Euciliptis and Menthoyl that is great for little ones. Just add a little bit to her bath and let her breathe it in. It will help to clear up those air ways in no time. Be careful with the cough. If she starts weezing, take her to the doctor. When it is just nazel junk there isn't much you can do but when it turns into a cough, it can turn into something else pretty quick at this age so you might need something more to treat that. Try the bath stuff first though cause it will help with the cough as well.

Hi R.! i feel so bad for you and your baby. my son had RSV when he was 4 months old. it was horrible. basically, with them that young, the ER told me that all you can do is clear fluids, suck her nose out when it's clogged, elevate her bed when she sleeps...unfortunately, that's what i did for a week straight til he got over it.

How's your little one doing today? Poor thing. I HATE it when my daughter is sick. When they are so young, there's not too much you can do. Definately check to see what your med. provider recommends (and with a cough, you want them to check her out.) With dd, we would do several things. First...a vaporizer in her room. A warm bath in a steamy bathroom. Vicks makes a baby chest rub that is gentle and has a mild scent. No medication in it...just some eucalyptus I think and seems to clear the passages a bit. We'd put a small towel under her mattress in the crib or bassinett (making sure it didn't cause any cracks in the sides where she could get stuck) just to elevate her upper body a bit. Vicks (And sudacare and others) make a "room plug in" that also puts the traditional "vapors" into the room. That, along with the vaporizer seemed to help. Saline nasal drops can help loosen it all up, but most babies despise them!
Then after a minute or so, use the "sucker" to get the snot out. We also used Infant Tylenol at bedtime (just seemed to take some of the discomfort away) and lots of TLC.
She spent some long nights on my chest in the glider as it was the most comfortable way for her to breathe and sleep.
I look forward to the day my kiddo can learn to blow her nose!
Hang in there. Let's all hope for a short, healthy winter!

There's not a lot you can do at this age. First of all - just because she's coughing doesn't mean that it's in her chest - a lot of times they cough because the mucus is going down their throat. Keep her in her bassient and elevate her head a few inches so that she's at an incline. You can use saline drops in her nose and the bulb syringe to pull out the mucus that you can. You could also try one of those plug in for the wall that have the vaporizer smell in it (since you can't put any on her chest). Good luck

There are a few things I've done with my daughter (even at the infant stage). Try some vicks baby rub on her chest, saline drops in her nasal passages (don't squirt it up there), vaporizer or humidifier (probably THE best thing you could do) and/or a vicks vapo plug for babies. Hope you find something that works for you.

I have three boys the last one being a preemie and have spent many nights awake with sick baby so I know definately feel for you. I fact my youngest is sick now and is still too little weight wise to give any meds. The best things I have found are a humidifier, Suducare plugs and Vick BABY rub. Oh and rise the head end of her mattress slightly with blankets UNDER the matress. Also check with your pediatric, there is dosing amounts for Tylenol and Motrin for even the tiniest babies (mine was 3 pounds) it goes by weight and only your doctor can give you the correct dosage. Good Luck

You can try letting her sleep in her car seat carrier so that her head is elevated. All the other suggestions sound great too.

I feel your pain and know exactly what you are going through. Unless she has green mucous, there is not a whole lot you can do. It's probably just a virus and the doctor will tell you to let it run it's course. Use the nasal apirator they gave you at the hospital to suck as much as you can. Maybe a cool mist or warm mist humidifier too. I would also call the doctor to just make sure she does not have RSV. Hang in there. It will get better.

Try a vaporizer in her room with a menthol solution like vicks so she can breathe easier thru her lil nose.ask the doctor if she can have a bottle of warm water with warm honey and lemon juice before bed to help loosen the mucas.

You don't give any medicine to a baby or any child under the age of 2,if you are concerned take her in to see the dr in the mean time if you breastfeed her squirt some milk into her nose this will help clear up congestion.While she is up prop her up with a pillow so for the mucos doesn't go down to her chest making her cough it'll make it easier for her to breath.There are infant nose sprays with saline that you can spray in the nose and then suction but contact your dr first before using this,but go ahead and do it with breast milk.Your baby is young and needs to be seen by her pediatrician to ruile out infection

My son was the same way at that age, he is 15 weeks old now. Call your doctor and get their reccomendation. Mine told me to give him saline nassal drops to help with drainage of the nasal passages and a humidifer in the room he is in and when he is sleeping. But you really need to contact your doctor because they may want to see her or have different advice.

Good Morning R.. God Bless your sister for keeping you in the loop :) I did and do that same for our DIL.

What we did for Zane when he was a tiny one was ( Ped. recommended) place two drops of saline nose drops in each nostril and then use the Nose Sucker :) and pull it all out.
We did this several times a day to keep it out of his throat.
It seemed to help and honestly he giggled with the nose bulb.

There isn't alot of Med's tiny ones can have, so check with your Ped. They would have better advice.
But the saline and nose sucker does help keep the mucus to a lower level.

Best of everything to you and your new little Princess
God Bless
K. Nana of 5
PS I think it is Vicks that makes a baby chest rub ( like mom used to put on us) except you put a little on their cloths or PJ's etc. It is cherry scented. Not the strong menthol. It does Help alot.

I turn on a super hot shower and close the door. After it's been running for a few minutes we go in there and sit for a little bit. You get really sweaty but it helps to break up the mucous and clear them out a little bit.

R., I'm not sure you can help her get over the cold faster. It might help at night, and during the day too, if you put her to bed in a bouncy seat. Having her head elevated will help the cough.

Take Care, M.

I haven't read the other responses, but I would suggest putting a humidifier in your room. you might talk to your ped. about using a saline spray in the nose and then removing the snot with a bulb syringe. hope she gets better soon!

I HATE drs and hospitals, but it is suggested that when a baby under the age of 3 months gets a cough or fever you NEED to take them into the dr/er. I had to take my 3 week old into the er this weekend. There is a major problem with babies contracting bacterial menengitis here in Hutchinson, KS (3 other babies under 3 months old in the last week had to be admitted to the hospital). If your little one has a cough, take her in to your dr....Better to be safe than sorry.

They say infant's motrin is the safest to give. Im not sure how soon you can give it though, 8 weeks may be too young. I would google motrin and see how early you can give the infant stuff or call the doctor. Im sure there is something you can give her for comfort. And that blue suction thing that goes up baby's noses... well they hate it and will scream and cry when you use it but it helps SOOO much to get all of that snot out of their little noses. Theyre much happier when they realize they can breathe again! A little discomfort for a few minutes compared to several hours of being able to breathe is definitely worth it. But it is heartbreaking knowing that they hate that blue thing.... Poor babies! Babies shouldnt have to deal with illness. Its just not fair =(

Good luck!

OH! Baby's VIX helps a lot too! Its not as strong as the regular stuff but it helps clear those nasal passages! Good luck!

Try putting baby vicks vapor rub on the bottom of her feet at night to ease the coughing. This always works with my daughter!

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