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My Baby Has a Cold

My 8 1/2 week old little girls has a cold. She has mucus in the back of her throat and in her nose. Yesterday she started the coughing which means it has moved to her chest. Last night when I put her to bed it sounded like she was choking so I decided to put her in bed with me so if she did start to choke I would be right there. (She usually sleeps in a bassinet right next to me.) My question to you Mommies is what can I do to help her get over this cold faster? We adults would take some cold medicine and call it a day but what do you do for a 2 month old? Please Help!

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Thank you guys so much. This was my first time asking for your help and you guys came through. Thank you so much. My daughter is doing a lot better today. We did end up taking her to the doctor. They gave her a breathing treatment and some medicine. Last night, we did sit in the bathroom with the shower running and read a book and she seemed to enjoy it. With the medicine and a lot of TLC from her mama, she is doing a lot better. She was just smiling up a storm the morning. Thanks again for all the advice, it made me feel a lot better!

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You really should take her to see her doctor. We are in RSV season and that is really bad for a baby. Until then try saline. Just because she coughs doesn't mean that it is in her just.

There's not a lot you can do at this age. First of all - just because she's coughing doesn't mean that it's in her chest - a lot of times they cough because the mucus is going down their throat. Keep her in her bassient and elevate her head a few inches so that she's at an incline. You can use saline drops in her nose and the bulb syringe to pull out the mucus that you can. You could also try one of those plug in for the wall that have the vaporizer smell in it (since you can't put any on her chest). Good luck

You can try letting her sleep in her car seat carrier so that her head is elevated. All the other suggestions sound great too.

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If you're breastfeeding, squirt some of your breastmilk in her nose each time (or several times a day). Breastmilk has anitbacterial and antiviral properties. It would be like giving your baby cold medicine.

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Call your pediatrician...always!! Never give your child something without talking with your pediatrician. I have a friend who's sister in law gave her infant daughter "children's tylenol" rather than infant tylenol and the baby died!!

Increase her intake of vitamin C. Try giving yourself an upped dose if you're still pumping or breastfeeding in general. It'll make it sweeter to the taste for her & it'll help her immune system. If she is having big problems with mucus in her nose, since she can't blow her nose yet, try one of those bulb thingies to suck it out when it builds up really bad. (EEWW I know). Those are the only things I can think of besides checking out different holistic medicine books &/or websites to see what they suggest. Also you might want to try a humidifier to help her breathe @ night it might help clear her lungs.

I am a registered nurse and I recommend that you make an appointment to see her pediatrician ASAP just to make sure she doesn't have RSV. Try saline drops, humidifier, Vicks , etc., but take her to the doctor. We are in RSV season and infants are at highest risk. It doesn't take long for a 2 month old to become extremely sick.

You really should take her to see her doctor. We are in RSV season and that is really bad for a baby. Until then try saline. Just because she coughs doesn't mean that it is in her just.

This won't help her get over it faster, but will help you out. Babies R Us carries a battery operated nasal aspirator for around $20. She probably still won't like it, but it will help you suck the mucus out faster and more efficiently. To thin the mucus spray some saline drops first.

I agree with all of the other advice that you have received from the other Moms...get some saline spray...they have it in store brands at most places and you can get it relatively cheaply. You can use this as many times a day as you want to..just squirt it up her little nose to keep things cleared out. I would also use the cool air humidifier...just dont do it in a closed room where it will get everything TOO moist!! If the mucus from her nose isn't clear...it is time to call the doctor...but if it is clear I would try to just take care of it myself for a couple of days..if it doesnt clear up...time for more educated heads to get into the act...call your doctor for advice.
Good luck.
R. Ann

i know this may sound silly but it worked for my little one. Try rubbing vicks vapo-rub on the bottom of her feet and put socks on her. It helped even with my older children.

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