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6 Month Old with a Cold

Is there any OTC medicine you can give a six month old for a cold? He is very snotty, coughing, sneezing, fussy and not sleeping good at all. Im taking him to the Dr. Monday but looking for something to get him through the weekend. Any suggestions?

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My 10-month-old has a cold. I use the vicks baby rub on her chest and put some on her feet then put socks on her feet. she sleeps pretty good at night. I also prop her up a little. the little ones saline nasal drops helps too.

Good Luck.

The Little Noses Nasal Spray just 2 drops on each side and if you can use the bulb syringe to get some of the mucus out. Also prop the head of his bed up and aa humidifier would work wonders and there are some that have a Vick's pad you can put in and that will help clear him up too. Might could try a little of the vapor bath that has worked great for my boys. Hope this helps, and he feels better. Good Luck.

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Unfortunately there are no safe OTC medicines for babies. I recommend Simply Saline Baby (nasal saline mist)or Little Remedies Saline nasal spray. I like Baby Simply Saline better because it's a mist spray so you put it in one nostril, hold the baby over the sink or a towel and spray. Then do the other nostril. No bulb syringe needed. It's like it rinses out the nose.

You can also use Tylenol or Motrin to help keep him comfortable but check with your pediatrician for the recommended dose.

He might also be more comfortable sleeping in a sitting up position so he doesn't get as congested. If he has a swing, a stroller or even a car seat that he's comfortable in, you can try letting him sleep in that. That usually worked when my sons were sick.
Good luck and I hope he gets better soon.

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The Bulb syringe to "suck out" what you can from his sinuses, use the saline spray in the nose to loosen more & a humidifier in the room at night. (in the room, not directly on the baby)

Also you can roll up a towel & place it under the baby's mattress at the head end to elevate his head for better rest & drainage.

OTC meds are not good for one so young.

Hang in there, you both will survive!

P. : )

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The previous poster had good info. There's not really anything you can give a child for a cold at this age, as far as medicine. You can also take him into a steamy bathroom, and Johnson's makes a vapor bath that can help clear passages. But the saline things works really well.

Probably someone already told you, but try rubbing Vicks Vapo-rub (or a generic equivalent) onto the bottoms of his feet and put socks on him when he sleeps. Might not help, but couldn't hurt!

E., the ladies telling you to stay on top of this with saline drops and aspirating out the nose to help keep it clear are spot on. But I'd like to add to keep close watch on your little one. Colds can easily morph into ear or sinus infections, which need antibiotics to clear. Don't allow baby to lay flat when you give him milk, and keep him elevated most of the time to help drain his sinuses out. Snot left in the sinuses has a tendency to cause infection to gather.

Good luck!

Saline drops and the nasal aspirator 3-4 times a day is your best bet. When my daughter was 7 mos old she had the same symptoms and that is what our pediatrician told me to do for her, it helped a lot.

you can get some little ones saline spray for his nose and also try putting vicks babyrub on his feet, then socks over it, while he sleeps for the cough. good luck!

yep, the saline drops and nasal aspirator - just remember to squeeze the bubble part of the aspirator BEFORE you put it into your childs nose so that when you release it, it pulls the snot out - if you forget and squeeze it when the aspirator is in your baby's nose, it will just send the snot further into your baby's nose which is not comfy.... Also, the steamy bathroom works very well to help loosen everything up. I had never heard of the vicks rub on the feet with socks idea until I read it on this site about a month or so ago, but apparently it is really supposed to work well to relieve the coughing, so definitely give that a try. But, no OTC cold medicines - they can actually make things worse because they don't allow the snotty mucus to get out of the system which can lead to ear infections. Good luck, It's just terrible when your sweet infant has a cold. My sweet little girl got a cold when she was just 5 weeks old - and babies can't breathe through their mouths at that point - only their noses which she obviously couldn't do very well because of the stuffies - and it just broke my heart, but we used the aspirator and lots of steamy bathroom visits and she did just fine. Feel better, momma.

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