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I am looking for classes such as Kindermusik, Gymboree, etc. for me and my 6 month old daughter. I live near Wylie and came across "Music Together." Does anyone have any information (good or bad) about this organization? It is held in Wylie in the teacher's home. I have been invited to a preview class, but I am a bit nervous as I do not know what to expect.

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I am wondering if you are invited to the class at my next door neighbor Cheryl's house. I live in Wylie and know she does music classes like this from her home. I have actually gone with my son who is now 2.5 at her house and he loved it. If it is her, she is a wonderful person. If it not and you would like her information I can get if for you.

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My son has been in Kindermusik since he was 18 months old. That program is great with the right teacher. We just started Music Together with Nina Rasmussen in Fairview, and we both love it. I like being able to participate with my son again. He is now almost 5 years old, and is ready to start on an instrument. Kindermusik starts the kids at age 5 on reading musical notes and beginning instruments.

I highly recommend Music Together because it is about making music as a family. Kindermusik is focused on the child's imagination through music. Both are wonderful programs with a good music teacher.

Hope that helps.

Music Together is a wonderful, holistic approach to music - definitely preview the class! We use Musikgarten, which is my personal favorite but all of the early childhood programs that have been branded have solid research and training behind them. Have fun! :)

I agree that Music Together is a wonderful organization! I enrolled my daughter when she was one, and wished I had done it sooner. 3 years later, she still loves the classes and all of the music. We had a wonderful teacher, and I really do recommend the free preview class. The songs are all so much fun, and I find that she requests certain favorites when we are in the car. They give you 2 cd's, one for your car, and one for home, which is very helpful. Hope you enjoy it!

I did Kindermusik with my son and did not enjoy it all! With my daughter, we did Music Together and she fully enjoyed it!! The classes usually have kids ranging from newborn to 5 years old and the little ones really enjoy watching the big kids sing and dance. I did it with my daughter around 8 months-15 months. I agree with Cynthia below that the teacher makes a difference, we had good experiences with both of the Music Together teachers but you need to see who your daughter responds to. So, maybe try a few different instructors. After Music Together, I felt like my daughter needed music and more play, so we switched to My Gym (which I also did with my son) and we LOVE My Gym, they are awesome!!! So, I recommend Music Together and My Gym. Good luck!

I am wondering if you are invited to the class at my next door neighbor Cheryl's house. I live in Wylie and know she does music classes like this from her home. I have actually gone with my son who is now 2.5 at her house and he loved it. If it is her, she is a wonderful person. If it not and you would like her information I can get if for you.

I have had my daughter in Music Together since she was about 9 months old. She loves it, and the program is wonderful. She has been in it for about 4 semesters and we plan on continuing. There are a lot of 6 month old kids in the class, and I think anything younger than 6 months is too young. It is very interactive, and the songs are wonderful. I think a great teacher is a must, so the preview class should be helpful. You can expect a very laid back, anything goes atmosphere. It is loosely structured, but whatever level your child is at, you will feel comfortable. I too was nervous, but there is no reason to be at all.

Hi K.,
I'm quite surprised to see the reviews from Kindermusik. I have been teaching KM for 3 years and I love what it has done for my 3 1/2 year old son. He started Kindermusik at 4 mos old. I have many parents who love the program and have repeated semesters year after year. Kindermusik is a total child development program that uses music and movement as the tool for learning. I think you'll see this when you try a class for yourself. I would love to have you join us for a free class anytime. I teach at Parker & 75, which would probably be about 15 minutes from you. I know you live in Wylie and we have many families from Murphy who come to our location. If you're interested, you're welcome to email me back or go to our website. www.kindermusikbysheila.com.

I hope to see you soon!
J. C

I just found this question. Did you ever go? Cheryl is now teaching Music Together at a music studio in Wylie. Check it out if you haven't.

When my daughter was 18 months old, i wanted a music class for her. I attended 2 preview classes - 1 for Kindermusik and 1 for Music Together. I found our local Kindermusik to be terribly boring - there was no movement involved, just sitting around singing songs that i could have done myself at home. Music Together was completely the opposite, and was exactly what i was looking for - lots of getting up and moving along with the singing. However, i will say that I think it is better once kids can walk on their own. I started gymboree when my girls were very young (3 or 4 months) and i preferred that since they had a lot of activities for non-walkers. So, i would highly recommend gymboree at your daughter's current age, and would very highly recommend Music Together when she gets to be about 12 months. (FYI - I do think some of it may be dependent on the teacher - we did Music Together with the woman who teaches in Dallas and Plano.)

Hi K.,

My son and I did Music Together for over 3 years and I love the music collections. My son still listens to them. We had started in Tucson, AZ for several collections and I was really pleased -- I also met some great moms and kids in the class. When we moved to Texas, I tried one class in Frisco and was incredibly disappointed with the venue and the teacher. She didn't want the kids to move around which is so unlike the whole Music Together philosophy! So I paused until I found a fabulous teacher in Plano and we stayed with her for much of our remaining Music Together experience. I have to agree with the previous poster that I think it depends a lot on who the teacher is --- my first experience in Texas as well as a few of the summer classes I took were not nearly as positive.

I suggest trying a class or two out with different teachers and seeing who you and your child fit best with. As far as the educational approach of Music Together, I was amazed at how much my son picked up over time -- a sense of rhythm, knowledge about different instruments and their sounds, and the ability to make up his own words that fit the Music Together tunes. Neat.

We've had wonderful experiences with Music Together and my kids both love their CDs. I think what I liked most is that it got me singing more in our everyday lives and my kids started making up songs at home. One thing I would say is that sometimes you just love an instructor and sometimes you don't. It's worth it to take someone else's class to find someone you really like if you don't have the best first experience. Also, don't be surprised (or consider it a failure) if your kiddo just sort of stands and watches the first couple of times. It's always taken a bit for mine to warm up. As far as what to expect - they are generally very relaxed and friendly and just ask that you try to participate as much as possible.

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