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Morning Sickness - Round Rock,TX

Is it normal to get "morning sickness" after your first trimester? i get nauseated after i eat and headaches. how often should i eat. im use to going a while without eating an may even skip a meal.. im trying to make sure i eat my 3 meals a day and a snack here and there. just not always healthy food. ugh what to do.

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thank you all for your help and advice.. im trying to drink alot of water. i thnk i may not be drinking enough though. i will definitely try some of your suggestions and drink lots more water. thanks ladies for your help. i love this web site. :0)

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Everyone is different. You probably don't want to hear this but for both of my pregnancies I threw up all morning, noon and night for all 9 months. I even thru up in the middle of my c section after they swore the meds they gave me would stop it! Hope you feel better soon!

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sounds like MzKitty and I had some similarities. with my second pregnancy i had all day sickness up until around 7 or 8 months. and I also got sick during both of my c-sections. i would try to do smaller meals throughout the day. instead of 3 meals with a snack here and there try to do 6 small meals. it will help to keep your blood sugar regulated and keep your tummy from getting to full at once. it will really help the farther along you get. good luck!! and as long as you are taking your vitamins and trying to eat healthy i think some "junk" food is okay from time to time. with my oldest I craved peach pie, pizza and Dr. Pepper every day. i was working at a local hospital and every day at my last break of the day I would get a piece of peach pie and a small dr pepper. with my second pregnancy I ate fruit like it was going out of style, and I craved Baby Ruth candy bars like a crazy women. i has gestational diabetes though so i had to really watch my carbs. i would have a candy bar once or twice a week.

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Everyone is different. You probably don't want to hear this but for both of my pregnancies I threw up all morning, noon and night for all 9 months. I even thru up in the middle of my c section after they swore the meds they gave me would stop it! Hope you feel better soon!

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if you feel like your not eating enough eat small meals or snacks several times a day. breakfast like around 7 then snack at 10 lunch at 12 or 1 then snack at 3 and dinner. even if late at night you want a little something even a spoon full of natual peanut butter (for protien and less sugar) it will help you out. drink LOTS of water like you said. if its still a issue for you talk to your doc about it. there are those little candys to help with morning sickness. i found them at HEB plus in the baby section near the washes and diaper creams. Never did i use them myself though.

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I think Pregnancy "Morning" sickness is so unpredictable and that there really is no norm as to when it starts and/or when it finishes when depending on each individual. Yeah, there's a "majority" or "most of the time", but, during pregnancy, I think the Unexpected should be Expected.

I also believe that when feeling ill during pregnancy, you should eat what sounds good to you. Why eat something that may be totally healthy for you yet make you feel soooooo sick? If you haven't been feeling well but a grilled cheese sandwich sounds so much better to you than a piece of baked chicken, go for the sandwich. Once you start feeling better, I would then focus on eating more healthy & getting those much needed vitamins in your system.

As for how often should you eat??? Make sure to keep something on your stomach at all times...whether it be crackers, a piece of dry toast, a handfull of almonds, etc. An empty stomach makes "Morning" sickness so much worse.

And please don't forget to drink a ton of water. The water will help with the headaches.

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I had it all 9 months, 24 hours a day with my 1st pregnancy. I also threw up during and right after labor!! The ONLY thing that helped was Zofran.... and I tried every natural remedy in the book.

My daughter had nausea all nine months. We would often have to stop the car so she could throw up and she would have to run to the bathroom at stores and church. She even threw up during labor.

She tried all the natural remedies, but nothing worked. She was not willing to take the nausea medicine after reading the warnings and side effects, so she suffered through it the whole pregnancy.

Since every woman's pregnancy is different, normal doesn't really apply. I can tell you that it is not unusual to have morning sickness (evening and afternoon sickness) throughout your pregnancy. With my first son I was sick the whole 9 months, but with my second I was only sick the first 4 or 5 months and it was a lot less and only nausea.

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water, and you probably need to eat more often. Don't worry about counting calories, you need extra calories now. As long as you are eating mostly healthy you should do fine. I know I was constantly hungry this last pregnancy and I ate all the time and you know what I didn't feel a bit guilty. I gained a little weight but was able to lose quite a bit of it afterward.

Hang in there, it should get better!

I'm 18 weeks and I still get nausea all the time! Plus heartburn and bad head aches! Ahhh the joys of growing a person huh :)

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