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ii live in texas and i have 8000.00 in medical bills after insurance. i called and tryed to make payment arrangements. they said i had to pay $100.00 a monh which i cant do that. so i sent them $25.00 and they sent it back. can they do that? i was always told if you made a payment on a bill and they sent it back and refused to take that payment it was paid in full. is that correct?

this bill is only 6 months old and they havent sent it to the collection agency yet.

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I believe they have stated the minimum on a non interest rate bill and you should try to cut corners somewhere else to pay this off. At that rate it will take you 6 1/2 years to pay it off. No where else could you take that long with no interest; not a credit card, car or mortgage would let you do that. You are lucky they didn't say 500 a month!

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I always thought with medical bills, that as long as you pay something monthly, no matter how small, they can't send you to collections.. but I was wrong! A friend of mine was sending in $50 a month, and they sent her bill to collections within 3 months. I think that is just crazy! Maybe you call back and speak to a manager and let them know you want to pay back what you owe, but it is not possible at this time to pay the $100.

Good luck!

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The statute of limitations on debts in Texas is 4 years. If the debt was incurred before June 2006 write them a letter and tell them they are violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act as the debt is time barred and uncollectable.

If it is not that old contact the original creditor and see if you can make a payment plan. It seems like you already tried that and unfortunately, they can refuse to accept it. Make sure you go as high up as you can for an answer. Saying you have to pay a minimum makes me think its a collector instead.

If the debt is with a junk debt buyer you can still settle it. In writing, offer them a lump sum in return for a complete settlement on the debt. I would start with 10% and see what the response is. Make sure you stipulate in your letter that this debt will be paid in full when settled. Send your letter, detailing your hardships, certified mail with return receipt.

Lastly, if you have few assets you might want to just let the debt go and see how far they are willing to go. If they sue offer to settle. Wage garnishments are illegal in Texas so they can't attached your paycheck. Odds are they will settle if they think they'll get nothing otherwise.

Good luck!

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The hospital returning your check does not mean your bill has been paid in full. It simply means that they did not accept a partial payment that had not been previously agreed to.
You need to call them and tell them that $100 per month is out of the question and you were trying your best to send anything. They may want an agreement that you will send $25 per month in writing.
You also should ask them for time to go over your claim to make sure everything was paid by your insurance correctly, because they do make mistakes. $8000 is a lot of money. You need to see if they can take some of those charges off for you or at least contract for the $25 a month. Most hospitals will.
To me it sounds as though they felt they had a verbal agreement for $100 and that's why they didn't accept your partial payment.
Call the billing departmet, ask to speak to a supervisor about your bill and payment arrangements. Someone should be able to help you with a manageable plan.

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Perhaps you could get a part time job, working very part time. Surely you could earn an extra $100 a month at a part time job to pay for this. Thatwould only be 10-15 hours a month...very doable, if you're willing.

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How old is the $8,000? If it has already gone to collections, they will reject a payment. No, a refused payment does not mean that the bill is paid in full.

I am sorry that you've found yourself in this situation.

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I don't think it's mean or ugly to point out that a part-time job working 15 hours a month would bring in $100 a month. Having said that, I am guessing there are reasons the original poster isn't doing that. There may not be any jobs available for someone to work so few hours, or there may be lingering health or family issues that prevent that.

Anyway, I am afraid you can't consider the debt paid in full at this point. I hope you can work something out with the medical providers. I know that my sister, who is a physician, writes off thousands of dollars' worth of her services every month, and she's a specialist whose billing rate is very high (not high compared to other specialists in her field, but compared to a primary care physician). It's worth asking about.

Best of luck to you. I hope the medical care helped you feel better, at least.

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Cindy D - I'm sorry but you're wrong. 7 years is when debt will fall off your credit. I worked in credit, so I know firsthand. It seems the debt has already gone into collections. I would call the original creditor and see where the account was sent, call them and try and set up payment arrangements as low as they will let you

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At $25/month with no interest, it will take you 27 years to pay off that debt; they probably perceived that as a slap in the face. I suspect the real reason they sent that particular payment back is because they have passed your debt to a collection agency; thus, all the money needs to go through the collector now. Sorry to say, your medical debt still remains and is about to adversely affect your credit report.

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I live in TX too and owed about $7000 after insurance for the birth of my child. I couldn't believe it when what used to be Harris Methodist refused to take my payments and wanted everything in full within 3 months. They referred me to City National Bank in San Francisco, and I took out a loan with them so I could make payments. I had never heard of such a thing either! Good luck.

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