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Need Legal Advice on Hospital Bills

I had a preemie in Oct. who racked up some medical bills, while on his 3 week stay in the hospital. thankfully my insurance will not allow me to spend more than 3000 a year on these bills. But, I just started back to work in Jan. and they are calling wanting 100 a month. This may not sound like much, but when it is being demanded from like 6-7 different people, it is alot! I am sending them each like 20 a month, for now. Me and my husband do make a decent living, but we borrowed from a brother to allow me to stay home for as long as i did and i would rather pay him promptly! So, my question is, can they turn my account over to a collection agency since i am unable to meet their "obligation" of 100 a month? I have told them I can only make 20, but they keep arguing and threatening to send to collections. I don't want to ruin my credit, but I can't give them more at this time!

What can I do next?

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I know the hospital I went to divided my bill by 12 month and made me pay it back that way, but it was not a very large bill ($43 a month to pay back in 12 months). They should be willing to work something out with you since it is a higher bill, and if they are not, I would contact the head of the hospital, rather than the billing department. I think they have to take what you are able to give them.

Pay them what you can. As long as you are making an effort to pay them, they shouldn't(and probably won't, unless you miss a month) send you to collections. I've been through issues like these numerous times.
You can call the companys (for the bills) and set up a payment plan with them.

Let them send you to collections. As bad as that sounds that is what i had to do to get the phone calls stopped. As long as you paying something each month they shouldnt be able to do anything. As long as you are paying.

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Hi M., I've been an RN for 35 yrs. so I will give you some advice that I'm sure hospitals do not want known!! First, request an itemized account of EVERYDAY you & baby were in. Check it over & make sure you received every procedure, bandage & pill you took (very important) Dispute anything that you know you did not receive. Next, set up every month an amount that you can pay. DO NOT be late. (They'll use it against you!)As long as you pay every month, there is nothing they can do to you. In good faith your doing your part! Don't let anyone bully you. Be polite, let them know you want to pay it off & this is the best you can do. Little story..I was in for a hysterectomy with complications. I was charged for abdominal dressing changes, 2 times a day for 5 days which equaled $1200.00 plus Demerol injections 3 times a day for 3 days for $450.00. Hmmmm... I had a VAGINAL hysterectomy (NO dressing changes) and Demerol pills 2 times a day for 2 days. I had to pay 20% of my total hospital bill, so every cent counts. Of course, it was taken off. Hope this helps, you can do it!! C. P.

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As long as i have known bill collectors and what they cant do, I have always been told and known from experience that as long as u pay them something every month , then they cannot turn you over to collections! If you are paying faithfully then they cant, but once you miss a payment, they will! I know from experience with that also! You can pay them $10 a month and that will still be ok as long as you make your payments on time!


I was hoping someone else would answer with more concrete advice than I can give. It is my understanding (simply from having had a lot of hospital bills) that they cannot send it to collections unless you are paying nothing. If you are sending $20/month to each person that is billing you, that shows you are trying. It won't stop them from calling, of course. If you are trying your best, then you just do what you can and screen your calls if that will increase your peace of mind.

I've had some money issues before. The only thing I can say is to call whoever and explain to them your situation. Most times they will work with you and lower the monthly payments. Don't talk to anybody who calls you. Generally they don't have the power (and most times the will) to help you. Ask for supervisors when you call. Don't be afraid to use the I-just-had-a-baby-who-was-premature card either. They are goign to use everything in their power to screw you so do not underestimate the power fo manipulation... and if you have to, throw in some tears too! :) Good luck!

do what I did. We took all of your finachal statements (All teh stuff you give the IRS) and showed them how much we actually made. We told them that we were willing to pay the whole amount, but that we didn't have the money to pay the amounts they wanted. Remember that whatever help they give you is a kindness on their part. You might also want to get an itemized bill that doen't have any "misc." om it. I was charged for a circumcision as well as dialisist (that thing they do when you liver stops working when you get old) when my daughter was born. It happens all the time, so check.

Welcome to the club. I had $7000 out of pocket with my emergency daughter, then I contracted a viral infection from the epidural resulting eye site loss and temproay facial paralsis, and another weeks stay and another 3000, however they did find a tumor in a facial gland, bang another 2000 to have that removed.
Everyone wants their money now, some have sent it to collections, and there for I don't pay them a dime until I pay off the others 1st. I pay the people that have been kind enough to work with me. As a matter of fact, just yesterday I received a collection letter on $80 dollars. Half the bill has been paid, and I sent money every time a bill came 2 of 2. After I told them I wouldn't be sending any money at this time if it continued to go thru collections, they contacted them and canceled it.
Most hospitals have some type of finance? I just after 1 year found out I might receive help. They sent a huge form to fill out with bank info, pay stubs, financial obligations etc. Now I am waiting to hear back if they will help, or just be patient with the smaller payments. Just keep talking ! Don't ignore the letters or phonecalls

Let them send you to collections. As bad as that sounds that is what i had to do to get the phone calls stopped. As long as you paying something each month they shouldnt be able to do anything. As long as you are paying.

I had some friends who had probs with some stuff too. They were told that as long as they pay something it would keep them from being turned in. All companies will demand an amount, but as long as you don't go without paying they can't turn you in. They said it was a headache, but they couldn't afford what the people wanted. So they did a lesser amount to begin with.

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