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Hi There! I am looking for a natural alternative to lysol disinfectant spray...a spray that is healthier for my family but can disinfect large areas like lysol does. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

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I use distilled vinegar with a little essential oil in it. All of my floors are cleaned with that, so the little ones can play and crawl and I have nothing to worry about.

Remember that not all bacrteria is bad, and it actually increases the immune system strength.

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P.- i use products by melaleuca. i loooove them, they are safer for people and better for the environment. even my cleaning lady said it was better than anything she had used before. if you are interested in trying some let me know and i can set you up with buying some. they aren't sold in stores.

Chlorox Anywhere disinfectant is safe for kids and pets. It smells like chlorine because it uses chlorine as the disinfectant. Pretty safe as we swim in chlorinated pool water. You can get them in Target or grocery stores, walmart etc. Babyganics also is good. Find them in BabysRUs.

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Hello P.,
I use all safe, green products from a company called Melaluca. Not only do I use them but you can promote others to use them and make some money doing so. The products are great and safe. I got into it because my housekeeper burned her lungs using products with ammonia and bleach as Windex, and many products have. If you are interested, you can call me anytime at ###-###-#### L. Tannenbaum, Agoura Hills.

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Have you thought of going green with ALL of your household cleaners? The best thing you can do for you and your family is to switch to healthier alternatives; 7th Generation, Bio-Kleen, Planet, Method, Shaklee, etc. We run a Green household and have for many, many years and the switch is not that hard. We use Planet for our dish soap, Charlies or Maggies Soap Nuts ( I am in LOVE with these!!)for our laundry and Shaklee, 7th Generation, Bio-Kleen, Earth Friendly Products (they make a great alternative to bleach, OXO Brite) and distilled Vinegar to clean the house. I use Thieves Oil from Young Living which is incredible for a myriad of things; anti-bacterial, coughs, household cleaner, etc. Did you know that all of the toxic fumes from your commercial household cleaners leach out from the cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom and spread through the whole house so that EVERYONE breathes them in? Shocking, right?!

We also use non-toxic personal care for the whole family. For mom and dad we use Lavera shampoos and skincare, 100% pure body lotions, Pangea soaps, Terresentials deodorants and body wash and Spry toothpaste. I use only non-toxic makeup like Lavera, Afterglow and 100% Pure. For the kids I use Earth Mama Angel Baby, Weleda, and The Natural Dentist toothpaste.

There are many great Green books out there and a personal favorite is, Healthy Child Healthy World (www.healthychild.org)

I have a store, Belly Sprout, where we carry some of these products, like Charlies, Maggies Soap Nuts, Weleda, Earth Mama, etc. We also opened up a non-toxic Beauty Bar where we offer mini-facials and makeup applications using only natural, organic products. We have an event coming up on October 11th. Check out our site for more info on green living (www.bellysprout.com).

You can get so many products now at Target, Henrys, Costco and even some local grocery stores!

At first it may seem daunting to make the switch, but products and information are much more accessible now than even a few years ago. You and your family will be healthier for it! If you have ANY questions, contact me. I love helping families to choose healthier options and this is what I do daily at my store! Good luck!

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Hi P.,

I use Sol-U-Guard BotanicalĀ® Disinfectant from Melaleuca,
it is EPA approved and 99.99% effective against most bacteria. You can read about it here:


I'd be happy to get you more info on non-toxic and non-caustic products :)


:) L.

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I use distilled vinegar with a little essential oil in it. All of my floors are cleaned with that, so the little ones can play and crawl and I have nothing to worry about.

Remember that not all bacrteria is bad, and it actually increases the immune system strength.

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I use white vinegar as well. It's cheap, effective, and you can use it for so many purposes. I dislike the smell of vinegar, though, so I add a couple of drops of an essential oil (lemon is my favorite) to my spray bottle of vinegar. It makes the kitchen smell wonderful!

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Vinegar works well.

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Hi P.! I'd recommend using Melaleuca's Sol-U-Guard Disinfecting Spray! You can order it threough Melaleuca, which i can show you how to do. Its a Botanical Disinfectant so it doesn't smell chemically and won't cause asthma or other breathing problems. It's "99.99% effective against household germs- including salmonella, staph, and pseudomonas." You can use it all over your house and its eco-friendly, and safe for your family and home! please feel free to contact me to find out more information and/or learn about Melaleuca's line of eco-friendly cleaning and household products! good luck!

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Hi P.-

You should get in touch with me. I am involved with a company that you order factory direct at 30-40% discount...and ALL the cleaning supply line, Ecosense, are environmentally safe for your family and pets! They DO NOT use formaldehyde, phosphates, amnonias, chorine bleach, aerosol or other harsh ingredients. I have a 3 month and 19 month and 1 dog and have been using these products for well over 1 year now and understand the importance of using same products that actually work! The laundry line even gets the poop stains out of my childrens cloth diapers!! They are awesome. The products use alternatives like tea tree oil, natural enzymes, baking soda and citrus solvents. My Lysol substitute is called Sol-U-Guard Botanical Disinfectant. It kills everything! If you are interested in learning about these products and more which you could then order on line at discount, get in touch. The company carries everything from household, an exclusive Nicole Miller cosmetic line, vitamins, weight management, nutrition, etc...there are hundreds of products. You should check us out!!


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