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Looking for an OBGYN in the Memorial Area of Houston

I am looking for an OBGYN in the Med Center area. I have had incredibly hard pregnancies, so I am looking for someone who is good with high risk. They need to be cutting edge not old school. Would like someone who is very empathetic who takes there time with you. Also need to be associated with a hospital that has a high level NICU. Any recomendations greatly appreciated...tell me why you love your dr!

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Dr. Jon Gogola. He is at Memorial City Hospital. Memorial City has a high level NICU. I love Dr Gogola. He has been my doctor since I was pregnant with twins 5 years ago. He takes his time with his patents. He is a teddy bear. You just want to hug him. ###-###-####

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Hi L.,

My Dr. is Dr. Kimberley Bobo, with the Women's Specialists of Houston at St Luke's Medical Towers. She got me through two high-risk pregnancies and delivered both with c-sections, so well done that I can barely see the scar. She also was with me during a recent bad experience ... long story, but suffice to say for now that she was with me every step of the way, answering all my questions and concerns. To me she is always very careful & conservative in her care, taking extra caution with things. For example, during my 2nd pregnancy, we had a checkup where she couldn't hear the heartbeat with the Doppler; she immediately brought in the portable ultrasound, booted it up, and we saw the baby & the heartbeat right away. She still seemed unsure, so she got me an immediate appointment with the "big" ultrasounds down the hall, walked with me, and was there with me as we checked the heart-rate, which turned out to be fine. Apparently the baby was hiding under my placenta which is why we couldn't hear the heartbeat with the Doppler. That was the appointment where I learned we were having a boy -- 4 weeks before we were supposed to find out! Anyway, my point with all that is that she is great, and any future kids we have I hope to be with her. Also St. Luke's Hospital is affiliated with Texas Children's Hospital, so if there is any problem with the baby after delivery, the baby goes immediately to the Texas Children's NICU. Hope that helps & good luck.

Dr. Jon Gogola. He is at Memorial City Hospital. Memorial City has a high level NICU. I love Dr Gogola. He has been my doctor since I was pregnant with twins 5 years ago. He takes his time with his patents. He is a teddy bear. You just want to hug him. ###-###-####

Hi L.. If you are looking for a great Dr. in the Memorial City area, I highly reccomend Dr. Kris Schmidt of Premier OBGYN. She works out of Memorial City location of Memorial Hermann, and also the Katy location. This is my second pregnancy, and after a MC, she has taken the best care of me, and not skipped any corners.. I have always felt more than cared for, and that she covers ALL bases. Hope that helps!

You want to look into Obstetrical & Gynecological Associates (OGA) on Fannin next to Texas Women's Hospital. There are over 25 physicians there, many handle high risk OB's and with the variety you are sure to find one that suits your needs and personality.

My OB/GYN doctor is Dr. Huang and he is located in the Medical Center. He is a specialist for infertility and high risk pregnancies. He's office is at 6410 Fannin #350 and phone number is ###-###-####. He is very informative and attentive. He answer any questions and also give other options. He has a wonderful nurse. If he is not available, you can call her and she will get back to you for Dr. Huang. He works out of Memorial Hermann across and they have a wonderful NICU.

I went to Dr. Maurizio Maccato in the med center near Reliant Stadium off of Fannin . He is the kindest, gentlest,up to date. His staff is very attentive. He is a high risk pregnancy ob/gyn. I went to him after having a tubal pregnancy and he was the best. He would always return my calls and check on me . He has a wonderful bedside manner. I am now out of the ob part of my life but I wish I still went to him. He is from Italy and very nice.

There is a high-risk OB named Carpenter in the Medical Center. I believe he practices at St. Luke's/Texas Children's. Couldn't ask for a better place than that!

I don't have any personal experience with him, but I hear he's the best.

One more thought--Eric Haufrect saw me through two very difficult pregnancies and is the most gentle and impathetic doctor. He has a regular practice, but I'm sure he'd do a great job for you. He's in Scurlock Tower.

Another name--David Zepeda. He is my GYN now and he still delivers babies. He is at St. Luke's Tower. He is the kind of doctor who makes you feel that you're his favorite patient, taking time to listen to you and discuss your options. You would be in good hands here, too.

Dr. Brian Kirshon is a high risk specialist doctor, he delivered both my children at St.Lukes Hospital in the Medical center. He has 2 offices there, one is in the Scurlock Towers, I believe. St. Luke's is also attached to TX Children's Hospital, so the NICU is right there and only a stroll or wheelchair ride away to visit ur child for nursing and visits. He sees patients in one or two other hospital's in the area, as he is also in the medical center. I had a complete placenta previa with possiblility of placenta acretia. The NICU team was in the room for my c-section, and a team was ready for me, assuming the risks involved. I was bed ridden during my pregnancy, and 40 days of it was spent at St. Lukes.
His whole office is known to be outstanding, we liked him the best. For the life of me I cannot find his # and address, I searched everywhere (my kids are 4 and 6 yrs now) My babybooks only had the hospital name, and doctors name. St. Luke's Hosp. should know how to reach him. Best of health to you, C.

I highly recommend Dr. Ronen. He specializes in high risk pregnancy and he is wonderful. He is not in the med center though. His closest office to the med center is at Memorial City Hermann. His website is drronen.com

I had three high risk pregnancies and did a great job monitoring and taking precautions to ensure healthy babies.

Good luck!

Dr. Balat

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