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Late Period Due to Stress?

I have had a very stressful month. Including an unscheduled cross country move that took place in 3 weeks. Not to mention getting everyone settled in school, husband in new job,trying to buy a new car. You know the drill. I'm 38 and am 5 days late and for the first time ever nauseated at the strangest times. Is this stress? I've been uder a lot of pressure before and this has'nt happened. Maybe early menopause? Any input would be welcome.

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Take a pregnacy test to rule that out. At least you will know and eliminate that potential stresser.

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Yes, stress could cause your period to be late. The only way to make sure is to take a pregnancy test.

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did your period ever come????


No honey I hate to tell you this but it sould like your with child. If this is great news god bless.

I was under a lot of stress in college and missed my period for 3 months. There was no chance that I was pregnant at all. My doctor gave me a pregnancy test just in case and when it came back negative- she gave me a pill to start my period again.

Stress could def be the reason. For the second time in my life, my period was late this month. We just moved, threw a birthday party for my daughter, and are dealing with some other stuff that I'm not going to talk about, but it caused me to be late. I hope whatever outcome you want, it what you get! :)

walmart and target sell tests for very cheap (I think walmart's is $3). Just go pick one up. If its positive, well, there you go. If its negative, its stress.

Well pregnancy comes to mind with the comment about nausea but stranger things have happened from being under too much stress. If it doesn't start for you soon, go to the doctor. They will give you a preggo test just to make sure and if it's all clear, then they can give you some meds to get it going again. I believe it's a very low dose of a hormone. Stress can do crazy things to us and there's no doubt that you've been under a lot of it!

It could be stress, but it probably wouldn't hurt to go and get a pregnancy test. Sounds like you could be pregnant. If this is good news, congratulations!!

A lot of stress can delay your cycle.

Stress can certainly cause a late period. Moving fits right into that. The nausea could be pregnancy. Have you tested?

The book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility", although usually used for getting pregnant, as helpful information understanding your body's cycles (sounds like you know your cycle) and avoiding pregnancy, if that is what is desired. I recommend buying or borrowing it (find the new library yet?) There is an example in the book of a stressful trip causing period delay.

Good luck!

Take a pregnacy test to rule that out. At least you will know and eliminate that potential stresser.

It could very well be stress that is making you feel this way, but if you are having concerns about it the best advise I can give you is to call the doctor especially if it is unlike you to be late at all. Good Luck

If there is no chance of being pregnant then....don't worry about the menopause thing. Changes in your period will creep up on you but if you haven't noticed any significant changes then, I'm guessing its stress. Stress can wreak havoc on your body and can add or subtract a period for a month. Glad you survived the month - it was a lot to take on. Two months ago was very stressful for me (nothing like your month though - you win!) and well, I had my period two weeks apart (not fun!). I'm fine and back on schedule. Talk to your dr. if it continues or if you have a severe increase flow or clots. Kick your feet up and rest. Listen to your body! Good luck!

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