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5 Days Late but Negative Pregnancy test...what Could Be Going On?

My period is over 5 days late and I've taken two home pregnancy tests...both negative. I have never missed a period in my life (other then being pregnant) so this is alarming. And for my first pregnancy I had a positive test before even missing a period. In addition we are trying for baby #2 so if it is just a simple missed period I have no idea when I would ovulate this month. Or will I even do so? So confusing. Hoping someone might have had a similar experience and be able to provide some feedback!?!?!?

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I'm overwhelmed by the support and advice on this site. Wonderful! So today, I got my period-over a week late. Even though I would love to be pregnant there is a bit of relief knowing nothing is majorly wrong. I imagine holiday stress must have thrown off my cycle which has never happened to me before. Never say never I suppose : ) Thanks again for all of your support.

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Get a blood test, with my secnd pregnacy the home test came back negative twice- however after going in for blood work I found out I was pregnant (only about 3 weeks pregnant).

Good luck

I am also never late and I was about 12 days late and was still getting neg test results. zi tested I think like twice a week. it wasn't until I was close to 3 weeks late that I finally got a possative test result. My twin girls are now 3 months old.

I always had periods on time before I had a my first baby a year ago. A couple months ago I went 40 days before getting a period. I took pregnancy test and it was negative. Just wait. It will come. It makes it hard to track cycles because it isn't regular. So keep a calendar so you know.

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Good Morning J.!

I have 3 boys and a girl. With all the boys, the day I missed my period I tested positive for being pregnant. With my daughter, I was late for over 4 weeks before it came up positive for being pregnant. That is just what happened in my case.
Just remember, the reproductive system of a woman is a VERY complicated thing. your body is potentially creating a brand new life, and there are millions of chemical reactions and changes that could be happening every minute. Sometimes I think we might know to much and know things to soon.
Just try to go about your day to day routine (I know, easier said than done :-) continue to eat right and take your vitamins and before long you'll know one way or the other.

I pray everything works out the best for you!

The same thing happened to me this summer. I missed a period, kept taking home pregnancy tests and they were negative. 3-4 weeks after my missed period, I went to my primary care physician for a urine test and it turned out to be negative as well. I had my period the following month - missing one period. I don't know the cause for this - it may have been hormonal, stress or a "missed pregnancy".

Best of luck. I know how frustrating it can be to not know whether you are pregnant or not.

You are probably pregnant -- particularly if, when you stop and wonder about it without thinking too much, you *feel* pregnant. Trust your body...

What is happening (with the tests) is that they're looking for hCg -- human choloronic gonoditropin, however that's spelled -- and not finding *enough* to trigger the chemical response in the tester. It doesn't mean you don't have any, it just means it's not enough (yet) to be picked up by the test. There are a number of ways you can stop wasting money on tests and find out for sure, the first being to wait at least another week before you try again -- 2 would be better. The later in pregnancy you are, the more hCg your body excretes, and the more likely the test will be accurate.

Another way to ensure you're testing as accurately as possible is to limit fluids after supper, and take the sample for testing from the first morning pee -- and wait longer than usual before you 'go' in the morning, but before you drink any fluids at all. The idea is that the more concentrated your urine, the more accurate the test will be.

In the meanwhile, it's a good idea to relax intentionally... stress hormones don't aid fertility *or* the early growth of a baby.

If you think you're pregnant, you probably are.

When I went off of birth control this past summer, in anticipation of trying for baby #2, I had very irregular periods. I even skipped one full month! I was freaked out since when I went off of BC before baby #1, I was totally regular in my cycles. I was also going through an incredibly stressful time at work during this summer and it turns out that was the culprit. I know it's easier said than done but you need to relax yourself and try to relieve stress. As for ovulation, I had the same worries when my period was irregular so I used the at home test kits and they worked like a charm (I'm now expecting baby #2). I ended up ovulating a little later in my cycle than what the "books" say. Best of luck!

I had an experience like that, many years ago. I was like a clock as far as my cycles went...never late unless pregnant. So, I was late, took a test 3 weeks in a row...negative and still late. THEN I had a very heavy, clotty, very crampy period. My yearly check up was about a week after that. I spoke with my doctor and he said I was probably pregnant but there was something wrong with the pregnancy and the "pregnant" hormones weren't showing up in the test. (Way back then, there were no home tests, only at the lab) He called it a probable spontaneous abortion, ie: miscarriage. After my check up he said everything was "clean" and couldn't really say for sure what had happened, but that I was good to go to try again. No D & C. I was pregnant in 3 months after that.
On the other hand, this could be nothing like that and maybe for some reason...stress, more exercise or just that wonderful aging thing could be causing it. I would give it another week or so. If no period, try another test and call your doctor. All the best to you!

My tests came back negative with the last baby, as well. That is, until I emptied the trash and noticed the test I had taken in the AM had turned positive. I know 'they' say not to read any result after a certain amount of time...but that odd result turned out to be a bouncing baby boy! Each pregnancy is different, so you may just have a different level of the hormone in your urine this time. If you are regular, and have no reason to suspect fibroids, etc., then you are probably pregnant. Either way, time will tell! (I know, I hated that answer too!)


With both my pregnancies, I missed a period and tested negative on an EPT, EVEN ONE AT THE DOCTOR'S OFFICE WHEN I WAS CARRYING TWINS.

A blood test revealed the pregnancy.

Calm down, allow yourself a couple more days to wait this out. ;) You're probably pregnant.

It may seem silly, but check your test again. I had that with my second pregnancy. I did 2 or 3 tests all came back negative, but sometimes I read that a negative will eventually change to a positive over time. Even up to a couple of days later. It's surprising, but it's true. I did another test a day or so later, and even went back to the old ones after I'd read this info on the instruction booklet with the tests, and sure enough they ended up all positive. It just has to do with the amount of the pregnancy hormone in your stream at the time you take the test. Good luck, and if it's negative, keep trying. :)

Went through the same thing a few months ago! We are trying for Baby #3 and my period ended up being 10 days late (not common for me!). I called my ob and she said to keep trying because even if you skip a period, you won't know when you're ovulating again...Hope this helps, and good luck!

Stress, exercise, weight loss, and many other things can delay your period... even having a lot of sex when you haven't in a while!
Or... you could be pregnant. I'd wait a week and then try again.
Not sure if that helps...

I am also never late and I was about 12 days late and was still getting neg test results. zi tested I think like twice a week. it wasn't until I was close to 3 weeks late that I finally got a possative test result. My twin girls are now 3 months old.


I know a lot of women have had false negatives, but all of my 4 pregnancies were revealed by a positive pregnancy test days before my period was due. I used First Response, they have been very accurate with me. Whenever I tested negative it meant my period was late but came within the next week. Our bodies are so complicated and little things like stress can throw it off. You may not be stressed but you would be surprised on how much the mind plays on our bodies. I suggest just waiting a bit more, retesting, and hopefully you will get the answer you are looking for.
Good luck,

hi J.,

this just happened to me. i have a 19 month old, still nursing. i started having a period 3 months ago. previous to my son's birth, i was like clockwork, every 28 days. this last cycle, i noticed that i ovulated only about 7 days prior to when my period was supposed to come. when the day came to have my period, no period came. i tested the next day, the test came out negative. when i still didn't have my period the next day, i knew i was pregnant. i read online that tests won't show up until at least 12 days after conception, but could be longer. i tested again when it was 13 days after when i thought we concieved and it came out positive within seconds. i would say to test again in a few more days and there is a good chance it will be positive. :)

Get a blood test, with my secnd pregnacy the home test came back negative twice- however after going in for blood work I found out I was pregnant (only about 3 weeks pregnant).

Good luck

There is always the possibility that you ovulated later than usual meaning you may not be far enough along to test. Also if you've been under a lot of stress you may have messed up your cycle. I would wait another week, use first morning urine and test again. Than if it is still negative call the doctor and ask for a blood test to determine if you are pregnant. I know women who can't get a positive on a urine test an have to have a blood test. Good luck :)

I have had ames thing never missed a period either. But never was late till my last child. Child number four. I am suppose to start on the 26th every month and lately haven't started till the 29th. So I think if you take your mind off of it and relax you will start. DOn't worry. It will happen whane its to happen. We are trying to though. We are not real gong hoe though. But all of my kids are 2 years and either 4 months or 6 months apart so I want to keep them that way. Plus this is my last one. I will give birth and have tubes cut. Take care and best of luck!!!!

When we were trying for #2 I had the same thing and talked to my doc as it happened a few times and I was freaked out. Turned out, the stress of wanting to get pregnant was screwing up my cycles! Could also just be that its taking a while for it to turn positive - happens sometimes.

J.; yes , nothing may be wrong, soemtimes your body changes, and it changes its times it ovulates, i too never missed a period and had this happen many times, then my period usually would come, if it dont come in a few weeks, do the test again, and if it bothers you , of course go to a dr, but many times , my period would change what time of the month it would come, and sometimes after a child they can change, dont be too alarmed, and keep working on that second child, and have fun, and enjoy life, D. s

I was a whole month late by the time I got a + pregnancy test with my daughter. It was very nerve racking and frustrating. Hang in there, I would give it a few weeks and then if there is still a - I would call my dr to get a blood test ran. Just an fyi my blood tests were also inconclusive until I was a month late. I also know that I did not just skip a period because I was charting and became so wrapped up in what was going on that nothing went on in the bedroom while I was waiting for that +. This strange event happens in my family quite often. I just had a cousin who did not know she was pregnant with twins until she went into labor and they were born very permature, but everyone turned out just fine.

I always had periods on time before I had a my first baby a year ago. A couple months ago I went 40 days before getting a period. I took pregnancy test and it was negative. Just wait. It will come. It makes it hard to track cycles because it isn't regular. So keep a calendar so you know.

I am in the same boat right now, we have been trying to conceive for 5 years and nothing, fertity drugs and all!! I am schedule for surgery for the 25th of march and we really tried to get pregnent this past cycle, so i am on day 33 of my cycle and no period, i usually i have it on day 30... three test all neg!! i am so heart broken once again and beyond aggravated!

Since your already 5 days late you could call you family dr. sometimes you need a blood test to confirm. I was late w neg test before and the dr wasnt concern we just verified it with a blood test.

I had several negative pregnancy tests with my second child. Right around the time where I was a week late I called the doctor and they ran a urine test. That came back positive. At my first appointment I wasn't measuring quite right so she had an ultrasound done. Come to find out I had ovulated a week later than I had thought. I would recommend calling your OB and schedule an appointment.


1st When TTC you are under a lot of stress not to mention any other stress in your life. It is very common in women TTC to miss a period.

2nd~ Sometimes women have a hard time getting a + HPT even when having one before. I would call your Dr. and go in for a Blood HCG Beta test. It is the only way to know for sure.

3rd~ If you're period comes late you will still ovulate after it. It's this current cycle that you have to wonder if you ovulated or when. Usually the Luteal phase time after you o till next period is normally 14-16 days. However it looks like this month either you Ovulated late making your period late or your luteal phase is longer this cycle for some reason. Unless you have been BBT charting you will not have a way of know which it was. If your period does show up you might want to try BBT charting to find out what's going on in case this isn't going to just be a fluke. If you do decide to chart a very good site for tracking it and learning about it is www.fertilityfriend.com They have a free membership and a paid membership. Good luck and let us know what you find out.

At this point don't panic. I would wait another week and then retest. Just because you received a positive early the first time, doesn't mean you will the second time. Every pregnancy is different. I was almost 2 weeks late with my daughter before I tested positive. It was the third test I took!

Relax. Wait awhile longer and retest.

Keep in mind, stress (of any kind) can throw your hormones off.

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