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Ideas for T-ball Coach End of Season Gift

I am the team mom for my children's t-ball team. There is a head coach & 4 assistant coaches. I am trying to think of some creative, personable thank you gifts to give to the coaches at the end of the season. I was thinking about getting a matted picture frame for the head coach and having the kids sign the matting of the frame. Does anyone have any ideas?? Thanks

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Costco size bottles of Tylenol! Tee Hee!
I like the frame idea - Michael's has kits in their frame dept. all you need is the photo and some pens!

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At the end of last year's season, we gave our son's coaches a pic of the team w/the mat signed by all the boys & both coaches just loved it! We also collected cash to put towards gift cards to a sporting goods store. My son's team had the mhead coach as well as 2 asst. So the head coach got the biggest gift card & then the rest was split between the 2 other coaches.

For our coaches last year we got them a ball each and had the team sign the ball, then we encased them in a clear plastic ball box. For the head coach we also got him a $15 G.C. to Target. This year I think we will do the same only get the head coach a whistle instead of a G.C. We also gave each boy a goody bag filled with baseball stickers, stick of gum, a baseball picture frame and a baseball pencil, most of which were purchased at a dollar store!! Have fun!

Depending on how much you want to spend, you could get them fleece vests with the team logo embroidered on it. I used Power Stitch in Alamo ###-###-####--she does it out of her home). Call her to see what the vests cost (I don't remember them as being too expensive) and then have a small logo embroidered on the front. If you pick from one she's got in the system I think it is cheaper. The coaches loved them because if the logo is small enough and the vest is a color they can wear any time (usually black, navy or grey) it is something they can really use, not put on a shelf. She was able to create great ones (Cobra, Galaxy, Hawks, Falcons).

Digital scrapbooks are a great gift. Creative Memories offers a free version of their software & you don't need an internet connection while working on the book, only when it is time to upload & order it. I am making books for my son's preschool teachers. I know others that have made them as coaches gifts & the coaches loved them. I am a Creative Memories consultant & would be happy to give you some tips on the book, I also can burn you a disc of the software so you don't have to take the time to download it. Just send me a message if you are interested.

Good luck!

Hi T..

We just did the basketball coaches gifts and to be honest, they sometimes get tired of the same old photo or trophe type gift. The lady who did our gift got a blockbuster gift card and a bunch of popcorn and candy and made a gift basket out of a popcorn tub. The ooaches loved it and it was different from what they usually get.

I don't know what your bugdet is but you can get them silver key chains with the kids names engraved on it with a thank you engravement as well. see www.namicharms.com.
good luck.

Hi T.. The signed matted frame is a great idea. My son is 5 and also plays baseball and my husband is the manager/head coach. We (moms) are going to take pictures through the season and then have a photo album of the boys made at snapfish. We will also have the boys sign. We are doing this for both the manager and the coach.

HI T.,
One idea that we did one season is I printed out some pics from the season (make sure each child has a pic) and bought a cheap collage frame at Kmart/Walmart etc. I collaged pics. ALso we had a tool engraved at Things Remembered in the mall. Or you can print a Tshirt with the team pic on it for a good price. Good luck hope this helps.


I agree with some here that there is not always a place in someone's home to put up a matted picture. Especially when the coach ends up getting many of them year after year. My husband coached here and there and althought these things are sentimental, sweet and so generous, we just don't have a place for all these items. I think gift cards are great. Coaches always appreciate them.

One year, I bought nylon sports chairs and had all the kids sign them wit ha thick permanent marker. They are only about 10-15 dollars at WalMart or Target. All the kids signed them. It is a usable item that we still take to games with us today! People always comment on what a cool gift that was. It is an especially good thing to give when you have so many assistants since it is inexpensive. Maybe you could give something like that to all coaches then an extra gift card to the head coach.

Good luck. It is nice of you to take on this job for your team!

I have been team mom three times. Same coach. I think his favorite gift was: I brought my camera to a few of the games and practices and took pictures of him teaching the kids, all the kids playing, and don't forget to get a few of the coach with their child. A simple little album is perfect, and have the kids sign a paper that fits into the first pocket of the album. Its very personal and a way to remember that season. Good luck.

I took photos throughout the season and then put them into one of those make your own coffee cups from Starbucks with a thank you message and the year he coached.

Four assistant coaches is rough, though!

I would suggest collect $5.00 from parent and get a gift cerificate to a restaurant. Trophy's always end up way back in the closet forgotten. Everyone loves to go out to dinner and in this economy a nice dinner would be nice.

Costco size bottles of Tylenol! Tee Hee!
I like the frame idea - Michael's has kits in their frame dept. all you need is the photo and some pens!

My husband coached my sons team and was given a trophy shaped like a mit and all of the kids signed a ball that fit onto it. It was sweet and sits on the trophy shelf with my sons trophies.

It's terrible to say, but as a former coach as well as a daughter of a coach, I agree with giving a gift card of some sort rather than any kind of signed memorabilia. Unfortunately, over years of accumulating these items and not having enough space to give them a good home, they accumulate dust, get crushed, stowed away, etc. However, having the kids make their own cards or each write a personal note depending on the age, was much appreciated. These items can easily be stowed in an album to reminisce later in life. Just my experience!

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