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Gift for Soccer Coach

We would like to give our son's soccer coach a gift for all his hard work this season. Does anyone have any good gift ideas for a male soccer coach? It can't be too expensive since it's just from our son, age six, and not the team.

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I certainly got a lot of great ideas from everyone - thanks! I ended up getting a gift card. But, I really liked the idea of the coaches name on the hat and will probably do that next season because I didn't have time to order it this time.

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When my husband coached his niece's team, he received a monogrammed cap one year that said "Coach Frank" and another year he received a monogrammed duffel bag with the team's name. These were nice and personal gifts.

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My husband is a baseball coach and he always appreciated a resteraunt gift cert. with a card from the child. It doesn't have to be much...even if it is 10.00. Every amount is appreciated. To him it was just saying thank you for your volunteer time and we appreciate you. Good Luck.

When my husband coached his niece's team, he received a monogrammed cap one year that said "Coach Frank" and another year he received a monogrammed duffel bag with the team's name. These were nice and personal gifts.

I'm a soccer and volleyball coach, and I've always loved personal letters or cards and a picture of the team that I didn't have made but was taken by a parent and framed. Starbuck's GC were always nice too. Of course, I'd show up w/ a Starbucks' cup in hand every practice so they knew it was right up my alley. Personal stuff is the best stuff.

My dad is a soccer coach for my younger sisters soccer team. He loves personalized notes from the child and/or gift cards. Starbucks is a great idea, or Krispy Creme Donuts.

I was thinking of getting a small soccer ball and having the team sign it... do you think this would be a good idea?

Hi T.,
Let me share this thought. My husband coached soccer for many years. We have four children and he coached softball as well.
The gifts that meant the most to him were personalized "kid" gifts - a signed photograph from the end of the season party, hats signed by the kids, a picture drawn on card stock by one of the team members and then signed by everyone on the team, a plain T-shirt signed by all the kids.
My husband passed away a few years ago, and the gifts displayed prominently at home and in his office were those I listed. He wore those hats everywhere. I found a stack of gift cards of various kinds in one of his drawers.
Just sharing my experience.

I have always thought that gifts from those that are benefitting seem most fitting. In otherwords, you might organize it, but have the kids do it!! One year, my daughter's soccer team did cut and tie fleece blankets for each of the coaches in the team colors (and there were 4 coaches). The girls loved getting together, chatting while cutting and tying. Then afterwards, I had the blankets embroidered with a soccer ball, team name and year. I thought I would see them on the sidelines the next year, but found the coaches loved them too much to get them dirty.

The next year we had a scrapbooking party. Each girl grabbed 3 sheets of scrapbook paper(1 for each coach), photos that I had printed of themselves, stickers, etc. Each also included a note of thanks to the coach. (Some even wrote on the entire back of the sheet.). Every girl's page was sooo different and unique to them. I then made up a few pages with misc. pics and a team pic on the from of the album. They were so moved they teared up.

This year I am stumped.... and it is their last year as a team. They are going off to high school. I am hopeful to figure out something before state playoffs.


Last season we gave our coach a gift card to Academy and he really enjoyed it. He said he would be able to go get more supplies for coaching.

I have found that Gift Cards are always the wayt o go with just about any gift, especially fo rpeople you do nto know well. Even if it only 10 dollars it may help them purchase something they have wanted. There are a lot of great guy stores, i.e. Best Buy, Academy, and Golf, Etc.

I am a firm believer in Gift Cards....... for almost everyone!

I did a small $20 basket from this local company. This stuff is awesome!!!


I'm not a coach, but I have taught and have received teacher gifts. Stay away from knick knacks and mugs. A nice note or homemade card made by your child is nice and almost a lost art.

As far as a gift goes, gift cards are great and don't have to cost a lot of money. $10 can go a long way to certain places like Starbucks or Blockbuster. It's a nice gesture and still relatively inexpensive.

Lately, when I have given gift cards I have included coupons I have printed from the store's website. Some stores may let you use both a coupon and a gift card at the same time. This is my way of trying make the gift a bit "bigger" and still stick with my budget.

It's very nice of you to want to show your appreciation.
Holly M.

I offer coaches gifts on my website. They are personalized and I can do them in the team colors. I have a few examples of sets on my website at www.JAZbyChristine.com

Not shown on my website is the single marble coaster with a soccer ball with a stand. The marble tile would have the team name on top, coaches name on the bottom and the players names on the ball.

My hubby has coached Little League- his favorites are just nice notes of appreciation from parents with the kids adding art work or whatever is at their level.
A gift card for lunch at a Subway or McDonalds might be nice (My hubby is a contractor so tends to eat drive through!) Or maybe for a Starbucks? Kind of depends on his interest.
Homemade cookies or a loaf of bread....
Stay away from the cutie bears, knick knacks etc!

I agree with the gift cards, if he is married with kids you could give him a gift card to a restraunt and a coupon for free baby sitting.

Gift cards are always nice if you know of something he enjoys or perhaps a g/c to the movies? This way he could take his spouse, kids or friend with?

Just my two cents.

Have you seen those little trophy shops. I haven't, but I don't think they are expensive at all and I think that they have plaques, trophies, and other items too.

Best wishes.... D.


I am a coach and have a few thoughts. Check out the back of your coaches car, is there a bumber sticker or something that would indicate a hobby ( does he fish or run, etc.?). Then you can tailor a gift to something he enjoys.
Also, pay attention to what he drinks at practice/games. A Starbucks card may good for a coffee drinker, or he may be into energy drinks or something differnt.
You can't go wrong with a gift card to a athletic store, afterall he is a soccer coach.
I don't want my next comment to come across as ungrateful...cookies and snacks may not be a great idea. I get a ton every year and end up throwing so much away because my husband and I can't consume it before it spoils. I end up feeling bad about it.
I always love things the kids make, cards and pictures hang on my fridge for months.
Good Luck!

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