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Any Former T-ball Moms -Advice?

I've read here before that it's appropriate to give baseball/softball coaches some sort of thank you in the form of a plaque/trophy/etc. This is our first experience with team sports. I'm wondering if this is the same in regards to t-ball? Most of the kids are first time players like my daughter. Our coach is very easy going, good with the kids, and it's a non-competetive league. None of the other parents have brought this up yet, I was just curious what have your experiences been?

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I think that any sort of appreciation would be great! My husband has coached for 6 years now and all we get is complaining. If we lose, win, or whatever. It would be great to have a thank you of any kind! I think a card would be great if the other parents do not want to do something.

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I was T-Ball mom last year and what I did was just buy a baseball and put all the team players anitials on it along with a card. If you know of something else the coach may like, like a certain drink, candy or gum add that to it. It was not a lot of money but parents did not want to spend a lot and that was fine for me. Our coach was a great coach and we wanted to thank him but alot of people have more than one child in sports at the same time so could not afford a lot. It felt like everytime we turned around they wanted more money...lol. First you pay to sign them up then you the team decides to do the same belt and color socks(extra $), fundraiser(extra $30.00), concession buyout (extra $10-15), parents team shirt (extra $15-30), pictures (extra $) and then end of season party (depends on what you do...extra $) and if you have more then one child in sports at same time it really adds up so we just did a little something. Sorry to explain that all but wanted you to understand why we went cheap but tried to make it a thoughtful gift!

As the wife of a coach, I know that the gifts he most cherishes are the handmade cards from the kids. I have also done cookies, a gift card, and even just aball signed by the players. Most don't expect anything in return.

My husband has been coaching my son's soccer and basketball teams for the last 4 years, and it is A LOT of work. Most years he has been given a token of appreciation at the end of the season. I would not suggest getting a plaque b/c usually when you do team pics the coach is given a free plaque with the team picture on it from the photo company. He has received gift cert. for various restaurants as well as gift cert. for Academy Sports or other sporting stores. A lot of times the moms would give me some sort of flower arrangement as well which I always loved.

Having had a child on baseball (including t-ball)teams, and also being a Little League coaches wife, I can tell you that a small token of appreciation was always the end-of-season thing. A gift certificate to an eating place, a plaque, a framed 5 x 7 picture were all things given and received. Who is your "team mom?" This is usually one of the mothers who contacts other moms about the after-game refreshments, team party, pics, etc. At least that's how we did it here in East Texas.

We all pitched in for a gift card / card for our son's soccer coach last year. We presented it to him at the end of the year party.

I have three grown sons and now a 5 year old daughter! What we always did was just get a baseball and let the kids all write their names on the ball and put it in one of those little trophies that holds a baseball. This is very inexpensive and means alot. We even did our team trophies the same way several years. It is a great memento especially for parents after your child grows up! Last year, one mom had taken pictures at every game and put together a mini photo album/scrapbook for the coach. That was really cute and these were t-ballers. There were pictures of each child either batting, or playing in some way. I hope that will help a little. Have a great season!
B. B.

For one of my kids coaches we bought a new baseball and let each kid sign their name on it with colored permanent markers. For another coach we bought a tshirt and had a saying put on it at the tshirt shop then put each kids handprint on it in the team colors. I don't remember what the saying was but it was something like High 5 for coach _______. We also helped the kids make a thank you card. At the end of one tball season we had a parents against kids t ball game and hot dog cookout,it was really fun and a great place to give the gifts and take group pictures!

I think that any sort of appreciation would be great! My husband has coached for 6 years now and all we get is complaining. If we lose, win, or whatever. It would be great to have a thank you of any kind! I think a card would be great if the other parents do not want to do something.

My daughter is also in T-ball. I am planning to give gift cards to Academy Sports store and/or local restaurants. I figured the coaches have plenty of trophies and plaques, so I wanted something they could really use.
Hope this helps.

having taken 2 boys thru Little League baseball. We always gave the coach some kind of trinket. They seemed to like best a baseball - autographed by all the kids - you can get a clear display box or a glove trophy in which to set the ball. Who knows' one of those kids may be an allstar PRO one day! then look what the coach has - He can say see here - that's his/her signature when i coached them. My B-I-L coached Greg Swindall (former Ranger) in Little League and went to the area world series - and can brag he has his little league signature!

There are many options, but what we have found that they really seem to appreciate is something they actually use. Gift certificates (restaurants,movies,etc) are a big hit because they can use them with their own family. You just spread the word with the other parents that you are collecting money for the coaches gift and give them a dead-line (say about a week or two) and they are usually great about contributing. Have someone get a card for the players to sign and you have a perfect gift! Good luck, T.

Give him/her a gift card. Those tropies can just pile up and since he/she gave the gift of TIME to your players, give it to him/her in return!

My son played baseball up to high school age
and every team he was on at the end of the season
we had a team party and everyone pitched in and
got the coach something...one year I remember they
got him and his wife a gift certificate to go out
to eat..most years we did get a small plaque and enough
was left for a gift certifate for dinner.
My husband coached for years.. he didnt do t-ball.
and every year the team gave him a plaque or something
just to say THANKS. He really
appreciated it a great deal.. it is a lot of work
coaching more than most even realize. I KNOW
your coach would appreciate what ever you all gave
just to show your appreciation...that is what they will
remember the most.

My grandson participated in his first T-Ball league last year and after the last game, the parents invited all the players, siblings, coachs, their wives and children AND grandparents (who were the most enthusiastic fans!) to go to a park nearby. They cooked hot dogs, had drinks,chips and various cookies all brought by the parents. One of the Dads had secretly taken a group picture of all the players in their uniforms, put it in a frame with a mat and the kids had all signed the mat before framing. They didn't wrap it but had a big ribbon tied around it and the kids all walked up and handed it to the coach and in unison yelled "Thank You Coach Black-We Love You"

---- HE CRIED ----

I can give you a perspective from both sides - my husband has coached through the YMCA and our son has been on a team (including T ball) that his Dad didn't coach. It is definitely not required to give the coach something it's just a nice gesture since they volunteer their time to help our kiddos! We usually had someone that rounded up a few dollars from each parent and purchased a gift card to a restaurant or sports store (my husband received a few of those and it was great - especially the restaurant one's because I could benefit from it too and I helped out a lot with the team)! Usually there's an end of season party and the coach is recognized at that time. It is also neat if the team members sign a card! The Y started doing plaques for the coaches, so that was nice but we still as parents gave something to the coach (and it doesn't have to be a lot of $$, just enough to say "Thank you"). Hope this helps!

I have been through t-ball with 3 kids and we always have taken up money and bought them a gift certificate to a restaurant. They seem to always appreciate that.

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