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I Can't Get My Toilet Clean!!

Hey Moms! My toilets have a yucky ring around them, that I can't scrub off with any product I've tried so far. Do any of you have any secrets or products you love that get rid of that "ring around the toilet"? Thanks!

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Thank you so much for all your wonderful advice. I scrubbed it clean with the pumice stone. Feels good to be clean:-)

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I use very fine sandpaper or emery cloth and sometimes a little elbow grease-works every time!

Good luck!

I have used plumbers screen. You can buy a sheet of it.......cut a little square of it off, and use it. I used to clean houses professionally and that was what we used to get rid of the ring around the toilets. It worked great and did not scratch or damage it.

I had the same problem. Get a pumice stone! I found mine in the cleaner aisle at Fred Meyer, only ~$3. It took a little elbow grease, but worked great!

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I wouldn't use steel wool or sandpaper, once the porceline is scratched then the germs just sit in there and it's harder to clean.

I finally found something that worked for me. Both purchases at Home Depot. a pool tile pumus stone and CLR. The pool tile stone is safe on the surface and won't scratch. It worked really well for me and no more rings. Wear gloves! Good Luck

When using a pumice stone, you're suppose to get it wet so it makes like a abrasive paste. I don't recommend using a pumice stone on your sink or tub because it will scratch it. You might not notice the scratches right away, but if you continue using it, you'll end up with scratches because your sink and tub are not made out of the same type of porcelin your toilet is. And don't use the pumice stone dry and don't scrub real hard because it is an abrasive product and it IS putting very fine scratches in your porceline that you don't see until you get enough of them. I've used a pumice stone for years and my toilets are starting to show the wear.
It is a great product, just go easy with it.
Pumice stones also work great for cleaning barbeque grills. I found this out while camping at a lake that had a pumice beach.

yes!! get out a piece of window screen. i found one at lowe's in their cleaning department labeled as a hard water remover but really it's just a 3inch square of metal screen. and let me tell you, it works like a charm. after i sanitize the toilet, i get this out and scrub off the ring. good luck!

Hi A.,
I agree with all these ladies about the pumice stone. We use one when needed and it works wonderful!! We also use it on our sink and tub when needed. Also, since we have hard water and within a day or two of cleaning the toilet it would have another ring in it that would need cleaned again, we recently bought the Kaboom toilet bowl cleaner. It's a little cylinder that you put in the tank and add 2 tablets that come with it, into the cylinder. It is awesome!!!!! We've used it now about 3-4 weeks and we have not ONCE had anything but a sparkling clean white toilet!! Talk about a miracle cleaner!! :)

I agree with putting the coke in. It works great. But I have found from experience that the generic cokes do not work! Hope it cleans up for you!

I use all natural products that work great for everyday cleaning. It feels good to know I'm not harming the environment, but most importantly.....my children are safe.

However, the water can be pretty harsh here sometimes and sometimes I might need a little help. The pumice stone is awesome. I recommend flushing the toilet and turning the water off momentarily. Then scrub away. It's not harmful to the environment or your health in any way and it gets that baby clean!

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I know this sounds odd, but try pouring a can of Coke into your toilet and let is sit for an hour. Scrub and flush.

I had the same problem. Get a pumice stone! I found mine in the cleaner aisle at Fred Meyer, only ~$3. It took a little elbow grease, but worked great!

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