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How to Clean/remove Toilet Bowl Ring

We recently bought a new(to us) house. The previous owners didn't take much pride in cleanliness and we have yucky looking toilet bowl rings that I have tried everything to remove. Does anyone know of any products that work well for this. Also what should I use to scrub. I have tried semi hard scrubbing pads but don't want to scratch the bowl. Thanks

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I'm a big fan of the pumice stone too, it's made just for that reason. It takes all of that build up away and doesn't scratch. Doylestown Borough has teriible water and it constantly builds up in th bowl. Good Luck!

I've heard that CLR is good. It stands for chlorine, lime and rust, and is supposed to remove stains of all those types. Iron Out may work too. Any of The Works products are usually good, but they are very strong so use gloves and good ventilation. Good luck.

We have well water that is loaed with minerals, so even tho I consider myself clean the toilet still is a problem area. I like CLR to remove mineral build up. It may work for the dirty ones too.

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I KNOW A DEFINATE FIX! It is called The Works and you buy it at the dollar store. Not the general dollar store, but the $1 dollar store. Once I found this wonderful stuff I told everyone. Just pour some in - let is soak a few minutes and just scrub with a toilet brush and your toilet will be like new. Trust me. It is awesome!

Sounds like you have hard water. You will need to get a calcium and lime remover and let it soak before you can get it off. These may take may times of soaking to remove. Think about getting a water softner, public water can be hard too, so don't assume that public water can't do this to your tub, sink, and toilet. The fact that the rings are only in your toilet are good. Hard water can leave very hard to clean stains at any time.......so don't assume that the other owners were horrible and dirty if YOU are having a hard time getting it clean.

The absolute best toilet cleaner is "The Works" toilet cleaner.We have hard, rusty water and this is the only thing that works! I don't even have to scrub, the stains just dissappear! It's also very cheap ($1.20). Good Luck!

Try the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser...it's the only thing that worked for me.

When I lived in Arizona we had hard water that would leave rings in the toilet. I poured baking soda then vinegar in the toilet and let it sit for a few minutes. That usually helped. I also heard a can of Coke will remove it too.

I was told to pour a can of coke in the toilet bowl and leave it overnight. It worked for me! Good luck!

A. (mom of 3)

There is also pumice stone which is made for cleaning the porcelain toilets. Wear gloves and scrub, What ever is in it cleans without scratching.

Hi! Congrats on the new house!
BY FAAAAAAAR, the BEST product that I have EVER used for nasty toilets is an all-natural one called Mrs. Myers. You can get it online, at Whole Foods or sometimes @ Linens & Things. It is FREAKING FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

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