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Help Cleaning a *Really* Dirty Toilet

Hi all,

I recently spent about 2 1/2 months out of town caring for my mom and sister after surgery and a car wreck. When I got back, my DH had not cleaned one of our toilets the entire time! I cleaned it immediately, and it mostly came clean except a strip about 4" long just above the normal water line. It is black and crusty. I have tried about 4 different toilet cleaners, a mild abrasive (Bon Ami), scrubbing, soaking, scraping, you name it. It just won't come clean and it disgusts me every time I see it! Does anyone have any ideas on how to clean this?


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Thanks to everyone who gave me great suggestions. I decided to try the denture cleaner first. Since the crud was above the water line, I broke a couple of tablets up and mixed them with a tiny bit of water to make a thick paste and then smeared this over the nasty stuff. I left it on about 10 minutes and then just brushed it off with the toilet brush. WOW - it came clean! As a bonus, my bathroom smelled minty fresh! LOL!

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Hi L.,

Try a pumice rock. This works for me and hasn't scratched by toilet. I get them at my local Walmart. I have the same problem.

Good Luck!!!

SnoBowl does a great job on lime deposits. Somone had shared that with me a few years ago. Try it. Hope it works for you!

I dont know if it is sold here but in Hawaii we have hard water and it leaves that ring around the toilet that will not come off with anything except TRR (toilet ring remover) it comes in a white bottle and has its own sponge scrubber with it. I havent had the problem here in GA so I havent looked for it here. Hope you can find it!!

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If you're not a fan of harsh, loud smelling chemicals try my grandma's old remedies: 1) 1 part vinegar & 3 parts water; 2) baking soda and dish liquid. My mom's remedy works great too - place 6 denture tablets in the toilet, let 'em dissolve, wash and flush; if you must use a commercial remedy CLR (available at Wal-Mart, Walgreens and Rite Aide) works good too and on hard water stains and rust in toilets. Good luck. A.

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Try using a pumice stone.

Try some soft scrub and a pumice stone. I used to clean houses for a living and we saw some really nasty ones and this usually works. Also a toilet cleaner called "THE WORKS" will blast away about anything just wear gloves as it will burn your skin. Hope this helps.


Try putting bleach in and letting it soak for a few hours.

Try a puma stone. You know what you use to smooth the roughness of your heels. It works wonders. I, too, have that husband.

try using a pumice stone, like the ones that you would use for you feet

Hi L.,

Melaleuca's Tub and Tile works wonders. It is a natural cleaner that will eat through all sorts of stuff. It will even clean off the residue from the former cleaners you've used in the house. I haven't had anything quite that "bad" before but my 35 year old SINGLE nephew has had a bathroom like that and he's swears by it, lol!

If you're interested I'll let you know how to get it...



A pumice stone should work.

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