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How to Stop a Nosebleed

My 7 year old gets nosebleeds every now and then and a few days ago she had a really bad one and I'm wondering what's the best way to get them to stop. She usually just has them in the winter when the air is so dry but she's had 2 this week. Should I be worried? What really causes your nose to bleed?

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Okay, I read all the responses and didn't see this one. It is one of those old home remedies and I used to laugh at it, but it does seem to work for me. Someone told me to drop a pair of blunt scissors or a set of metal keys down my back and let them slide all the way down to the waist (presumably, any metal utensil would work). Anyway, I always thought it sounded goofy, but I had a bloody nose one day that would stop and then start again. I finally picked up my key ring that has a bunch of keys on it and dropped them inside the collar on my neck and let them slide down my back. My nosebleed stopped!!! I was shocked. I have had lots of people tell me this. I have no idea why, but it seems to work. At least it is worth a try.

I just wanted to put my two cents in here. My daughter suffers from nose bleeds especially this time of year. Her doctor said it is her allergies and prescribed claritin. If she takes them regularly the nose bleeds do not happen. I use the walmart brand and it works the same as claritin. Also the product "little noses" will keep her nostrils from drying out.

If she can stand it, put a littel neosporin in her nose when its dry like that . not only will it help prevent nose bleeds but will also help prevent germs getting to the mucus membranes in the nose and makeing you sick.

A. J

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Hi K.. My 8 y/o son gets SEVERE nosebleeds, the kind that go on forever (once he required hospitalization and almost needed a transfusion). We had an ENT come in and he packed his nose with some sort of medicated plug. Nobody seems to be able to tell me why he gets them, they've tested his blood and can't seem to find any problems.

Anyway... what we do is pinch his nose (like you're saying PU, what stinks?) and keep it pinched for about 10 minutes. If that doesn't work, I spray AFRIN nose spray up the affected nostril. A doctor told me that the decongestent medication in it helped shrink the blood vessels.

Finally, if all the above fails (this is gross and TMI- be warned). If the blood starts looking darker (not bright red) there is usually a big clot up there (not fresh, bright blood but older darker blood). I have him blow his nose and it gets the clot out. Then I have him pinch again and it usually stops.

When all else fails, we drive to the Emergency Room (his nosebleeds never happen during normal business hours). By the time we've waited in the waiting room and finally see a doctor, the bleeding has stopped (seriously, this has happend 4 or 5 times). Then I feel like an idiot, but at least the nosebleed has stopped. :)

Have hope -- every doctor that we've seen has said the same thing -- "He'll grow out of it"

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Here's a very simple & easy way to stop nose bleeds. Simply push your tongue in between the upper lip & gums/teeth under the nose. The pressure will cut off circulation until it stops. Sometimes it a takes a few minutes, very easy & it works!!

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My son goes through this regularly. Alot of people recommended using Vaseline, but I would avoid that product. It is a good idea to check into a product at Whole Foods, Sprouts, or another place like this. They all have knowledgable workers in the department, that can lead you to the right product. My other advice is the same as the others that wrote in...humidifier, lean forward, etc... While your son is young, and doesn't know what they are, you can use a tampon as a noseplug...

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This is the BEST way ever!!!
1 tsp JELLO crystals in 1/2 cup WARM water. Stir them until they're melted and have her sip it.
The nosebleed will STOP.
We used to send a Jello Box to the school nurse for our son since he had frequent nosebleeds too.
Yummy and Fast.
Best Wishes!

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Nosebleeds could be a sign that she's anemic (sp?). My son seems to get them more than your average kid too though and he's fine. To stop them (I'm assuming you mean when she has one, not how to stop her from getting them) you just have her lean forward a bit and squeeze the bridge of her nose. This will apply pressure and allow the vessles to clot. Once it stops, don't blow the nose b/c it may cause the clotted blood to come out.

If she gets them when the weather is dry, you can try having her use saline spray to keep the passageway moist.

Hi K.. My 5 year old daughter gets them all the time when the air is dry. I was very worried. My husband's mom gave her this stuff called AYR, which is just vaseline like stuff on pre-moistened applicators that you put in the nostril. I really thought it was silly, but the next day there was no nosebleed and she didn't have them for the rest of the summer. I was shocked. I think they have them at Walgreen's.

It sounds too good to be true, I know, but it worked for us.

Good Luck.

If she can stand it, put a littel neosporin in her nose when its dry like that . not only will it help prevent nose bleeds but will also help prevent germs getting to the mucus membranes in the nose and makeing you sick.

A. J


I had this when I was a kid. Actually, mine got really bad when I was in college. Mine happened to be that a vein in my nose is very close to the skin and when the air is dry the skin cracks and opens up the vein thus the nose bleed. The doctors said that they could cauterize the area and stop the nose bleeds.

I opted to boil water to put moisture back in the atmosphere at home and it helped. I still get them from time to time, but not much. I learned that the best thing is to lean forward and pinch my nose with Kleenexes until it stops bleeding. Some say to lean back, but then the blood just goes down the throat (nasty tasting). Leaning forward it flows to the nose and starts to coagulate more quickly.

Hope this helps!

D. T


I had these very bad as a child as well. My doctor gave me a Vitamin K shot and they stopped just like that. You might ask your pedi if this could help.

Good luck with these.

K. B

I had them all the time when I was little...vasaline inside helps keep it moist. Our son will pick at his nose and it bleeds...? Not sure what causes them - maybe google that question. To get it to stop, I would stay upright and pitch gently the top (just where you can pitch off the nose and still breathe). Good luck. They are a bit tramatic for kids and confusing for kids/parent.

I have two sons who have had many nosebleeds (ages 24 and 8)
My pediatrician explained it is because the nose is dry. He said to pinch the nose inside the nostrils on the tip of the nose and hold for 5 minutes and do not release it. This will strengthen it and you will not have nosebleeds so often. We did this with out first and now the younger son too. It seems to have helped alot over the years. Of course if they continue or you think the bleeding is getting worse I would check with you doctor. Good Luck.

Pinch the top of the nose - NO blowing or picking. It doesn't hurt to lean the head back, but its not necessary sometimes it can cause drainage down the back of the throat.

I just wanted to put my two cents in here. My daughter suffers from nose bleeds especially this time of year. Her doctor said it is her allergies and prescribed claritin. If she takes them regularly the nose bleeds do not happen. I use the walmart brand and it works the same as claritin. Also the product "little noses" will keep her nostrils from drying out.

My 9 year old neice gets them sometimes when she's here visiting. I always apply gentle pressure to the bridge of her nose and wipe the blood away. Then I ask her to gently blow into another tissue. This has always worked for us. I think what causes them is the dry air. Your nasal passages get dried out and the blood vessels are so tiny and brittle that they just pop open. I would only be really concerned if your daughter has them every other day or so. Once in a while, like with my neice, is not anything to worry about. Good luck! I hope this helps! God Bless!

I had nosebleeds as a child and ended up in the ER also.
The reason the nose bleeds is because the surface cappillaries in the nasal passages are broken. The reason for the breakage is usually caused by dried nasal mucousa that crack and therefore bleed. The top offenders for causing nasal drying are many but the top offenders are allergies, medications, and environmental. Most people that have allergies take some kind of antihistamine that helps to stop allergy symptoms like runny noses and itchy eyes. But if your nose isn't running, the medicine doesn't stop working. So, if you are normal today, the medication will still dry you out. If you have a runny nose that is ok, but if not it can really dry you out more than necessary. Second, medications. More medications besides antihistamines (like benadryl, zyrtec, claritin) can dry out mucous membranes of the nose and throat, like robitussin in liquid or tablet form. Ones that usually help "dry" up a cough. Well they are drying out other things also, like your nasal passages. Then there is the atomsphere. If you live in an extrememly dry climate, little outside moisture, run the A/C alot, or are a mouth breather...all these environmental things can dry out the nasal passages and mouth/throat.
Now, I am going to tell you what we do at my house for me and my kiddos. I am also a nurse and can tell you these things work. But only do what you feel is safe for you to or what you are comfortable with.
The first things we do is pinch the nose at the bridge between the eyes to help staunch the flow of blood. I recommend leaning the head forward, becuase you will be tempted to swallow any blood draining down the back of the throat. Swallowing to much blood will make you nauseated. You definately don't want a kid to be throwing up and bleeding!! Then we apply ice. We try hard not to blow, pick or dislodge the clot that is forming. Then when the clot is formed and the flow has stopped, I try to get the offending child into a warm bath with steam or near the cool mist vaporizer to get some moisture up into the nose. We will also use a q-tip to apply a small amount of vaseline in the nasal passags just within the nostrils, this is to help keep them moist. DO NOT STICK THE VASELINE Q-TIP UP THE NOSE!!!! We also use Ocean nasal spray to moisturize, or any generic normal saline nasal moisturizer. We also increase oral liquids. Continue with our antihistamines.
If the bleeding doesn't stop I would recommend a Neo-synephrin nasal spray. The neo spray constricts the capillaries in the nasal passages, thereby stopping the bleeding. It is what we used in the ER. It is over-the-counter in spray and drops. I think we even saturated packing for severe cases. We like the spray. I would suggest that you don't use packing at home, that is for a doctor to do. You can gently insert the tip of a small tampon just inside the nose if you are worried you are bleeding to much and need to go to the ER. Again, not shoved high into the sinuses, just in the tip to catch the flow.
If your daughter gets them alot, I would invest in a bottle of neo-synephrine. If you really feel that she has severe allergies, I personally have found great relief from rhinocort nasal spray. It is a prescription that is a very low-dose steroid sprayed directly on the nasal passages. It helps keep those little capillaries and nasal passages from getting so inflamed and irritable. It also helps with the nasal drip by local medication, and not such drying things as antihistamines, that are systemic. I have found that I have less nose bleeds, less runny nose and less sinusitis and sinus infections on this spray. My primary doctor said it is such a small dose it is safe to use for long periods of time. It is also not really enough to be absorbed systemically. I have severe chronic allergies and was originally prescribed the spray by my ENT/allergist. And have had great success. I know my 13 year old has had a precription for severe seasonal sinusitis, but not a long standing prescription, so I am unsure of the length of use in children. But do know it works for us.
If you find that she continues to have severe or frequent nose bleeds after the neo-synephrine, I would advise you to see her doctor to have her evaluated for allergies, adenoid problems. I would think that you would need more severe ones to have anything cauterized, but you would probably already be at the ER should that happen. I would also advise you to keep a journal of the bleeds and steps to stop them for the doctor to evaluate them if you are very concerned. That way you will have the information handy when you visit. He can then evaluate what is not working and go from there, perhaps a referral to a pedi ENT.
I think the main thing would be prevention at this point. And neo-synephrine to help stop them once they have started.
Good luck, You might also invest in some oxy clean to get the stains out. LOL.

I wouldn't worry.I had nosebleeds ALLLLLL the time as a kid. Allergies and dry air can cause them, as well as some cold medications that dry out the nasal cavity. The best way to stop them is to have your child lean forward (NOT back. That makes all the blood run down your throat and can cause you to throw up. Speaking from experience, lol) and pinch the bridge of her nose. That will help it clot. I would also try using a humidifier in her room at night.
Also, it's really hard to lose "too much" blood from a nose bleed, so you can rest assured she should be fine. I remember having some so bad I stood over the sink as it gushed for atleast an hour. ugh. Hopefully she outgrows them soon. I think I was in middle school when they finally started happening less frequently.
Good luck!!

My 4 year old son has nosebleeds all the time. His are usually self inflicted. Our pediatrician said to have him lean slightly forward and pinch the bridge of his nose when he has one. To help prevent them, he recommended squirting his nose daily with a saline nose spray and follow up with swabbing it with vasaline on a q-tip. My son likes doing all this himself and will actually remind me when I forget.

My 9 year old daughter also gets occasional nosebleeds, mostly in the winter. The correct procedure is to have her pinch close the nostril that is bleeding and tilt her head forward (not backward, which can lead to blood dripping back in the throat). Applying ice can also help. Two times in a week bears watching, but we've had that happen as well and then that was it . . . no further incidents. But if her nose bleeds again w/in a really short time, you may want to take her to the doctor just to be sure there isn't another cause.

K., I had nosebleeds very bad when I was 8-10. I would get them during any season, when I was or was not exherting myself, even when I was asleep (not fun at sleep overs). Well my sister and I went to a great Pediatrician. Not only did he give shots but he had many "home" remedies. He advised my mother to put honey in my nose when the bleeding began. I would have to lean my head slitly over the edge of the sofa, so the honey would run to the back of my nose, yes down the throat some too. It caused a tickle but not the best feeling. I would have to lay there for about 5 minutes for the honey to dry. Anyway, Mom used a q-tip to put the honey in my nose. Even though I would resist in the beginning, it worked. I would say we did this about 4-5 different times and my nose bleeds stopped permanately. The natural sugars in the honey stick to the vessels in the nose to stop the bleeding as well as heel them. It may sound strange, but my mother tried humidifiers, boiling water, nose sprays, vaseline, as well as pinching and they would work for that specific nose bleed, but the honey worked for both the specific nose bleed and longterm. Good luck, J.

Hello K.,

I Understand your concern and frustration. My 9 year old daughter had nose bleeds all the time and grew out of them. My 6 year old son is now having them frequently. I took both of them to see and ENT about cauterizing the nasal passages. I was told that both of them were not candidates. We learned with my daughter to pinch the nose and lean forward, just as everyone else has said. However, it does not always stop. We then have them blow their nose until a clot comes out. Not to be discusting, but the clot is usually very large, mucus looking and dark red. At that time, we can blow a few more times, hold the nose and place a little bit of vasaline inside the nostril. I have asked what to do for prevention, until he grows out of it. They have told me to use nasal sprays and vasaline daily and to place a humidifier in his room.

I had nosebleeds as a child alot. At the time I was not aware there was anything that could be done to help. When I was 19 years old a nurse told me to go see a Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist. The doctor carterized my nose and I rarely have nose bleeds now. I wish I had know as a child to go to a specialist. I highly recommend finding a good Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist.

I was a child who suffered from the same thing (constant nose bleeds). In my case, it was the result of the dry air in the winter. One thing you could do is take a small amount of neosporin on a q-tip and wipe the inside of the nose. This will 1st heal any open wound and 2nd place moisture inside the nose to hopefully prevent future bleeding. I still do this to myself in the winter and it has to be done pretty regularly (couple of times weekly) for it to work. The best way to get them to stop is to squeeze the very top of the nose where the bone stops. Apply a good amount of pressure until there is no further bleeding. Be sure that your daughter does not blow (or pick) her nose so that the clot can form (it may be uncomfortable for her). Good luck!

My daughter gets them too, and we too have been to the ER:) And, similarly had the nose bleed stop before seeing the doctor, but what can you do! My mom says to have the blood vessel cauterized and it will stop. We will see how this year goes, but may do that, as it was successful for both my mom and my brother. Until then, be sure that your daughter is leaning forward not backwards while you are plugging her nose. The blod needs to clot, not run down the back of her throat. I also have been told to try to apply and ice pack, in order to constrict the vessels. Wish I could help more, I know it is frustrating for sure. Good luck ~A.~

To get it to stop quickly use Afrin, and then swab it with vaseline. To keep it from bleeding swab the inside of the nose with vaseline every morning and evening, this will keep the membranes moist, so they won't bleed. My daughter gets nosebleeds too. My step-brother is an ENT and he suggested this during a bleed on vacation. Sometimes I can tell when she might have one because when I blow my nose it is a little bloody. As it gets drier, just be aware. Good luck, and carry tissues with you all of the time, we have had them at the most inopportune times, so it helps to be ready!

the air has been dry, here in Dallas. One way to stop them is to apply a thin layer of Vasaline to the inside of her nose. I mean very thin. What causes them is the blood vessels are close to the interior of the nose. Also, taking her to a ENT, to see if they can do something to stop them is also a suggestion. Putting a humidifer in her bedroom at night will help also. When they do occur squeeze the nose for a few minutes will help stop them sooner. Hope these help

My son started with nose bleeds at 3. His problem seems to be the opposite, when he get overheated. We took him to the pediatrician, then the ENT Dr and all checked out. My mother-in-law recommended 500 mg of vitamin C morning and night. I feel this definitely worked and it seemed when he did get one I had forgotten to give him the vit c. We used the chewable kind and he like taking them. Anyway, fortunatley he seems to have outgrown it just this year at 11, but I still give him a vit c in the a.m. It can't hurt.

Hi All,

Please make sure that the Vaseline or what ever you swab the nose with, contains no petroleum jelly/products. They are inhaled into the lungs & never go away. If your doing this daily, it's going to cause a big problem in the lungs. This is a serious situation. My sister is a RT.
Another thing I'd like to warn you about is the Afrin use. It's highly addictive. My OB suggested it when I was pregnant back in 1980, I got where I couldn't breathe without it after about a week of daily use. It was horrible to get off, had to go cold turkey & could only breathe through my mouth! Try plain saline spray instead.

But, please look into the effects of petroleum in the lungs!
with many blessings,

Hi K.,

Well, here's some articles on how to stop it:


Your other question is a great one, which looks to why the nosebleed happens. You ask is there an underlying cause?
Usually with chronic conditions, there is an underlying cause. However, this would require some detective work on your part, since conventional MDs are not trained to do this, nor do they really have the time.

For example, if the body does not have the proper balance of nutrients, it can't put together chemical reactions properly, such as perhaps maybe clotting factor to prevent a nosebleed. Then you might ask, why? What's missing? Could be lots different things.

One thing you might need is the "clotting vitamin", vitamin k. This deficiency can be caused by lack of dietary intake, or a compromised small intestine lining where nutrient absorption is not occurring properly. Vitamin K deficiency is often a symptom of gluten intolerance, since this destroys the gut lining. Food intolerances are autoimmune conditions. Here's an article on vitamin K and a website for info on gluten testing:

Here's another article that connects chronic nosebleeds to an underlying autoimmune disease process:

In pregnancy, increased nosebleeds are common and extra vitamin C is recommended, which is also helpful to the immune system.

You would need to look at the total picture of your daughter's health and all of her symptoms, even the ones that are easy to dismiss as "normal" in childhood (like maybe she had lots of typical kid stuff like ear infections or antibiotic treatments, etc.), to put the puzzle together for her. Something IS causing them. Just because the doctor isn't sure what, doesn't mean there isn't an answer out there, somewhere. Health is easier to understand when viewed holistically, not symptom by symptom. And the internet is very empowering in this process for people these days.

Good luck!

Hi K., I too am a nosebleeder! I have suffered from nose bleeds my whole life, they are usually the worst in the winter from the heaters but these past few weeks I've had several also. I think because the air conditioner is also taking the humidity out of the house or because my allergies have been horrible lately. What works best for me is to lean my head forward, twist a kleenex to fit inside my nose, and to hold a cold rag over the bridge of my nose. Anything cold will restrict the blood flow to the nose, she can also suck on a piece of ice. When the kleenex needs changed, have her lean over the trash can and quickly remove one and replace it with another. This sounds disguisting, but you will know it's done bleeding when a large blood clot comes out with the tissue. After the nose bleed stops remind her not to pick or blow her nose for a while, if she really needs to blow have her do it very slowly and gently. I've noticed my nose bleeds more when I'm overactive or hot also so try to keep her hydrated and cool when she plays outside. I've also been taking allergy medicine regularly, spraying saline into my nose throughout the day, and using a q-tip to apply antibiotic ointment in my nostrils at night to ensure I don't get an infection in my nose. The ointment also keeps the nasal passage moist all night. I hope some of these tips help your daughter. I know the nosebleeds can be embarassing and can sometimes seem like they last forever but if she's anything like me she will have them her whole life and will need to learn to deal with them and how to properly treat them so she can take care of herself when you aren't there with her.

My oldest would have nosebleeds every night when he was 7 or 8. We took himto the peditrician and were referred to an ENT. He then had his adenoids and tonsils removed. Now, he doesn't have many nosebleeds....one to two a year, if that. He's 14 now.

We always had him pinch his nose and hold his head back.

I had nosebleeds alot as a kid, but most of the kids in my family did too, so no one worried. Standard procedure was pinch nose, lean head back, don't get it on your shirt. I can feel them coming and tilt my head back before it even gets on my face (still get them occasionally, but not like when I was a kid). I wish I could say what causes it, but I don't know, sorry.


Hi K., I went through this with my daughter who now has children & her little boy does this too. The best thing is to take vasaline or mentholatum on a q-tip & lightly coat the inside of each nostril. The lining inside gets dry & crack & that's why they have nose bleeds. If they swim alot or play out side often as well as in the winter when you run your heater it drys out even more. I hope this helps, it has always worked for us. Take care.
God Bless

put an ice pack on the bridge of the nose. It shrinks the blood vessels and stops the bleeding. Then use saline nose spray, such as Ocean Mist or a store brand, to keep the membranes moist.

Okay, I read all the responses and didn't see this one. It is one of those old home remedies and I used to laugh at it, but it does seem to work for me. Someone told me to drop a pair of blunt scissors or a set of metal keys down my back and let them slide all the way down to the waist (presumably, any metal utensil would work). Anyway, I always thought it sounded goofy, but I had a bloody nose one day that would stop and then start again. I finally picked up my key ring that has a bunch of keys on it and dropped them inside the collar on my neck and let them slide down my back. My nosebleed stopped!!! I was shocked. I have had lots of people tell me this. I have no idea why, but it seems to work. At least it is worth a try.

i have not read all your responses - you may have already been told this...
my son has the same issue as your daughter.
If I will spray his nose with the saline spray once a day, he will not get nosebleeds.
cheap saline spray at Target, etc.
his biggest problem is his mommy not remembering to do this...

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