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How to Naturally Regain Hair Loss!

Hello to all- i have an issue that i need someone for advice or any remedies that you know that really work because their are many products on the market but i'm too afraid to try any of them for of fear that it could make the problem worser than it already is. Ok here goes- i have been suffering from hair loss for about 11 years now. It now looks like male pattern baldness and i now believe it has turned into male pattern baldness. After being a hair sylist for more than 16 years i have not yet to come up with a solution. I thought about seeking professional help but just the thought of someone seeing me for who i have transformed into made me change my mind. Once, i finally got the nerve to seek professional help and after they did a scalp analysis they basically just wanted to me to look at different samples of hair that i felt was suitable for a hairpiece to be made. That just made my self-esteem drop even lower for in hopes of a miricale cure. I just want to be me again, not confined to wigs and hair pieces and i do understand that i will probably never have the full length of hair that i once had or even the thickness. I just want to be comfortable once again with just being me (naturally beautiful) and not some fake barbie doll. This has started to effect me emotionally and socially. I'm in need of my man running his fingers through my hair and not someone elses. It's also starting to affect my relationship with my children because i feel that i'm hendering them because of my own insecurities. For example when we go swimming or to amusements parks they are use to me enjoying the fun with them instead of sitting on the sideline. Also mom's just to fill you in i also suffer from sickle cell anemia and severe chronic anemia in which i know that's were my problem revolves due to poor blood circulation which also promotes healthy hair growth. Is there anyone out there that has a soulution besides hair transplants which is way out of my league due to the exspenses. Come on ladies someone must have some type of solution or testimony that helped them overcome being consumed with alopecia.

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HI L., I am a consultant with arbonne. We have a thermal scalp revitalizer that blocks DHT which is a commonly associated with hair loss. I would love to help you I can send you some to try for free. Please let me know. You can also visit me online at http://www.wendyhightower.myarbonne.com
or email me at ____@____.com

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hi L.! my advice is going to be a little different, even while you are trying some of the other suggestions, i hope you at least think about a few things i have to say. i certainly don't blame you for not wanting to wear a wig or a hairpiece. i think you should shave your head (what!?!), purchase some beautiful scarves and funky du rags, big hoop earrings, and strut your stuff. don't waste this precious time of your life worrying about this. remember the phrase "if you can't lick 'em, join 'em". just go with it. it will teach your children a great life lesson and make them so proud of you. although i take great care of myself, hair makeup ect... i have been overweight for the majority of my life and one day i just decided to accept myself and quit beating myself up and letting my weight hold me back. i let it go and i have inadvertently lost 40 lbs and i am 25 lbs from what my doctor considers a 'healthy weight'. stress may be contributing to your hair loss, who knows? when i was in college, one of my professors had us write our own obituary, i know it sounds morbid, but that assignment changed my life. i regularly ask myself, and my husband...lol..., 'what is your obituary going to say?' it's not going to say that you had a beautiful head full of shiny hair. your role as mother, mentor, friend, is what matters most. i know outer appearance is important, but just make sure you keep this in perspective. there is always a reason for our trials, i hope you can lead by example rather than hiding in the shadows. that's it, food for thought. best wishes!!

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Have you tried tail and mane shampoo and conditioner? I used it to make my hair grow.I used the conditioner on my babies to make their hair grow.Leave the conditioner on your hair do not rinse it out.I know it is not the best advice but worth a try.You can buy it at Wal-Mart in the pet section.

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Big, big, big hugs to you! I can't even imagine!

I know nothing about hair loss at all-- is it forever, does it grow back-- nothing. What does your doc say? My sister in law actually has a disorder that is or can be, if I remember right, related to thyroid/hormones and lost all her hair, perhaps your anemia or your meds are causing this? I would go ask an endocrinologist.

She is gorgeous by the way, she wears a wig and pencils on her brows. I know it must be awful for her to live with, but she is really beautiful and nobody would ever know. I am sure you would be too.

The most important thing thing I believe is that things like this are a message to us to really prioritize. Do what is MOST important and the other things will either resolve themselves or cease to matter so much. Focus all your worry and sadness on doing what matters most-- taking good care of yourself, learning to value yourself, your kids, following your passion, seeking happiness as best you can while balancing your responsibilities and your health.

As far as what I could do on my own, I would look into diet-- whatever you are supposed to be eating to build up your blood would probably help your body thrive and heal better in general.

I believe-- and this is just me, i know I'm a total minority-- that the hormones, pesticides, antibiotics etc. in meat and dairy products make most people sick at a very low level, low enough that we don't feel good but can't put our finger on why. The way they process those foods is filled with germs etc., too.

Then, if a serious issue comes up, our immunity and wellbeing is already compromised so that makes it worse. Same with sugars and white flours. Our bodies just aren't meant to handle that refined food. I've been able to dump meat and most dairy, but I can't stop eating sugar and white flours!

Organic meats and dairy may be better? Giving up meat and dairy is not for everyone-- do some reading on nutrition.

It's really hard to make a change like that, especially if you are a working parent. I've been able to incorporate healthy fats, though-- olive oil, flax seed, etc. what else is supposed to be good for heart/blood/circulation/general wellbeing?

You sound like such a strong, positive person. Best of luck to you! You deserve a medal, and all the joy and blessings you can stand!

You are right, outter appearances do affect our self esteem. There are a lot of products/drugs that may claim to help, but I don't think adding poison to the body will help you regrow your hair.

I am a chiropractor, and have used a natural product that is extremely powerful in helping the body to heal itself. The website is: www.drtina.gomangosteen.com. Here you can learn about the product. It can NOT hurt you. It is an all natural juice that is very good for the body.

Good Luck,

I can somewhat empathize with what you are going though…. …. My mother has alopecia and has loss ALL the hair on her body. Eyebrows, eyelashes, on her head everywhere it is all gone. I remember when it first starting happening to her and how depressed and sad she felt. This was a sad and depressing time for my whole family because there was nothing anyone could do to help her. She tired almost everything to get her hair back and nothing has worked….. Sadly I don’t know if there is a way to naturally regain hair. The hair loss started over 10 years ago and none of her hair has returned but my mother some how learned to accept yourself and the way she looks. She has begun wearing full lace wigs (you might try them as you are suppose to be able to go swimming with them on), she has tattoo eyebrows and looks really pretty…………….. I understand as women a lot of our self esteem is based on how we look and a large part of that is our hair. I sometimes worry about what I would do if my hair started falling out. You are not alone; I pray that you regain your hair but more importantly your self esteem and confidence
God Bless

You really should see a doctor for an evaluation. Thyroid and some other hormone insufficiencies can cause hair loss too. Have you tried Rogaine ? My doctor suggested Rogaine for me but I have long hair,arthritis in my shoulders and cannot apply it every day. Have you considered a dietary imbalance ? Maybe you're not getting the right nutrition which brings us back to seeing a doctor. There are alternative medical professionals as well that might be able to suggest treatment. Chiropractic and acupuncture maybe ? Good luck and God bless. A.

Hi L.,
There is a NATURAL HEALTH BEVERAGE on the market I think will help you. Contact Dr. Tina Theriot ###-###-#### in New Iberia, La. or Dr. Sangeeta Shah ###-###-#### in Lafayette, La. for more details. (mention Rebecca referred you)
Flaxseed also helps with hair loss.

Good luck,

Hi L.,

I agree with Kay but would also add iron depending on your levels but you need to have that checked first. It sounds like you may have a few vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Once you have that under control, I think the outer issues would resolve themselves. As you have been suffering hair loss for 11 years, I also don't think the hair growth will happen overnight.

A low animal fat diet and NO trans-fats would be a great help. Try to lessen the stress by doing a few deep breathing exercises throughout the day would also benefit you.

Hope that helps,
PS I have other suggestions as well.

Hey L., my dad who is 87 has only had a ring of white hair around his head for 25 years or so, he lives with my sister now who is very knowledgable about natural/vitamin supplements. She started giving him Biotin last August and he now has a considerable amount of hair on top of his head. He's had 2 haircuts. Biotin works on hair and nails. It's not a quick fix but it really does work. You can get it at Walmart or from Swanson's which is a vitamin company. Since it's a vitamin and natural i wouldn't think it would conflict with any of the treatment that you are using for the sickle cell. Good Luck...R.

The sickle cell is probably a large factor in this for you. Your best bet is to start with your nutrition and have some other tests done such as hormone levels to see where you are there because that plays a large role in hair loss as well. Finding a naturopathic doctor is a great suggestion. Be prepared to make a lot of changes in your life because they aren't going to look at just the hair loss but you as a whole and work to make all of you healthier which, in turn, will help the hair loss.

Hi L.,

My company has botanically based products specifically designed for scalp revitalization, I would be happy to send you a free sample of the scalp revitalizer and the shampoo and conditioner - I think it will help you! Email me privately at ____@____.com

After you fall in love with the products I will share with you how I work from home, make a six figure income and drive a mercedes paid for by my company!


Have you tried seeing a naturopathic doctor? It sounds like possibly they could recommend something nutritionally. I've found that extra protein, b-complex vitamins, and omega-3's may help.

OK, Girl...

Sounds like you have some serious hormonal imbalance going on... And if it's straightened out, it will very likely grow back! (Yea!!)

Either too much testosterone (causes male pattern baldness),
or possibly too little...
You could QUITE possibly have a thyroid disorder.
Are you abnormally puffy, or abnormally thin???
Hypo (underactive)thyroid can cause baldness, and hyPER(overactive)thyroid can cause it, too!

You need first to google hypo (and hyper) thyroidism symptoms, and see if you have them.

Then you might search testosterone--high, and see where you line up, there.

Two helpful websites:
www.drjohnleemd.com (I think--maybe just search Dr. John Lee and hormones) Look around on the bar at the top...
and you will find a place on a scrollbar to view a hormone questionaire. You can get an idea, symptom-wise, of what you likely need to be tested for. (Best to test them all--
Full hormonen panel)including thyroid--they are all interdependent upon one another in function...you MUST test them all!! Don't take no for answer..even if a doc says it's not necessary! And you need a SALIVA test. Also do not take no for an answer. You can order this test from this website. Then you can take your results to any doc who deals in saliva testing...

...And www.stopthethyroidmadness.com
This site is mostly all about thryoid disorders.s It rocks!!
It will echo much of what you read on Dr. Lee's site.

Mama Love going out to ya! I pray wellness for you!
I am a hypothyroid-er myself ; )


Hi, L., you may try a couple of products I am familiar with...one is a liquid vitamin/mineral supplement called Vemma, it is so good for hair and nails that I have to gut my hair every 4-5 weeks and my nails every other week...I work in healthcare and must keep them short...you can investigate this product at www.myvemma.com/mtuttle and order it online and get it shipped directly to your home. Cost is about $73/month's supply. As it is liquid, your body absorbs 98% of it and it is available for your body to use immediately-as opposed to swallowing pills and waiting for them to dissolve, etc...this is my first recommendation. There is another company called Arbonne that has a hair and scalp treatment and shampoo that my husband has used with great results...also available online...about $25/month for treatment...Both companies are all natural and very reputable. Hope this helps...M. T

One thing no one else has addressed is that it could be an illness other than the sickle cell. There are many illnesses and nutrition deficiencies that can cause hair loss. I know you are embarrassed, but it is best to see your Dr. about it to rule out an illness being the cause. If it is an illness, you might be able to reverse the hair loss too.
Good luck, and don't be scared to see a Dr. my guess is that you are not the first one that s/he has ever seen that has ever had this problem.


First, let me say...you are not alone. And it is something that affects how we fell about ourselves in every way and everything we do. I feel like people are looking at my head, rather than my face when they're talking to me. My husband assures me "it's not that bad" but I have a mirror...it's that bad. :-( (It's just not as bad as his...LOL)

There is a new product (new to me) Scalp Med, that I recently heard about. Also, if you're in the Edmond area Cottonwood Salon has a treatment kit that the girl who cut my hair last time told me about that they are seeing good results with. She said that it takes several months 4 to 6 months to start seeing results and she also recommended me to go to GNC for a vitamin specifically for hair and nails. I forgot what it was called, but she said that if you ask for it, they will know what you're talking about. I am going to be trying these two things starting this month and see if I see a difference. My hair loss is due to severe anemia also and Hashimoto's disease.
Good luck to you and I wish you all the best in your quest to fuller hair, I know how important it is! Also, I pray that your health stays good and that you enjoy each and every day with your children!


I would bet some of the issues about your hair is the medication you're taking for the sickle cell -- and some women do get male pattern baldness. I know you want your hair to be beautiful, especially since that's what you do part time.

I don't have any suggestions -- just some words of encouragement. I work in a laboratory and know lots about sickle cell.... Congratulations on having two children! And, I'm sure, just as I was about an illness I had, I wanted to have some darn control over something -- in your case, it's your hair. I didn't want the illness to dictate more of my life!

Good luck in your "hair" search and stay well!


WEll does your anemia have anything to do with the hair loss? I def thin you should see more professionals and relay to them you do not want a hair peice but a more permanent fix so that you dont feel like a werido so to say,lol. I dont have any other advice I am sorry good luck =)But no matter what you have two beautiful kids to show for it right!

Nioxion shampoo can help some..my hubby uses it and has helped w/ thinning spot.

Poor diet can make a HUGE difference. Start by cutting out all processed and fast foods, dramatically increase your vegetable and fruit intake, and drink plenty of water instead of flavored and carbonated drinks. Check out this website for more info and to see if any of these other symptoms applies to you: www.yeastinfectionadvisor.com
You can also go to Akins to talk to someone about natural topical treatments, but I would start with the diet change - but you have to give it time - at least 3 months before you see a real change. By then, you should be seeing other positive changes as well. :}

L., I feel that I have an answer for you from several other people who have had great success. I have some suggestions for you. The company that I am affiliated with called Arbonne has some natural products that will help with hair loss and also you have a 45 day money back guarantee. The products that I suggest are Prolief, Shampoo, conditioner and thermal fusion for scalp. You can check out my website at www.successfromtheheart.myarbonne.com and give me a call if you have questions. ###-###-#### Thanks, K.


I have a friend who was losing her hair and it was a thyroid issue - the same thing was happening to my mom - although she didn't put it together with thyroid until after the fact. I don't know what kind of doctor deals with thyroid - perhaps just see your family doctor to begin with and have it tested? Good luck and big hugs... let us know what you find out...


Hi. I could be totally wrong, but I feel like I should at least suggest this.
Have you considered that the sickle cell anemia might not be the source of your hair loss? Severe PCOS can cause it, too. PCOS is a female syndrome relating to hormone balances. Not everyone shows the same signs of it. You can find lots of info online about it.

My other thought is that there are some "super juices" on the market now that say they improve circulation. Find a dealer, and ask for a sample. One is Tunguska Blast. I don't sell it, but I've tried in on occasion.

Best wishes. I know you are suffering.

My grandmother is an older beautician. This may not seem normal, but she has advised her clients to rub a dab of bleach on the alopecia. Not to pour it, but to place some on the fingertips and to rub it in the scalp. Not daily, but maybe once a week. It has worked for several people, if you do not want to try it I understand. It's one of those old wives tales. Hopefully you find a solution, my prayers are with you.

You might talk to your doctor about testing you for a hormone imbalance. This could be part of the problem. A good diet is also a good step in the right direction. I don't know what it is about prenatal vitamins, though, as I always notice my hair and nails are stronger when I take them, both during and after my pregnancies.

Hi L.,

I understand your situation. This is the case with me, and it may apply to you.

If you're over 20, and I assume you are, and your hair is thinning, the culprit is probably hidden in your family tree. In most cases it is attributed to a hereditary condition called, as you already know, Androgenetic Alopecia.

Hereditary hair loss affects all ethnicities and can be inherited from either the mother's or father's side of the family. Because baldness is determined by a number of genetic factors, it may or may not skip generations. In my case, my sister acquired the full thick head of crowning glory. I was not so blessed.

Male and female-pattern alopecia are not only very common, but evidently very treatable. I'm skeptical but they say both surgical and medical hair loss treatments have high rates of success.

One treatment I used involved applying the ever popular lotion, minoxidil, (Rogaine) to the scalp twice a day. However, you must stay with it in order for it to work. I used it when it was by prescription only. You can now purchase this freely at Walmart. I stopped because I didn't like being locked into the regimen, but it works!

Because hereditary hair loss is gradual, the sooner treatment is started, the better the chances of results. Checking your family tree to see if you have a possible genetic predisposition to hair loss might help you recognize the symptoms early enough to slow the progression.

This not for woman but I wish it was. Another hair loss treatment for men is a daily pill containing Finasteride, a drug that blocks the formation of the active male hormone in the hair follicle.

Marked by a progressive miniaturization of hair follicles, hereditary hair loss is caused by a shortening of the hair's growth cycle. As the growth phase shortens, the hair becomes thinner and shorter until, eventually, there is no growth at all.

So, at the risk of blowing yourself up (LOL), stay away from the mixture/medley blend of wacky concoctions to devise the perfect solution. There isn't one. However, you are a hair stylist and should know how to work around this better than anyone. Style, mousse, gel and volume up with the simplest of hairstyles and you'll do fine. I deal with makeup, but good with hair also. I do have wigs and pieces, but lately I haven't felt desperate enough to need them.

As for your health, SCA causes a lot of symptoms and some that you may not even have. It is different for everyone and hair loss falls into a lot of categories.

Good luck with this and please speak with your dermatologist (I assume you have one since you were diagnosed with the alopecia) for the latest in hair loss remedies because they are working on it.

Sincerely and God bless~

HI L., I am a consultant with arbonne. We have a thermal scalp revitalizer that blocks DHT which is a commonly associated with hair loss. I would love to help you I can send you some to try for free. Please let me know. You can also visit me online at http://www.wendyhightower.myarbonne.com
or email me at ____@____.com

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