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EXTREMELY Thinning Hair/ Going Bald!!!! HELP!!! Affecting Me Socially!!!

Ok so it is a hereditary trait in my family. All the women have thinning hair to the point you can see there scalp. But problem is, mine is alot worse than my moms. I am 35 yrs old and VERY self conscious. I cant always where a hat and to be honest i dont want to. I look at all the other women in stores etc.. and say now why can't i have hair like that. I wouldnt care if it were thin, but to actually look like i am going bald on the top of my head just doesnt make you feel femine.

I have tried volume shampoos, lifters, follicle enhancers, haircuts short and layered etc.. Nothing works!!! The only thing i havent tried is rogain for women, only because i know you have to use it for the rest of your life!! I can quarentee you that i am not a candidate for a hair transplant since my hair is thin all over, although its mostly on the top. But i am calling a hairtransplant specialist anyway just to see.

My question is are any of you moms going through the same thing? Have yous used something that has restarted your hairgrowth? and it worked? My problem is not from stress or from having a baby or being pregnant!! It is simply a hereditary trait that runs in my family. Someone please help, it really is affecting me socially!!!

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I have heard that vitamin B plus niacin helps the hair grow back... Do it under a physicians care (or herbologist), though. My father in law (who was totally bald) started taking niacin from the health food store. His hair started coming back, but his head got quite "hot"... He had to hang his head out the window sometimes when he was driving down the freeway.

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Sounds like female pattern balding, rather than alopecia areata. As you said, it's hereditary, progressive with aging and influenced by hormones.
My mother and sister have it to, and I have noticed signs in myself as well, though it appears that my hair has gotten better since I had my daughter.

I would speak to an endocrinologist/gyn about it and have him review your prescriptions (especially birth control) as well. In my family the hair loss goes hand in hand with hirsutism (excessive male pattern hair growth) and I used to have a terrible time with birth control pills, until I found one that did not exacerbate the problem.

Having a complete blood workup may also reveal additional issues (such as thyroid problems) - but in many cases it's simply genetic.

Good luck!

No advice on how to get it to come back, but something that really helped me when I was feeling self conscious about my thin hair was Xfusion.. it's a powder you sprinkle in your hair and it makes it look very naturally thicker. I would use this anytime I felt self conscious about it and I was amazed everytime. It's just a powder and it will wash out anytime you wash your hair and may need to be freshened up everyday you do not wash your hair but it really did make me feel a lot better... you can probably go to your hair stylist and have her match up your color and from that point on go to amazon.com to order as it's MUCH cheaper here.. it may seem expensive but a bottle of that stuff lasts a long long time. My husband uses the bottle I bought this last summer and it's not even half gone yet.. My husband loves the stuff as well and will not leave the house without it..
Not a cure but definitely something to give you that extra boost of self confidence to go out and have fun.

I absolutely understand what you are going through! The women on my dad's side of the family all have thinning hair, and I have been dealing with the same problem now for at least 7 years. Over the past 4 years, I have tried everything to combat this problem. I have added Biotin, Zinc, and Selenium to my daily supplements, in addition to using rogaine twice a day--all while still suffering the frustration of a ton of lost hair in the shower drain!!!!

As I am an independent consultant with Arbonne, I recently took a fellow consultant's advice, and addded shampooing with Arbonne's Intelligence Tea Tree Oil Shampoo to my daily routine. I can honestly say I saw a huge difference after only a couple of weeks. Now after using the product for a full 6 weeks, I have a lot of new hair growth at my hairline and now only notice a few strands here and there in the shower. Please contact me for more information about this product! It's worth the try!!!!

T. M.

I started a business with Arbonne last September. One of the products

Hey T.,

I just wanted to share with you that my aunts (both of my mom's sisters) have dealt this this as well (one beginning in her 30s the other not until her late 40s). The younger one had some success wiht Rogain and I'd probably say the inconvenience of having to use it forever is minimal compared to the stress your thinning hair is causing you now. Ultimately, however, the both discovered they had some thyroid issues that were contributing to their thinning hair. Have you had your thyroid checked? I know you said it's "simply a hereditary trait" but thyroid conditions can run in families as well, so it's possible that the women in your family all have a common cause other than a baldness gene.

Hope this helps. Good luck with this.


There is a condition clinically named: Alopecia Areata (Balding). Alopecia areata is a hair-loss condition which usually affects the scalp. It can, however, sometimes affect other areas of the body. Hair loss tends to be rather rapid. Current evidence suggests that alopecia areata is caused by an abnormality in the immune system. This particular abnormality leads to autoimmunity. We have a friend who suffers with this condition. It has been helped with proper nutrition. We found that certain nutritional combination have helped with amazing results. It maybe that your vitamin, mineral and nutrient system is out of balance. There are a couple of amazing 100% natural balanced whole nutrition that I love. The first is Zija Moringa and the second is Life Force Body Balance. Here are the links, if you are interested in checking out this wonderful nutrition.







**NOTE: When ordering from Life Force International give the customer service rep. this number #20590834.
Good luck and best wishes to you for a quick recovery and a feeling of total wellness.

Hi T.,
Have you tried a Biotin supplement yet? I take 5000 mcg daily and it has helped some of my hair grow back...

How about a hear weave? I had a friend who did it and he looked fabulous.

I have heard that vitamin B plus niacin helps the hair grow back... Do it under a physicians care (or herbologist), though. My father in law (who was totally bald) started taking niacin from the health food store. His hair started coming back, but his head got quite "hot"... He had to hang his head out the window sometimes when he was driving down the freeway.

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