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How to Get Oil Spot Out of Clothes.

In the last week I have come across a handful of articles of clothing that have oil spots on them. It seems to have gotten on at least on article for each family memeber. Any ideas of how this could happen?

Any great and easy solutions to getting these oil spots out of clothes?

What can I do next?

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Hi S.,
I've had great luck with Zout spray. It can be found at Meijers, Target and Walmart usually. Good luck!

Use a grease fighting dishsoap on the area without getting it overly wet. Then rub baking soda on the area to lift the stain more and repeat the scrub with dishsoap. After this wash as normal and it should come out no problem!

Good luck!

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Dear S. S.,

If you have a dollar store in your area, there is a product called "Greased Lightning" that takes out grease so well and even mildew. Most of the dollar stores carry it. You can buy it in a 32 ounce spray bottle or a 64oz. refill bottle and they are both about $4 a bottle.

It works the best of anything I have ever tried.

Hope this helps. A co-worker used to wear very dressy clothes and our factory makes metal vehicle parts so there is grease everywhere and he always used the Greased Lightning.

L. C.

Try shampoo...or dish soap...directly on the spot and rub it in well. Then launder as usual.

We get little oil spots on clothes every once in a while; seems like someone had a stain and the washing machine shared it around a bit. What I tend to do is spray them down with Shout or some stain treatment and let them sit a little while and then wash them twice, with a quick stain treatment in between. That tends to work pretty well. Good luck!

Hi S., don't know how they are getting there, but Murphy's oil soap has worked for me in the past...pour some directly on the stain, and work it in with a brush, rinse repeat, let it set for awhile, and then wash as normal in the machine. My little boy threw a ball to my daughter who was standing next to a bucket of freshly collected oil from their father's truck, and it was all over both of them. I used the murphy's and it worked like a charm. good luck!

Hi S.,
I've had great luck with Zout spray. It can be found at Meijers, Target and Walmart usually. Good luck!

maybe its your machine thats getting oil on the clothes??I know once they start to that then its time to get someone in too have a look and see .........then again I could be way wrong too .......I use shout (white & red bottle)on all our clothes and it gets out stains that missed me the first time.

good luck

The best and safest way I know is Sol u Mel from Melaleuca...
Catalog store.
It even woks on Ink, Paint and all greasy stains.
You have to be a member to get it but I would be glad to let you try some.
Call me or email me and I can get it to you :)
I do not sell anything but I can refer you to the company that sells it.J.
PS I stay at home and love it to :)

I had this happen once when my washer broke down. Something to do with the bearings, I think. I used Dawn dishsoap and got most of the stains out. Not everything came clean but, it's worth a try. Good luck.


We have had experience w/Diesel Fuel and oil due to my husbands employment and sometimes when I come in from work I start cooking w/ oil before I change my clothes.

In every case I use plain old corn starch or flour (whatever I have on hand) and let it sit and absorb the grease for a while then I wash it. This has worked excellent for our family.

Hope it helps yours!

I have used goo be gone on grease spots...it might work on oil too. worth a shot. Good luck!

Dishwashing liquid has grease cutters. A friend of mine suggested to me to put some on the spot and let it sit for about an hour and then launder.

Good luck.

Hi S.-
The best thing to get out oil stains is an OLD rememdy, use Simple Green as a spot cleaner. My husband and I were bartenders back in the day and I used to use it on the bottom of our pants were there was gross grease and black sludge from the bottom of the rubber mats. I first heard about this old rememdy from my grandmother she swore by it and now so do I for TOUGH stains. Good Luck!

Lestoil. It works on any type of oily stain. You only need a couple drops, enough to cover the spot. It smells kind of strong but really works.

We use Lestoil- put some on the stain and then soak before washing. It works everytime. The odor is not the most pleasant, but it works!

Sometimes, what I thought were "oil spots" have been liquid fabric softener! The built in softener thing in our washer sometimes gets gunky and then the softener does not release properly and ends up directly on the clothes instead of diluted. One thing I know about any stain is not to put them through the dryer if you notice it beforehand.

Get yourself some "Goo Gone". That stuff works wonders!!!! Look for it in the housewares section of Meijer's near the laundry baskets, hangers etc. I don't recall seeing it with the laundry detergent etc.

Squeeze enough solution on the stained area and let sit for a short while before washing. If it's a tough stain and didn't come out in the first wash, repeat the process and don't dry it until the stain is out. Twice is all I've had to do for some bad oil and wax stains from my husband and son. It works great on a variety of other stains as well and doesn't harm the fabric. Use your regular laundry detergent and wash the load as you normally would. I prefer Tide for all my clothes :)

Good Luck!

Use a grease fighting dishsoap on the area without getting it overly wet. Then rub baking soda on the area to lift the stain more and repeat the scrub with dishsoap. After this wash as normal and it should come out no problem!

Good luck!

It is possible if you are getting dark black stains on clothes that are coming out of the wash that you have a belt issue with your washing machine. We wrecked a lot of clothes before we tumbled to that one. Good Luck!

Recently, I had noticed a few oil spots on several clothing items as well. I later realized that my 12-year-old daughter left a chap stick in her pants pocket. As the pants dried, the chapstick melted and made stains on all of the clothes in the load. I immediately treated the stains with Dawn dishwashing liquid and then sprayed them with a laundry product called "Totally Toddler". This stuff is amazing! I've been using it for years. It will take out grass stains, blood, formula, and practically anything else. http://www.totallytoddler.com/

Good luck!

I have used Dawn dish soap and had luck with that...I also love the little individual bottles of Carbona stain treatments. They have 9 or 10 different bottles for specific stains. They are a little pricey...about 2.00 per bottle...but they have saved me a lot more than that in purchasing new clothes! I have also been told to mix Biz powder laundry detergent with your regular liquid laundry soap and add water and let your item soak in a pail or something. I haven't tried it yet but one of my daycare moms swears by it! Good luck!

Hi S.,

This may sound funny but it does work. Dilute the oil spots with WD-40 and let sit for a little while, then wash in your washing machine as normal. My husband wears dress clothes for his job and often gets grease and stains from working on vehicles (he's not supposed to be hands on in fixing vehicles but he can't help himself). For some reason the WD-40 seems to work the best and saves us a fortune in new clothing.

Other items that do work are Dawn dish detergent and Felsdanapa (sp?) soap. But, this one seems to be the best of all.

Good luck.

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