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How Long Does One Need to Wait to Get Pregnant After Having IUD Removed?

I had my copper IUD removed yesterday. My doc suggested I have two normal periods before ttc. I had heard and read there is no need to wait. She said it cuts down on the chance of miscarriage if we wait...? Does anyone have any experience with having an iud removed and getting pregnant right away....? Or were you told to wait too...?

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I had my copper IUD removed Dec of 2006, I think I had one period and was pregnant Jan of 2007. I didn't have any problems and I wasn't told that I should wait to become pregnant either. Good Luck!! ;)

I had my IUD removed and got pregnant the same month and was OK. My doctor didn't advise that. I think you should do what you feel.

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We got pregnant with our first either the day I got my copper IUD removed or the day after. I am not sure what they recomend but we didn't have any problems. Good luck!

I am so glad you asked the question :) I am gettin my Mirena IUD out on Friday and am finally ready to be pregnant again and wasn't wanting to wait, but I have read both at this point. Good luck to you!

I have the copper one also, and have been told not to wait if I don't want, but that they won't have an accurate due date if I don't, because ones period can come early or late for the first few times. Oh darn, another excuse for an ultrasound!

Of course there may be a medical reason to wait (aside from frugality) but no one's said anything to me...and quite frankly, I haven't looked it up.


Break a leg!

Hi NT. I also had a copper IUD...one without the additional hormones that are new, so maybe ours are different? Anyways, I had mine taken out in October and the only reason I had to wait a few weeks to start trying to conceive is because of where I was in my cycle. My dr. did not tell us we needed to wait for any reason, but every situation may different, as well as the IUD. It took us six months to get pregnant and now I am 20 weeks into the pregnancy. Good luck to you!

It has been over a year since I had mine removed, and I have only had 5 periods, none normal. So all I can say to you is good luck, and be paitent. We started trying right away, and while I did get preggers, it was not a viable pregnancy, and I lost it in the 2nd month. the docs said it was because my body had not healed from having the IUD.

Anyway good luck to you!

As a nurse in a family planning clinic, I can tell you that it is possible to conceive right away after having a copper IUD removed. According to the american board of obstetrics and gynecology (who standardizes obgyn practices in the US) there is no increased risk of miscarriage if conception occurs directly after IUD removal. There is however an increased risk of miscarriage if pregnancy occurs while the IUD is still in place. Additionally, I have seen many, many, many women for pregnancy terminations who were told that they could not get pregnant for several months to a year after having an IUD removed or having stopped their preferred method of birth control. This is very dangerous misinformation. Please be aware that although it can take up to a year to conceive for some women, it is very possible to become pregnant right away after stopping birth control.

hope this helps!


I had my copper IUD removed and was told by the doctor that it's usually a good idea to wait a month or two. But I was sure I wasn't ovulating and so my husband and I had sex two days after the removal and I got pregnant. My hubby and I are extreamly furtile though. Everyone is different, so it may take you a while or you could be like me and have it happen right away. It is your decision when you choose to have another child and remember that there is a difference between the copper IUD and the Mirena. (Some of the replys don't seem to understand that) But my son was born happy and healthy and my pregnancy was without complications!

I don't know how different it is from mirena, but I wasn't told to wait. I had one period then got pregnant two weeks later after having my mirena iud removed!

I had a copper IUD and when I got it removed the doctor said I could get pregnant right away if I wanted. I think she said it might take a while, but that I didn't have to wait if I didn't want to. I haven't read anything about miscarriage. I think what another poster said about it maybe helping to determine conception date if you have at least one period before getting pregnant makes sense.

I would heed your doctors advice. I don't know much about the IUD, but my guess is that it prevents pregnancy by providing an unhospitable environment for the baby to grow in, telling your body to not get pregnant. Let your uterus heal and allow your body to become hospitable for that baby to live and grow for nine months. That would probably be why the miscariage risk, unhospitable still. Blessings,

I had the Mirena IUD after both my kids were born. I had the first one removed shortly before my son turned 3. I was told to wait until I had a normal period before ttc. My period returned normally after a month and I got pregnant very quickly. When I saw the midwife for the confirmation of pregnancy appointment, I asked if I got pregnant too quickly and was at risk for a miscarriage and she asked if I had had a normal period before I got pregnant. And that as long as I had had a normal period I was at no more risk for miscarriage than anyone else.
We had a healthy baby girl.
Hope that helps.

the first time i had the IUD removed it took 3 months of trying to get pregnant. the second one...expecting it to take 3 months, we didn't use any other protection...and it took 2 weeks! both pregnancies were fine and both kids are healthy and great! Good luck!

I would certainly suggest listening to your doctor's advice. I am sure their knowledge is more accurate than another mom's. If it were me, it is worth waiting the 2 months in order to avoid miscarrying my child.

I had my copper IUD removed Dec of 2006, I think I had one period and was pregnant Jan of 2007. I didn't have any problems and I wasn't told that I should wait to become pregnant either. Good Luck!! ;)

I had my IUD removed and got pregnant the same month and was OK. My doctor didn't advise that. I think you should do what you feel.

My gyno told me that you shouldn't have to take a "Month off" before conception. She told me about her sister who tried to take a break and conceived almost immediately.

I had an IUD removed and tried that month. My doc. didn't tell me to wait. I did not conceive right away though. It took us 5 months and we have a healthy nearly 11 month old baby girl.
I had another IUD inserted @ my Post Partum check up. I have had not complications with mine. good wishes to you.


I got pregnant with my first baby with my copper IUD still in!!! LOL. Turns out I have a mishapen uterus (bicorneal uterus) that makes the IUD a bit ineffective. The doctor took the UID out immediately but said there was a good chance I would miscarry- more due to disrupting things than anything else though I think. Well, I didn't miscarry, had a great pregnancy and now have a totally healthy awesome baby girl!
That being said, I would wait if I had the choice just to be on the safe side. The IUD does change things in the uterus to make it harder for a pregnancy to occur. I would want my baby to have the healthiest start possible. Be patient! It's only a couple of months but will give you 9 months of peace of mind.

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